Southern Picture Framers

Southern Picture Framers

A Framing Business Earning Good Conversions Thanks to An User-Friendly Website

Southern Picture Framers firmly believes in creating everlasting memories. Operating with skilled framing artisans, they create awestruck handcrafted, customized and gallery-quality frames at reliable rates.

What Are The Challenges We Have Handled?

Southern Picture Framers was solely concerned about providing the customers with all the convincing information through the look and feel of the website, so they are assured of getting the best picture framing services. The company had to present all their services with a flexible Enquiry option.

The other challenges we have met are –

  • Increasing the site speed
  • Increasing the Mobile Conversion Rates
  • Streamlining the order processes


Here Are The Solutions We Came Up With

We have built the website for Southern Picture Framers on a Customized PHP framework for enhancing the site functionality.

  • Centralized Contract Information
  • Previews and True Pricing
  • Customized Features for Fulfilling Customers’ Needs
  • Increasing Enquiry Efficiencies
  • Deployed Hosting Solution for Ensuring Security, Scalability and Stability
  • Navigation Structure Based on Complete UX Research Client Requirements


The Results

  • Views, traffic, leads and conversions have increased remarkably
  • Customized integrations have met all the clients’ need