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Cassowary Coast Independent News

Cassowary Coast Independent News

An Offline Business Has Made An Outstanding Digital Position With A New App

Cassowary Coast Independent News is the independent rural news platform carrying the stories of the regional community members and the different phases of the local life from Babinda to Rolling Stone FNQ.

What Are the Challenges That Visited Us?

  • Cassowary Coast Independent News has been a pure offline business, but having an online presence was a necessity to create better awareness about the regional community.
  • Converting the business online, and rather without any website gave us quite a hard time.
  • Next, the client intended to build a Hybrid app for both the iOS and Android App developers.

How Did We Come Up With A Solution?

  • Our adept app designers and developers began with conducting detailed research and delved deep into the user persona.
  • Next, we have decided upon the theme, layout presentation, and categories to appeal to the readers.
  • Ultimately, we have used the Ionic platform for building the platform.

The Ultimate Result

Once the app had been successfully done, we were really overjoyed for designing an app that had no website and earning the credit. Since we had fulfilled all the requirements the client needed, Cassowary Coast Independent News has become the highly preferred app to explore the regional News.