Infinity Trailers

Infinity Trailers

How Did We Reward Infinity Trailers with 54.71% Conversions Growth?

Infinity Trailers is the excelling business in the auto transport trailer and manufacturing industry established in Texas. They are in the field for 25 years, manufacturing 4 car hauler, 5 car hauler or 6 car hauler – each car trailer having 1 year warranty. Within this period, they carry out necessary repairs for the manufacturing defects or replacing them at their facility at absolutely no charges. They are even tied up with specific companies who help the customers to finance their needed 4 car hauler, 5 car hauler or 6 car hauler. Infinity Trailers is renowned for their quality craftsmanship, and looks up to meeting the customers’ needs, by focusing on quality.


The business had its goals and huge target. But competing with the low-budget competitors was a heck of a challenge. Earlier, they had worked with a marketing team, but could not fulfill their goals. So, fulfilling Infinity Trailers' requirements was a great challenge to Eclick Software and Solutions.

Compared to Infinity Trailers’ competitors, they could not achieve the goal they would set at the beginning of the month.

Once Eclick Software and Solutions accepted the challenge to increase organic traffic with subsequent conversions from the website, and even raise its Google Ranking, we had to start from scratch. We dealt with the business owner's target for 20% – 30% growth within 12 months.


Market research and competitor analysis have helped us to carefully choose the needed target audience and even to formulate productive promotional strategies. In this way, we could develop a fruitful content strategy to influence the audience. Emphasizing the website, we have followed the on-site and off-site website optimization strategies following the guidelines as set by Google.

Next, we had done Keyword Analysis and created suitable user-friendly content to optimize the website. We have developed a content strategy for Infinity Trailers according to keywords. The implemented keywords are, namely “Phase 1 - Indexed Keywords, Phase 2 - Competitor Keywords Phase 3 - Keyword Variations.”

We did figure out the necessary solutions from the customers-intent point of view and by following Google’s parameters.


Now as it is, the client needs converted leads including keywords ranking as a result, Eclick Software and Solutions could make 84 keywords rank on the Top 3 SERPs, and a total of 155 keywords are ranked on the first page of Google SERP.

Organic traffic went up by 23.19%, and Infinity Trailers could have the opportunity to get more leads.

Conversions increased by 54.71% within 12 months that indeed benefited Infinity Trailers with better sales, and profit margin.

Eclick Softwares and Solutions had begun the journey with a challenge to benefit Infinity Trailers with a potential client base, and we did meet the challenge. Despite fulfilling their goal, we did not stop there. We are continuously working for Infinity Trailers to grow and develop.