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15 Important eCommerce Mobile App Features for Maximizing User Base

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    6 Oct 2021
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15 Important eCommerce Mobile App Features for Maximizing User Base
A mobile eCommerce app is now a distinguished way for eCommerce businesses since mobile apps generate higher conversions than mobile web. But the app should be launched with certain features, which are the specific elements focused on customer experience improvement, driving sales and raising conversions. 
Before the app is made life, the right features should be added to the early development stages to welcome success, prosperity and profitability.
The latest mobile eCommerce app trends have disclosed that an eCommerce mobile app should have 15 identified features to win over the user base.
1. Easy Log-In and Registration
Streamlines the logging process into the app with simplified registration forms allows the customers to use their email id for login, and can even login using external accounts like Facebook and Google, and even with individual passcode. Easier access gets translated to a greater conversion rate and higher sales volume.  
To start using the app, the users need not fill in too much data; thanks to this easy entry point, the mobile online stores heighten in accessibility.
2. Social Media Integration
Mobile eCommerce app marketing is an integral part, and including the social media integration features on apps results in a favourable promotion rate. More the app is shared on social media platforms, better sales are driven through mobile commerce app.
3. Push Notifications
Owing to push notifications, sending personalized reminders and updates to customers from the brand is possible with the aim to influence customers and drive up massive sales. With the push notifications feature integrated, the mobile app user feels much important and allows the brand to communicate personally with customers, and eventually derive praiseworthy results.
4. Secured and Easy In-App Payments
A mobile eCommerce app built with convenient payment options keeps the users at ease. Starting with Cash on Delivery to online payments, all the options available in the mobile app helps the users to the option flexible for them. The eCommerce mobile app must accept –
    • All the major credit cards including, Visa, Discover, American Express and Mastercard
    • Debit Cards
    • PayPal
    • Venmo
    • Google Pay
5. Ordering Invoice and Adding The Company Data
More the customers can fill in their company data and order to get an invoice easily, their needs regarding a specific segment are better addressed. Thus, better customer loyalty is build up alongwith an optimal checkout experience.
6.  Returns and Checking Return Status
Sometimes users come across a tricky online shopping experience by receiving different products with other features than they have ordered. So, a smooth returns process is a must. The clear returns procedure with the option to easily check the returns' status enhances the store's transparency and customers regard it as trustworthy. Knowing that returning products becomes easier, users will overcome the fear of misguided purchases.
7. Shipping  Status Checking
Checking the items' shipping status as ordered in the store is advantageous to boost transparency and enhancing the quality of customer interactions with the store once the purchase is complete. This feature is beneficial towards estimating the items' arrival date and time.
8. Exit Button
An accessible exit button on each page of your app lets the users move out at a time while using the app, without being confused about the method. Thus, they maintain their composure and visit the page only when they will want to.
9. Product Search Bar
To easily find out the items they are looking for within minimum time, among the handful or thousands of listed products, the customers will use the product search bar. It plays a crucial role to drive mobile eCommerce app sales and makes a better user experience of the mobile app. Using the product search bar feature to get the product on the app is much easier and convenient.
10. Wishlist
Online shoppers like to add items to the "wishlist" while they browse the online stores. They take advantage of the Wishlist feature for marking the items they like, without any need to add to the shopping cart. Your mobile app will translate this experience to the mobile world.
11. Customer Support
For every business app, Customer Support is a must-have feature to resolve the customers' queries and issues. The Customer Support feature on the business app is convenient for a good user experience and for driving Mobile eCommerce app sales.
12. Location Tracking
A location tracker feature within the app is judicious for the customers with physical retail locations. This feature helps at finding the closest store to their current location and further drives mobile eCommerce app sales. Users are encouraged to higher your physical store's footfall using the location tracking feature.
13. Video Content Integration
Despite what the app is or it does, adding video content leads the users to watch the videos to seek instructions and understand the different features of your products. Even integrated video contents serve as a small yet beneficial advertisement to explain what is the app and what it does. These videos increase both user engagement and satisfaction during the time given to app browsing.
14. Barcode Scanning
When an eCommerce mobile app should enhance the customers’ experience at your brick-mortar store with certain extras, then barcode scanning is a huge necessity. Customers will scan the barcode while shopping at your store to know more about the product, and understand their needed product is available and thus, they decide to proceed with the purchase.
15. Accurate Analysis
Businesses should have a follow-up system for measuring access, with periodic growth and progress. You can scale and improve customer persuasion techniques have a clear business activities picture. So integrating accurate analytics software in mobile eCommerce app helps in recording and tracking customer interaction and behaviour data for enhancing a better user experience.  
The eCommerce industry is booming a lot, so competition is becoming harder daily. So, integrating your mobile app with these full fifteen eCommerce mobile app development leads the business a step forward towards survival. A versatile, user-friendly app crafted with a holistic marketing strategy indeed takes an eCommerce business to the very next level.

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