10 Winning Christmas Marketing Ideas To Ace Your Brand and Record Highest Sales

10 Winning Christmas Marketing Ideas To Ace Your Brand and Record Highest Sales

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    23 Nov 2022
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10 Winning Christmas Marketing Ideas To Ace Your Brand and Record Highest Sales

Defining your goals marks the onset of your Christmas marketing strategy. A successful Christmas marketing campaign is a sum of achieved targeted sales and revenue digits, acquiring higher site traffic along with added followers on social media platforms, customer retention and more.

Here is the list of 10 Christmas Marketing Ideas making waves and inspiring the brand owners. We shall now learn in-depth.

1. Brands Added with the Christmas Flair
Updating the logo and social media profiles till the New Year with the Merry Christmas and New Year flair introduces your brand to the festive spirit. Even updating websites, email marketing campaigns, and mobile apps with in-store Christmas decorations create a superb opportunity for greeting "Merry Christmas" customers.

2. Black Friday and Cyber Monday As Christmas Marketing Friends!
Both Black Friday and Cyber Monday create a big noise in the retail and e-commerce arena. Leveraging Black Friday and Cyber Monday marketing campaigns divert a lot of attention to your brand and Christmas marketing campaign. With the huge discounts offered and adding value to each purchase, you can utilize the Black Friday and Cyber Monday marketing campaigns for Christmas marketing –

• Offering a coupon valid for the remaining year
• Adding in a "stocking filler" product for free
• Offering free postage and free returns
• Including an extended warranty or guarantee

These occasions present fabulous opportunities for growing email lists in the lead-up to the Christmas rush for increasing sales.

3. A Santa Wish List!
Through the Santa Wish list, different products are showcased right in one go. This effortless step can be done by grouping all the collected product pictures and posting them in the carousel form on your feed.

Fun captions explaining the idea even details the highlighted products. The shop tab on Instagram can be used for adding links to your website and mentioning prices in the given pictures.

4. Using In-Browser Push Notifications
In-browser push notifications refer to the short messages the visitors can see in their browsers after they have left your site. Through Push notifications, you can create a direct line of communications for informing the customers about –

a. New Gift Guides on Blog Page
b. Christmas Flash Sales
c. Ultimate Christmas Shipping Call

These are to be sparingly used to prevent overloading subscribers with excessive messaging.

5. Running An Email Marketing Campaign
Leveraging existing customers with the effect of Email marketing can rise festive sales by 20%. Use your email list as the gold mine to tap the untapped potentials in the correct positions for increasing revenue. Users who have signed up with your business for news and updates, would open the emails and notice the offers.

6. Playing With Emotions
People look forward to family time during Christmas. Everyone wants to give and receive fantastic gifts and creating advertisements to stir their emotions will bring in more customers.

7. Converting Video Marketing Into Festive Promotions
Incorporating video into Christmas marketing better communicates the festive message. By means of video marketing, the overall brand can be marketed. Video campaigns are good for increasing average order value since the videos influence the customers with a purchase decisions. Christmas–specific messaging in the video campaigns rewards with higher engagement rate. Creatively done fun videos spread the cheer throughout the Christmas Marketing campaign through email, customer pages and social media. Some video marketing quick tips for the Christmas Marketing campaigns –

a. Using music by featuring bells, motion graphics and Christmas-style text treatments to establish the holiday theme.
b. Customizing the festive CTA for different audiences by threading in some more urgency in messages.
c. Shooting high-resolution videos help in pulling stills from the video.

8. Delighting Customers With Mystery Upselling Ideas
The main aim of the Christmas Marketing campaign is sparking the customer's curiosity in a compelling manner. While upselling ideas boost sales, the same ideas even double customer satisfaction by understanding and providing their sought-after needs. Some upselling ideas and tips to delight your target customers –

a. Free shipping for purchasing above a specific amount.
b. Adding to reveal the mystery products during checkout to build upon the intrigue.
c. Hitting on shoppers' emotions by promoting similar products for capturing more buyers throughout the purchasing journey.
d. Giving a chance to the shoppers for adding upsell items to their orders at the time of checkout.

9. Capitalize on the Christmas Content Marketing Ideas
Christmas sale contents help in building and enhancing brand image, hence content is needed for each platform – email, social media, website, products and every other call to action. Here is the list of content types to implement for Christmas E-Commerce sales –

• Christmas Infographic
• Articles
• Blogs
• Christmas Video Contents
• Gift Guides
• Customer Success Stories in Brief

10. Putting the Seasonal PPC Words Into Action
During Christmas, adjusting the keywords and bids accordingly for PPC marketing is important. The adjusted keywords are to be advertised at the right time to bring them before the customers.

Christmas holidays are the ideal times for investing in the emotional bond with the target audience to boost customer engagement and finally boost conversions. Be ready to earn maximum success, segment the customers for them to have a truly personalized experience, make your campaigns easy-to-share and deliver the consistent best deals across your channels. Full of sales opportunities, Christmas is the time when marketers have to meticulously plan to establish and execute Christmas marketing campaigns by evaluating customer behaviour developments.


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