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Actionable Tips To Design A Great Business Logo From Start To Finish

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    17 May 2023
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Actionable Tips To Design A Great Business Logo From Start To Finish

The first point of contact between a brand and all its potential customers is a logo. The logo stages itself as the visual representation of a company's identity, offerings and values. A brand strategy owes its success to an effective logo design. A well-designed logo stands out as an indispensable business asset. It establishes the brand identity, creates a lasting impression, builds up trust, differentiates a brand from its competitors, enhances recall, conveys the brand message, boosts marketing efforts and encourages brand loyalty. A professionally designed logo impacts the long–term success and growth of a brand.

Every design choice a logo consists of is meant to serve and strengthen the brand embodiment, instant recognition capability, versatility and timelessness.

Branded elements appeal to every sense of a customer, which stabilizes a cohesive brand identity and recognition in the market arena. Eventually, it leads to strong and lasting brand loyalty from potential customers for upcoming years.

The Element Ideas Triggering A Perfect Logo Design
Now we shall go straight to talk about the main elements of a great, effective and memorable logo defining a brand identity.

1. Animals
Animal choices speak a lot about the company. They add to the element of instant appeal to the customers. The best approach is choosing easily rendered animals into simple images for designing a logo.

a. Fox –
Fox logos are unique to create high–profile brands. It is easy to add some fun to the traditional fox images and give it an admirable acceptance.

b. Cat –
Cat logos bring up a wide variety of business ideas by giving a note of familiarity and intelligence. The images can be simply rendered. The logo design turns out minimalist, and classy with superb use of negative space.

c. Lions, Tigers, Pumas and Panthers –
An image of a lion, tiger, puma and panther are appropriate to represent strength and loyalty.

d. Bears –
Bears are indeed highly adaptable logo elements with the use of negative space. While bared teeth bears are the trademark of power, Smokey the Bear creates a soft, cuddly impression.

e. Birds –
Bird images are a classic choice – birds symbolize freedom and suggest intelligence, peace and hope to make a business statement.

f. Sheep, Cows, Llamas, Alpacas and Chickens –
In general, the farm animals are instantly recognizable and relatable. Sheep, cows, llamas, alpacas and chickens are fabulous choices for a cure animal rendition for a logo.

g. Horses
Horses create a feeling about the business being fast and reliable with their scope. Horse logos indicate the animals' swiftness and strength while representing movement, power and desire.

h. Hedgehogs, Zebras, Pangolins, Otters and All Other Slightly Oddball Animals –
A scarcely found mascot logo is a nice choice for expressing the company's uniqueness.

i. Whales, Fish, Dolphins, Sharks, Octopi and More Sea Creatures –
Fish logos like sharks, dolphins, whales, octopi as well as the occasional narwhale are proper for ocean-related businesses. For instance, the seafood restaurant logos.

j. Dragonflies, Butterflies and Other Insects –
Including the winged creatures in general adds some whimsy to a design.

k. Unicorns, Dragons, Mermaids, and Other Mythical Creatures –
The classic animal images are the ever–increasing variations for a brand’s logo.

l. Deer
Stags fit in design layouts, thereby lending nobility to a logo.

m. Crowns and Antlers
Putting the crowns together brings up an immediate extra spark of interest in the design.
An ornate and more detailed crown creates a very rich and high-class feel to a logo. This element is superb for letting the customers know the brand is at the top of the industry.
Antlers can be rendered in both simple and complex formats to fit the brand image. Antlers carry an appealing note of rusticism which brings a nice framing effect to the business name and slogan. They are popularly combined with the florals.

2. Wordmarks, Fonts and Lettermarks

a. Wordmarks –
A wordmark logo involves a typographic presentation of the company name, and the typography involves a lot of design. When negative space is concerned, then it is automatically built into the word. This combines a unique font type and negative space for creating a wordmark – indeed a clever twist.

b. Lettermark –
Similar to a wordmark, a letter mark logo uses typography to simultaneously create a mark on the intended audience's consciousness. It includes a few letters, like the company name initials.

c. Fonts –
Interesting rendition letters turn out to be perfect for the logo.

