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Organic Tactics To Grow Email List Through Instagram Marketing

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    2 Dec 2022
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Organic Tactics To Grow Email List Through Instagram Marketing

Instagram is supporting more than one billion active users and is ready for more. A digital marketer or a brand owner can directly engage with their prospective customers on Instagram by creating fun posts, using hashtags, and generating "hearts". To better interact, strategic and creative hashtags seem perfect to boost visibility and grow brand awareness on Instagram.

Compared to Facebook and Twitter, Instagram has allowed scope for a high creativity level for brand owners and marketers to carry out creative marketing.

Why Grow is Email List Using Instagram?
Digits have loads to speak. Recent Instagram statistics will prove Instagram can be depended upon for growing email list –

1. More than 1 billion users are active on Instagram. Your potential email subscribers are even using Instagram.
2. 80% of Instagrammers follow business in-apps. 200 million Instagrammers daily visit a business profile.
3. Compared to Facebook and Twitter, Instagram's engagement rate is higher. The brand message is easy to be delivered to the targeted audience.

How To Grow Email List On Instagram By Using The Organic Methods?
Both Instagram and Meta Business Suite constitute tools to generate email subscriptions which include the options for targeted campaigns and passive collection. Here is the practice list to collect email addresses and g grow an email list.

1.Own An Incredible Incentive And Lead Magnet
A lead magnet is a free item offered to attract the perfect potential customers. Lead magnets are value packed to convert potential customers to engaged subscribers to subscribe to the paid offers. Choosing the right freebie is crucial – so deciding the right customer base. Here are a few ideas to consider for lead magnets –
• Free samples of products
• Discounts or Coupons
• Checklists, Worksheets or Workbooks
• A Mini Course

2.Have A Customized Landing Page Particularly For Instagram
Picking up a freebie, make it easier for Instagram audiences to opt in and subscribe immediately. Utilize the custom page on the website landing page designed only for capturing leads.

3. Using Just One and Clear Call To Action In Bio and Posts
The best way to convince your customers to subscribe is using just one call to action leading to a free object. Stylize your bio accordingly and apply it to all other daily Instagram posts.

Keep the rules in mind when you create the CTAs –
• A strong call to action alone informs customers to take the next steps.
• CTAs should be direct, urgent and short.
• Using emojis and arrows, CTA should be made obvious

4. Promoting Freebie and CTA In Instagram Stories
Humanizing your brand, Instagram stories delight and engage the audiences. Creating 2 – 4 stories leading to a freebie offer, fetches your brand trust and permission for selling and offering your products to your viewers.

Here are a few hints –
Story 1 – Priming with a probing question or reminding them about a similar problem they might encounter.
Story 2 – Provide a queue for grabbing your freebie for solving the problem.

Start with a story and lead to a call to action. Using geotags and hashtags in stories helps to reach out to new Instagram users to be converted to email subscribers.

5.Hosting An Installing Challenge Like Contests and Giveaways
Hosting challenges, giveaways, and contests is another worthy strategy for valuing audiences and encouraging more email subscribers for signing up. It works like a magic when the audiences can address their pain points and have solutions.
Aligning the products and services with the challenge while providing a meaningful transformation is the trick to running proper campaigns. Abstain from sales pitches.

6.Running Instagram Story Ads
Instagram story ads as marketing campaign yield higher conversion results. Getting started now will generate high results very soon.

7.Retargeting Email List With the Instagram Ads
Creating Instagram ads and re-targeting the subscriber lists helps to generate sales through product promotions.
There is an option on the Ads Manager for Instagram for creating its Custom Audience by importing email addresses. After that, the Instagram algorithm maps the email addresses to the respective Instagram user-profiles and targets them with the created ads.
While dealing with a huge amount of data means being concerned about domain security. So, the safer option is to include an SPF flattening (Sender Policy Framework) for avoiding security failures.

8. Adding an Email Button to Business Profile
With customer demands rising, people expect the brands to get back to them on social media right within 60 minutes. Providing customer support on Instagram for followers to send Direct Messages can be done when an email finder tool is added. As a result, you can get their email address and use the email system to solve their problems.

Congratulations On Having More Email Subscribers! Now, What Should You Do?
Instagram offers a list of ways for growing an email list. Now to communicate with your email subscribers and establish long-term connections with them –

a.Verify their email addresses to run effective email marketing campaigns. Check the email addresses to ensure the active users are interested to receive brand updates through email.

b. Re-engaging email list to be attentive to the open rate since the metric shows the subscribers are indeed taking interest in your company. Re-engaging email lists helps in improving email deliverability.

c. Sending welcome emails to engage the customers by thanking them for joining email lists. Welcome emails increase brand loyalty. Customers get a valid reason for checking the email newsletter and take action when they find a brand reward like a discount or a promo code.

Right from engaging potential subscribers, directing them to landing pages and subscribing to the email list, there is a wide range of opportunities to generate new email signups by using Instagram Marketing. All the ideas are the researched outcome that is a great guide to the brand marketers for building their strategy to make maximum use of paid and organic tools.

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