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5 Best Free Blogging Platforms in 2021

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    29 Jul 2021
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5 Best Free Blogging Platforms in 2021
The evolution of blogging dates back to the early 90s, from a specific online platform for the important components of digital marketing for individuals and businesses. Recently, building up blogs has become easier - all the credits go to the various free existing blogging platforms. 
Out of so many free blogging platforms, we have compiled the best five, covering all the necessities starting with easy-to-use tools for hitting on the right words on a page, through the fully-fledged online publishing suites.  These suits have the capacity in handling more tasks than blogging.
Now let us go deep and find out the selection of the five best free blogging platforms existing in the present-day market. 
1. Wix
For beginners willing to start blogging easily and at the earliest, Wix is the main recommendation. There are different ranges of free templates in this drag and drop website to build up your blogging site. Even it facilitates 500 MB storage with 1GB bandwidth along with a free Wix Account. Using this platform is extremely easy, even if you are not having any previous experience in website creation. 
Nevertheless, something important to note is with the free Wix website, you will get an inserted ad for Wix. If you are willing to get it removed and unlock all your other features which include your own domain, Google Analytics, and online store, then you have to take a look at the paid-for plans for Wix. Even if you do not, then you can go on having your free website as per your need.
2. Weebly
Similar to Wix, Weebly is a close rival to Wix. The main difference between the two is Weebly is having fewer features compared to Wix, and there are fewer options for customizing your blogs’ look and feel. Though by the same token, using it becomes much easier, while continuing with it at a faster rate becomes better, if you have landed to blogging for the first time.
Just like Wix, Weebly is even based around the drag and drop components enabling the users in creating a website quickly - thus featuring a Weebly ad. It is even having Hosting included and is even in the free plan. You shall be getting access to the customizable layouts, a series of free themes, as well as usual sharing features you need for helping your blog post be spread far and wide.
Almost all the websites are developed using Being the best free blogging platform, it is having a large and active community. Its launching dates back to 2003. Being an open-source platform, this building software is itself free, even if you would have to pay for your domain name along with web hosting. An additional benefit is the ads appearing on your site will be the ones you are choosing to put there and make a profit or nothing at all. is indeed very powerful, therefore, the only limit to how your blog should look and function is determined by the work amount that you are willing to put into it for learning about CMS (Content Management System). It is better not to beat about the bush, although using this system is much complicated, especially if you are lacking technical and design experience. But when you are looking for a fantastic mix of customization, usability, and power, then the topmost standard is At the same time, be careful that you do not confuse with since both are different. 
It has been stated above that provides full control to the users over website designing, but the hosting should be found out separately. But is a separate service coming from the same organization that offers both hosting as well as a website building tool.
Its entry to the best free blogging platforms list is purely aiming the beginners, enthusiasts, and hobbyists, apart from the designers and business people. It indicates using is much easier than Now, on the other side of the story is you will be having far fewer options over how will your website be looking and functioning.
With its free service, the users get free hosting, a branded domain name ending in, and 3GB space. At the same time, you have to be aware that WordPress will be inserting third-party ads into your site over which you will be having no control. Neither will you be able to add the ecommerce features nor can you run your own ads. So, it becomes clear that when you are a casual blogger or a beginner willing to create your site and make it run easily, then the good option is
5. Blogger
Blogger functions just like its name is a decent and free blogging platform. All that you need to do is sign up using your Google ID and then your blog will be up, running in a few seconds. Later, you can customize them into new themes.  It is a Google service, so you need to be aware these services like Google Plus can be abruptly shut down.  
All the discussed free blogging platforms are self-hosted and they will need a web host. You need to ensure checking out all the different hosting options and make a comparison of per month costs. As a small tip, consider to check out for extra perks like the free custom domain name and integration with Google Analytics.

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