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6 Common Myths Small Business Owners Have About Owning Websites

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    12 Jun 2019
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6 Common Myths Small Business Owners Have About Owning Websites
A lot of small business owners think that their offline businesses do not need a website. Some business owners even think that they can get thousands of visitors once their website is built and launched. There are even a few others who think that they can develop their websites by themselves (using DIY tools) without hiring web developers from a professional web development company. Do you fall in any of these categories as a business owner? Belonging to any one of them means you have great misconceptions about owning a business website. 

Given below is a list of some most common misconceptions that small business owners usually have about owning their websites. 
Myth 1Small businesses do not need a website 
Small business owners often think that they do not need to create a website because they have a small business set up. This is the biggest misconception that they have. As a business owner you need to invest in some sort of advertising for attracting sales no matter how small you are. Having a website would allow you to do so. You can reach a huge number of audience by representing your business to them over the internet. 
Myth 2Its only the e-commerce businesses that need a website 
This misconception is widespread among offline businesses. They actually do not sell online and so they think that having a portal is not worth their investment. However, not creating a website may cost them their potential customers. This is because nowadays ninety-seven percent of customers are basically looking online to find local businesses. This means if you do not have a portal online, you are missing out on a huge number of clients. Remember that your business website would act as your virtual address over the net. So, ensure to create a business website. With it you will be able to gain trust and credibility and exceed your customer reach. 
Myth 3Website creation is just a luxury and nothing more than that 
If you think this is so, then you are completely wrong! Your website would be the face of your business over the internet. You are going to have your logo, the story about your company and the services or products you provide on your website. This means when a user would search for your business over the internet, he/she would be able to view your website and purchase from you if they find everything to be matching with their needs. So, you can increase your sales through our website. It is your silent salesperson. 
Myth 4Its easy to develop a website and its creation doesn't cost much 
There are many DIY tools that help in building websites. You may think to use them and build yours. By doing this you would definitely save a lot of your money but you would not have that professional look and feel in your website once it is done. Your audience may visit your site but may not get converted to your customers as they would not get that professional touch in it. Functionality and creativity both matters in website building and you would get both only when a professional web design and development company work for you. They can make your site responsive, mobile-friendly and SEO friendly – all which matters a lot in success of a business. 
Myth 5Once the website is created, the work is all complete 
It is true that the website creation work is complete after it is developed and launched but it is important for you to know that a website does not work on the process of set it & forget it. While the method of developing a website takes a lot of time, the work should not be stopped once it goes live. It needs to be updated constantly with content, latest trends in SEO and design. 
Myth 6Once you develop a website, you will get results overnight 
There are millions of websites on the internet and there are thousands that sell the same products & services like yours. This means there is a high chance for you to get lost in the crowd. So, what you can do is invest in SEO services that can help you in increasing the visibility of your site and make you appear in the first page of the search engine. 
So, now that you know that these are myths, don't believe them any more. Create a great looking and functional website by getting in touch with a professional web design and development company and optimise it with the help of a digital marketing agency to get the best ROI in the industry.

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