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12 Types of Content Marketing To Follow For Growing Your Business

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    22 Sep 2021
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12 Types of Content Marketing To Follow For Growing Your Business
Content Marketing approach to marketing indicates creating user-friendly materials for fostering awareness to brand, generating leads, and providing value to the customers. Contents Marketing is known to deliver 3X times more leads compared to other marketing channels, is 62% less than the related marketing channels and paves the way for your brand to witness 13X times more positive ROI. On doing it right, content marketing establishes a brand as the trusted authority within the industry. Hence, before all the campaigns are grouped together, it is necessary to know the different content marketing types a business needs.
Types of Content Marketing: Your Business Booster

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12 Content Types Actually Working for Your Business
In order to reach out to the audiences successfully, 12 types of content marketing are to be skillfully and ardently followed, for achieving ultimate success.
1. Blogs
A website blog corresponding well with the products and services helps in attracting a significant count of potential buyers in need of solutions the business is offering. Blog posts are great for improving SEO and is even a cost-effective method for boosting organic traffic. A few guidelines should be followed while writing a blog post -
  • Contents must be optimized for SEO
  • Cluster and pillar models should be used for managing blog topics
  • Product or service focused content should be written always for maintaining relevance
2. Videos
Google favours videos. Above all, videos keep the customers engaged, as people prefer to watch the audio-visual clips of visuals, images and graphics. According to the data, HubSpot has collected, nearly  54% of people are willing to see the videos compared to the other content types from the brands and companies they are supporting. Videos are a versatile medium since the industry-related content can be created for engaging the people and creating interest to want more.
For instance, when you are selling safety gadgets, the video shoot explaining the features and functionality of the item will be better accepted than a blog post.
3. Infographics
Infographics are indeed fun and help in wake-up marketing strategies with triggering content. Being visually captivating, infographics are the best to preset statistics and processes. As a quick content marketing form, Infographics bring up several ways for grabbing a large number of eyeballs. For instance, uploading Infographics on the social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook makes your brand's products and services more reputable. Even uploading the Infographics on these platforms ease-out identifying and understanding the collected data.
4. Case Studies
Case studies are much useful to the audiences willing to learn more about your business products and services, as well as business. The buyers will be learning about another customer’s journey right from the beginning till the end from the case studies. Adding the case studies about the projects you have handled along with your team, will let everyone know the methods and processes adopted for helping the clients to realize their goals.
5. e-Books
e-Books are the long-form of blog content – it is an effective way for giving easy access to the valuable prospective clients to learn good information. While creating one eBook for your business, the font sizes should be checked, sentences should be shortened, and relevant keywords must be used in the copy.
6. User-Generated Contents
The user-generated contents receive the involved targeted customers. On positing something, these receive quick responses. For instance, if the customers post about the products, their experiences and more, then they can be re-used and shared on all the social media pages.
7. Checklists
Checklists provide more value to the potential, rather than SMB customers. A checklist explains the process step by step to solve an issue. The most important part is formating it is easy to fit in different social media platforms. An internal checklist ensures the content being used is client-specific always.
8. Testimonials and Reviews
Similar to the user-generated content, the testimonials and reviews are directly generated from the customers. Operating and focusing in a niche market needs testimonials and reviews for giving a short synopsis of why should the customers choose you.
For instance, Nike uses testimonials and reviews from the leading athletes for promoting their shoes. Even reviews and celebrity endorsements make up most of their commercial content.
Now a small to medium business will not be able to pay a huge amount to celebrities for marketing, but the customers' reviews and feedback on the website and social media pages are best for informing customers.
9. Academics or the How-To-Guides
While dealing with CRM or any software, the most relevant content marketing tactic is the "How to Guides". Google Ads, HubSpot as well as numerous training programs provide an ideal interactive way for the buyers to take up the initiative at trying your products and services before they fully commit. Shop clips of  30 to 40 seconds are equally helpful at grabbing people's attention.
10. Paid Ad Contents or Influencers
Assistance from the industry influencers is indeed convenient to marketing campaigns. As renowned experts, they will be helping you with promoting your content to reach your targeted audiences. The best example is the natural beauty products – the influencers will work as the skincare experts in writing and promoting the contents to help you gather the untapped market.+
11. Memes
Memes are best described as "Don't knock it 'til you are trying it". Memes work extremely well; since it is an image set designed with culturally relevant text, that gets circulated online rapidly. Timing a meme with perfection, and aligning it with the social aesthetic makes it an ideal way for increasing traffic. Memes embellished with the current social climate and fitting your company will give a good rise to better social listening.  
12. Whitepapers
Although the Whitepapers are lengthy content forms yet these are not eBooks. Being densely stuffed with information and data, the Whitepapers are attentive to details. These are ideal to 71% of buyers during their research phase, as propagated by Demand Gen Survey Report.
Despite content being more utilitarian, Whitepapers are visually appealing when the design is intact while formatting the page layout. Easy-to-read fonts are perfect at the time of page construction to keep the readers turn till the last page.
Content marketing is and will be the most powerful digital marketing strategy for all sizes of businesses as well as industries. For leveraging the power of the discussed content types, an effective strategy is a must. The strategy involving a schedule organizing wherein contents will be consistently posted across different mediums and even methods for promoting that very content to greater potential audiences across every possible channel. Substantial research on what the audiences are eager to see, how and where they need to see should even be a part of the strategy.

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