Esteem Counseling

Esteem Counseling

Improving Better Visibility for A Health and Wellness Related Information Brand

Esteem Counseling app has been designed for helping the users be acquainted with all the health-related information and thus better manage their well-being. Through the categories listed, the users can cope up with health management factors, check their mood, and that is how Esteem Counseling is a great app for physical and mental health information.

The Challenges We Came Across

  • Esteem Counseling is meant for all age groups for dealing with their health concerns and we had to design the app keeping these necessities and more.
  • The layout should be such that the users can easily browse the categories and then find answers to their issues.
  • We had to carefully select the font style and colour combination for the users to enable them towards a great user experience.

The Solutions We Have Framed

Since the business deals with sensitive and private information, and so we had chosen a layout suitable to provide all the needed information to them. Hence, we began working with the exact protocols and security measures for creating a safe forum. Our app developers have used the Ionic platform for designing the app. The chosen font style and the colour combination are appealing to retain customer retention rates.

The Outcome

After the times of hard work, we have come up with a great device friendly app, which the users can browse easily. Now with the app, the business is able to gain better views and reach.