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9 Actionable Shopify Marketing Strategies To Boost Sales and Skyrocket ROI

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    26 Sep 2022
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9 Actionable Shopify Marketing Strategies To Boost Sales and Skyrocket ROI

Every Shopify store is designed and developed with the aim to drive up traffic rates while bridging the gap between the brand and customers. A seasoned online merchant, as well as a startup e-commerce owner, will want to increase website traffic, conversions, sales and ultimately profit margins.

Here is the marketing strategy tit-bits explained highlighting the steps to push up sales of the Shopify store.

1. Product Page Optimization With Clear Product Images and Product Descriptions
Lifestyle images win over the posed shots. Lifestyle images convert better because the users can view how can they use the products. Accurate and thorough product descriptions, which are intriguing influence the customers towards purchasing the products with confidence. A well–described short narrative on the website clarifying the product USP convinces the customers better.

2. Leveraging Search Engine Optimization and Driving Traffic To Store
SEO is the perfect start when the funds are limited. Follow these tips and tricks for doing SEO right.
i. Create a site hierarchy for the Shopify store to be systematic and navigable.
ii. Create a clear, unique page and product title and for each of them write meta descriptions.
iii. Use high–quality, compressed product images for loading faster.
iv. Conduct a thorough technical SEO check for the Shopify store.
v. Add a sitemap to Google Search Console.
vi. Create rich quality content and build up high authority backlinks for receiving amazing traffic.
vii. Wherever needed, set up 301 redirects.
viii. Keep Google Analytics in place.

Optimize all product pages for consistency, then create blogs with proper content and backlinks.

3. Personalize Shopping Experiences With Time
• As much as possible, personalize emails and messages.
• Offer coupon codes and discounts on products customers are interested in.
• Send videos for greater personalization and engagement.
• Include a quiz on the store for customers to take suggestions.

4. Prioritize Social Media Marketing Strategy
Instagram has become the go-to social media marketing tool owing to its focus on images, reels and videos and tag product feature to enhance the easy shopping experience. Another platform for shoppers to congregate and discover new products and establish brand relationships is Pinterest. Consistent posting gradually enlarges the followers' list, while deriving new traffic and establishing brand awareness. Remarkable content warms these leads – once they are visiting your Shopify store, they are actually ready for purchasing.

5. Integrate Easy Payment Methods
Researching the payment methods to integrate based on the customers' preference and flexibility forms the proper answer to the payment gateway solution. Customers might find it easier to pay using credit cards or pay online through Amazon Pay, PayPal, Facebook Pay and Apple Pay – integrate these platforms to make it easier for them.

6. Put Push Notification To Use
The users receiving messages as push notifications on their smartphones or tablets displayed in the notification centre is the way to keep them in the loop about the product and offer updates. Follow these pointers to activate push notifications –
a. Send friendly reminders for helping customers to complete their purchase orders. Prompt them with a direct link back to the store for their ease.
b. Personally welcome new customers to your brand.
c. Send them discount codes and related special offers. Feeling appreciated and incentivized at coming back, they will make full use of the sales offer.

7. Integrate Cross-Selling and Upselling Tactics
Though cross-selling persuades the buyers at adding complementary products to the cart. On the other hand, encourage them to upgrade their purchases by the upselling policy.

8. Design Review Collection Strategy
Add live support and basic pages to develop trustworthy customer relationships. Above all, Reviews or Testimonials rule the trust-building procedure in E-Commerce businesses. Reviews function as word of mouth – human beings trust the fellows on the same plane.

9. Create A Converting Landing Page
To create a converting landing page, here are the guiding steps –
• Nothing Less Nothing More – Just be straight and to–the–point. Keep a clear CTA. Inform the visitors of just what they should know.
• Images – Great images on a landing page win leads and give a great impetus to business.
• A/B Testing – Test the landing pages in different versions to ensure the best working one.
• Mobile Optimization – Landing page optimization for mobile is compulsory.
• Navigation – If the visitors are earned through ad campaigns, then get rid of all menu and navigational features from your landing pages. Customers can better focus on their target view on the page.

E-Commerce is the mantra of the day to both the shoppers and sellers! Shopify stores are a part of it to present organized products to the customers to lure them to purchase. The procedure will forever be tough unless the witty strategies are followed. The discussed heads will earn you success when you follow them closely.

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