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7 Skyrocketing Lead Generation Practices for Exploding Business Growth

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    30 Mar 2022
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7 Skyrocketing Lead Generation Practices for Exploding Business Growth

Lead generation, in digital marketing, means identifying the ideal customer base and nurturing their interests through your business services and products. When the same people start taking an interest in your business offerings, then they are termed as qualified leads. Having more sales is the topmost clear benefit of lead generation. Nevertheless, a well-planned lead generation strategy yields greater results for several other business areas, namely, greater brand awareness, increasing sales and profits, positive ROI, communication with the target market, collecting prospect’ vital information, so on and so forth.

Needless to mention that lead generation offers a lot more than pointed out. That is why properly framed decisions and efforts have to be put in for earning more leads in the form of new customers directly impacting your sales.

First, Consider Your End–Goal
Before starting, have a clear definition of how should leads mean for your business. Should a browser be signing up for your offer, or anyone filling out your Contact Us form, or someone requesting for a callback, or anyone asking for an explanation – serve you as lead!

Let your goal be your threshold, but you have to define it upfront. Although it is basic yet it is of utmost importance to move ahead. Defining your goal is the metrics basis needed for measuring the success of your lead generation campaign.

At the same time, setting up a sales funnel ahead of time helps in nurturing leads to prospective customers. To set up a typical online lead generation sales funnel, these are the key steps to be followed –

i. Marketing –
Advertising business products and services through content and social media for drawing visitors and engaging in your website.

ii. Demand Generation –
Implementing the targeted programs like events, webinars, live demos, free trials and whitepapers – based on lead’s activities and actions, and how are they interacting with your website and contents, will be categorizing the lead either as a target or else as a prospect.

iii. Nurturing –
Developing relationships with the leads or prospects and reinforcing at each stage in the sales funnel ensures they are continuing their journey to the next stage.

iv. Action –
After the person purchases your business product, or signs up for your service and becomes a customer, then the lead is qualified and completes the funnel.

Now, let us look into a few relevant lead generation marketing ideas, so you can adopt these ideas for boosting the leads number and quality you shall receive from your marketing.

1. Creating and Utilizing A Video Tutorial
Visual learning along with reading blog posts is a bonus to the audiences. So, create the how-to’s and tutorials, but ensure they are easy-to-digest-video tutorials and add them for the visual learners to find information and appreciate.
To keep things easy, record your screen with an audio explanation to demonstrate each step for recording the video. Next, use the technology, such as Wista for adding a call to action, for capturing email addresses to help the audiences to learn more.
Once done, upload the video to YouTube for reaching out to more people and for generating a buzz.

2. Preparing to Offer A Free Trial
Much applicable to software companies; the idea of offering a free trial of products to potential customers stands out as the remarkable lead generation idea. In this way, the people will be able to whether the software is fitting their needs before deciding to buy.
To get it done, build a landing page, create a lead magnet and popups, use combined opting methods for encouraging audiences to subscribe. Take time to learn the most effective method for your website. Try out the different opting formats and conduct a split test on them and check out the better-performing ones.

3. Deciding For Promoting A Limited Time Offers
Countdown timers can be leveraged in lead generation strategy when you offer limited-time promotions. A countdown timer is for creating a sense of urgency and encouraging the prospects to take quick action before the time ends. It is a lead generation idea that is also good to use on your own website in a slide-in bar, a popup or a floating bar at the top of your website. Include a strong Call To Action in support of your offers and timer.

4. Getting Ready and Launching Paid Media Campaigns for Generating Leads FasterDifferent from SEO, launching Paid Media Campaigns is the go-to lead generation strategy in digital marketing for promoting content and boosting exposure sooner. A few instances of paid media are sponsored updates on Facebook Ads, LinkedIn and Pay-Per-Click Ads on Google.

Sorting out the technical aspect is the quick secret to a successful lead generation campaign. Be careful not to make any errors, since it will be costing you money that will not earn you any returns on investment.

At the same time, a study has proved 63% of customers exit after once they have encountered a single poor experience. Compared to the broken links and slow-loading images or videos, the negative user perspective is the worst.

5. Creating and Offering Demos and Presentations for Personalizing User Experiences
While using AI is among the chief lead generation strategies, be careful that automation does not go wrong. At the time of trying to automate, it is best to take help from the professionals so you are not automating soon and struggling to hit marketing targets. Then, automation will not be wrong on account of happening early. Thus, the distance between your business and lead will not increase.

Providing prospects with a better and heightened personalized experience by offering them live demos and presentations is the best way for avoiding the small mishaps so they do not take shape of bigger problems later.

At the time of live call, directly ask the prospects how and why are they taking interest in your business products and services, and where are they not interested. From this feedback, it will become easier for you to address the issues in content and cater to product improvements.

6. Start Experimenting With Interactive Contents and Gamification for Increasing Engagement
Normally, people become sociable and that is how they develop an interest in competing and winning. When you devise a way for adding gaming elements to lead generation strategies, then your prospects will feel encouraged at going down the sales funnel.Gamification helps in generating business leads through email sign-up for participation. Insert a wheel of fortune on your website that will make it a fun test matching your business profile to a particular product or service.

7. Being Aware To Take Full Term Advantage of LinkedIn’s Search Feature
Create your business profile on LinkedIn so it becomes easy to search for high-quality leads. You will be able to use the search function of the platform for discovering the unexplored potential prospects matching your ideal customer profile.
Use a simple keyword applicable for your targeted companies, to start with. Next, narrow down the results field by location or company type. Also, there are more ways to narrow down the potential prospects who will be the ideal match for your company.
As soon as you have come across a worth pursuing lead, directly reach out on the platform. Alternatively, you might start by targeting the company by using other marketing channels for getting them into your lead generation sales funnel.

To save your business from being dead in the water and retain consistent customer growth, you need to have a reliable source of new leads ready to accept your products and services. Hence, pursue these research-driven online lead generation ideas and strategies as discussed here – each of incredible importance for your company's future, to turn the casual visitors and prospects into more qualified leads. You need not have to struggle for revenue, rather feel yourself challenged for keeping up with the demand.

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