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Curtain Gallery

Curtain Gallery

How Did Eclick Team Bring About SEO Success for Curtain Gallery?

Curtain Gallery has been providing 30 years of active window treatment products throughout Mandurah and Perth. Their varied Awnings, Curtains, Screens, Shutters, Roller Blinds, Roman Blinds, Vertical Blinds, Panel Glides, Timber Venetians, and Ziptraks are of optimum functionality, quality, and economical price. All their window and door furnishings are trendy and designed for providing 100% client satisfaction. They are devoted and are continuously improving their services and products with regards to designs and trends to deliver the best quality.


Curtain Gallery had not been without motivation to excel in digital business. When Eclicks Software and Solutions agreed to start working with them, we found they are having a Non-SEO-Friendly Website. Thus, it had been a challenge for us to shift the old Non-SEO Friendly Website to a new and accomplished SEO Friendly website.

With the business remaining the same, Curtain Gallery had shifted to a completely new domain after 6 months of an SEO campaign with the old domain. We had taken up the challenges to keep the keywords ranking in the new domain, as well as for the newly designed website.

Curtain Gallery needed leads and conversions from the websites. Of course, they expected customers to call up them, that we have to make sure.


Accepting the challenge, we started with Competitor Analysis and Market Research. In the process, we have ensured website optimization and website audit through offsite and onsite SEO. With Call to Action and Key Performance Indicator Implement action, we did make the necessary changes to the website by following the White Hat SEO Strategies.

Similarly, we have done changes to optimize the website contents. The keywords were optimized as per the newly designed website and products, the available products, and related search terms.


Curtain Gallery's online revenue grew remarkably within 12 months. Our SEO performance resulted in enormous success. Within one year, Curtain Gallery did encounter 626.47% conversion growth. Surprisingly, Curtain Gallery witnessed a 366.06% conversion rate.

Another amazing result had been 71.73% traffic increment in these dedicated 12 months.

Although Curtain Gallery could achieve its goal yet Eclick Softwares and Solutions team did not stop over there. We are determined to assist the company earn more ROI and maximize profit margin.

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