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7 Best No-Code Tools in 2021

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    30 Jun 2021
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7 Best No-Code Tools in 2021
First, we shall start with "what is meant by no-code?". Well, using code, the software is built, and it has not changed. But the fact that has changed is the way that very code is produced. Traditionally, a professional developer or a programmer produces a code by writing it with the help of an integrated development environment or IDE. It takes years to master the skill of writing codes. Above all, most scenarios need more than one programming language and framework. Using the no-code tools, it becomes easier in creating a web app, database, website, etc. where there will be no need to write a code. Coding cannot be replaced by any no-code tools with clicking or drag and drop.
There are instances when the user interacts with the graphic user interface or GUI, and this software building method is sometimes termed visual programming.
Internet is powered by the code, and it will always keep doing. No-code indicates more of the movements as well as a set of tools. More appropriate is "No Coding", but the precise technically correct description is, the programming method involving building web technologies with Graphic User Interface, other than writing codes is No-code.
With so many web designing tools available, it can rather be difficult in pinpointing the no-code tool appropriate for you. So, let us have a look at the chief seven no-code tools, which include the creative professional type they are aimed at.
    i. Wix
To build up your own website, the drag and drop feature of Wix is super easy. If you are willing to avoid coding, while retaining a functional website, then Wix will solve all your queries. Wix has a number of templates aiming at creating beautiful portfolios for different creative professionals.
It is having three plans, but when you aim at starting your own website, then you will have to choose the most reasonable option for monthly payments.
    ii. Betty Blocks
Betty Blocks is the no-code application development platform that allows users to create custom software applications in the no-code ambiance. Betty Blocks is the best for the teams operating in sprints, and need regular updates on the application functionality for their prospective clients.
Through this tool, the users can create complex applications without any code, and the time-to-marketing their products is drastically reduced with the drag-and-drop features, robust reusability for making sense of the creatives determined to empower their development teams heavily, and visual modeling options for data management. Betty Blocks does not advertise its pricing plans and needs the users to sign up for the free product demonstration for setting on a product quote.
    iii. Startup 4
Startup 4 is said to be the no-code tool devised for all the non-technical creatives preferring Bootstrap, but are not interested in going deep to coding with it. These users will readily benefit from Startup 4 since its online-based applications are having ready-to-use templates and themes intended for website creation according to the Bootstrap 4 with the 12 column grid.
Being a powerful Bootstrap builder 4, the software is complete with a series of tools, features as well as free Figma sources. Downloading Startup 4 is easier with its full access to all the available features. It is offering paid plans for the businesses in need of creating multiple sites with the components of Startup 4.
    iv. Typeform
Typeform is the no-code platform for all the marketing experts in need of creating surveys and simple-to-use forms for multiple users. The users can start with a free plan in Typeform that allows them to create ten-question forms supporting up to 100 responses each month. The creatives valuing their code's test aspect abilities will find it very useful, like their user interface and user experience.
Users choosing the first paid Essentials plan can easily access the forms supporting 1000 responses each month, as well as the higher-tiered plans that offer more responses along with useful add-ons like conversation tracking and HubSpot integration.
    v. Carrd
The target demographic of Carrd includes web designers with meager experiences in web designs.  Carrd offers pre-built templates for the one-page sites, and thus eases out for everyone willing to create their own website from scratch or the ones using a simple template. The best part of everything is Carrd supports the responsive site templates on multiple devices for making sure the website is looking good on Smart devices, laptops, and desktop computers. This very no-code tool is all free-to-use for the users interested to create three websites by making use of the core features of the Carrd. The users have to sign up at $19 per year for the “Go Pro” plan to get access to the custom domains.
    vi. IFTTT - If This Then That
IFTTT means "If This Then That” - it chains the simple conditional statements together for helping automating tasks to the users. IFTTT is having a perfect UI for beginners as well as simple automation, and so it is superb for hobbyists. 
Using IFTTT is free. When an integration has to be published with IFTTT, then the users have to make an annual fee payment. 
    vii. Payhere
Payhere is on the top of Stripe and GoCardless, using which the users can begin collecting the payments without having to write a line of code. The users can simply create a payment form and within minutes start accepting card payments. No coding is necessary here.
The no-code tools are the inspirations in the modern-day over-saturated market for the software greatly surpassing its programmers' supply. Now, we have more great web design and coding tools than earlier for helping non-technical professionals to create their needed frameworks, mockups, and testing solutions. 

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