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Redesigning Websites To Be Ahead of Competitors

Redesigned websites to improve the brand look and impress new visitors


Face-Lifting Websites For Revamping and Redefining The Digital Presence of Your Brand.

Eclick has implemented website redesign services for a reason. With the websites being redesigned and revamped, our clients benefit from a trendy, fast and responsive design effective increasing visitor engagement while creating effective business growth. In fact, from our website redesigning services, a business is sure to benefit from improved user experience and ROI, gain greater exposure to digital marketing and gain increased social authority along with website traffic.

While framing out website redesign services, our team make starts with an in-depth UI and UX audit for identifying the weak points in the website. Once discovered, a custom structured plan consisting of redesign goals and respective business outcomes are created, which include -

  • Responsive user-centred Design For Mobile Usability For Boosting Mobile Traffic
  • Fixed Performance Issues For Lowering The Visitor Bounce Rates
  • Optimized Contents For Maximizing Visibility on Searches
  • Intuitive Navigation For Improving Visitor Engagement and User Experience
  • Ability In Managing Websites on One CMS For Reducing Support and Administration Costs
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A Well Designed Interface Can Increase A Website’s Conversion Rate

By 200% To 400%

This Is How Our Design Process Works

The redesigned websites we are taking up helps to strike the perfect balance and create the website to stand out as the high spot of your business' online presence. Using the latest SEO and user experiences practices, our team crafts mockups and websites using in-house knowledge as tailored to the businesses and industries. We are always geared up to help you to redesign a consumer-facing e-commerce website and business sites promoting B2B services, or a combination of both.

Here are the basic steps we follow

Reviewing Site Architecture + Collecting Website Valuables

First, we look into the website organization and suggest re-organizing the pages and navigation delivered visually through a wireframe. To define your brand, we provide colours, logos, typefaces and other elements.

Creating Beta Site + Conducting Quality Assurance Testing

Three complementary editing rounds ensure the done redesign for the fully-functioning website is perfect with the layout and look being constant across all devices, operating systems and browsers.

Launching the Website

Once the website has been polished and ready to be made live, it is time for launching the new and improved website. We create a go-live plan to ensure it is correctly crawled and conveyed to audiences, including the site maps submission for the search engines to index.

Support Period of 30 Days

Once the redesigned and redeveloped website has been launched, our designing team will be on stand-by for helping you solve the arising issues. If small changes are needed at this period, we shall take care of them.

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How Convenient and Gainful is Our Website Redesigning Services Are For You?

  • Enhancements Are Guaranteed

  • Contents Are Smoothly Migrated

  • SEO Equity is Preserved

  • Starting with an in-depth UI and UX audit, work on the weak points of the website by creating a structured plan defined with the very redesigning goals and specific business results.

    • Mobile traffic increases through the responsive, mobile-first design
    • Visitor bounce rates are reduced thanks to quicker page load and fixed performance issues
    • Visitor engagement improves through more intuitive navigation, while several websites are unified in one CMS for minimizing support and administration costs
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  • It takes up as much as half of the total website redesign cost for content migration. So, to ensure investment results in 100% safely migrated contents, we -

    • Create a detailed migration roadmap as needed individually for each project
    • Combine the automated migration approach with the manual one
    • Uncover and update all the legacy code instances of the website
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  • We closely cooperate with the project stakeholders and then devise an SEO migration strategy entailing website crawling, inbound link preservation and created redirects for updated links. Thus, we can preserve the existing position on your website in search engine rankings. Our strategy helps in enhancing your organic traffic –

    • Complete SEO Audits
    • Fixing the detected issues, so the website’s ranking growth is not prevented.
    • On-page optimization for improving individual page rankings.
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Our Website Redesign Service Options

Together with the one-off website redesign, we are here to offer constant redesign services, which enable iterative website evolution to be in accordance with the current business objectives.
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Ecommerce Website Redesign Solution

Cart abandonment rate minimizes while up/cross-selling enhances.
Redesign My E- Commerce

B2C Website Redesign For Customer-Focused Redesign

Prolonging website dwell time, improving engagements, and increasing conversions.
Redesign My B2C Website

B2B Website Redesigns For Corporate Website Redesign

Driving more quotes, demo requests, email subscriptions & pre-registrations for the future.
Redesign My B2b Website
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Why Is “Now” the Time For Redesigning Your Website?

Within just 5 seconds, your website visitors will be shaping an opinion about what they are seeing and experiencing on your web page. In the next 5 seconds, about 96% of visitors will form a solid impression about your business, which will be tough to change later.

Your Business Needs A Thought-Provoking Website to Carve Itself in the Audiences' Mind

You are always free to cooperate with Eclick for creating an impressive and user-friendly website design for attracting visitors, retaining them and further getting them converted to long term buying customers.

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