3. Geometrical
a. Triangles, Octagons, Hexagons, Circles, Squares, Stars, Hearts and Other Shapes –
These geometric shapes build up the field for building in or are good for incorporating into the background.

b. Shape Combinations –
The combined basic shapes are ideal for designing stylized and simplified versions of other factors to create a logo.

c. Geometric Animals –
A logo gains a boho feel with a cool and origami-inspired look.

d. Geometric Texture Fill –
Texture-filled basic geometric shapes become the statement logos on their own.

4. Florals
Simple florals create a better logo. Florals are the plants and foliage in general. Variations on leaves are popular stand-alone elements. Dandelions enforce a long-lasting appeal. Flowers and plants come in handy to design landscape logos and agriculture logos.

a. Roses –
Roses lend a classy, vintage feel to a logo design.

b. Daisies –
Daisies are sweet and simple choices a classic direction.

c. Dandelions –
Dandelions are simple and appealing as design elements.

d. Leaves –
Leaves are mind-blowing with enormous variety. Just drawing a few simple lines bring up a quick basis for the element.

e. Succulents and Cacti
These can be easily rendered to create unique and aesthetic logos.

5. Shields and Crests

a. Shields –
Shields are a great choice to add a feeling of class and nobility. Keeping the basic shape as the background, a lot can be added. Shields are the proper fitting elements for education logos.

b. Crests –
Crests can be customized as wished. Crests lend themselves perfectly to the four different combined elements that speak volumes about a company.

6. Abstract
Abstract has no rules. So keeping it simple makes a great logo.

7. Partial Element
Using only a portion of a preferred element makes it a great decision.

8. Corlorblock –
Choosing a colour palette is noteworthy to create a fantastic design.

9. Swooshes
The Nike logo is an outstanding classic example of a swoosh. Swooshes are a very basic element that speaks a lot.

10. Frames
Framing comes with a lot of freedom of movement. A small image or the brand name can be framed to bring up a nice finished feel to the logo. This is one way to express creativity.

a. Circular Wreaths –
Any type of leaves, lines or vines completely enclosing the company name.

b. Partial Wreaths –
Almost like circular wreaths, except for not surrounding the element in the middle.

c. Florals or Ivy –
A charming option to wreathe the logo.

d. Picture Frames
Polaroid pictures look aesthetically appealing and are trendy as well. These exceptionally blend in clothing logo designs or boutique logos.

11. Lines
a. Dots, Dotted, Curved, Straight, Looping –
Basically, any kind of line as framing elements create a demarcation point between the logo's image portion and the typography.

b. Arrows –
Arrows in the form of lines with triangular heads are popularly trending, like bookkeeping logos or CPA logos, These could be either simple or complex, irregular or handmade to form into an aesthetic.

12. Nature
a. Stars, Sun, Moon, Comets and Planets
Logos gain an epic feel with these implemented elements.

b. Mountains
Mountains form an interesting possibility when expressed in the form of tiny or hand-drawn renders, or as background for business names like snow-capped or desert-like dunes. They are perfect as resort logos or outdoor camp logos.

c. Oceans and Waves
Both ocean and wave motions are inspirational to render into a logo.

d. Palms, Oaks, Maples and Similar Trees
Hand-drawn or letter–pressed trees create an impressive look.

13. Simplified Icons
If a business easily lends itself to a particularly iconic image, then it has a direct connection based on the wares and services. A unique object feeling right means there is a personal connection. These possibilities coincide with simple icons.

a. Light Bulbs, Paper Airplanes, Sailboats, Feathers
These might seem like random choices, but they retain their definite aesthetic appeal. So these are perfect for varied businesses, like tour operator logos and travel logos. Rendering them is indeed simpler.

b. Pizza, Ice Cream, Pineapples and Other Such Food
Food-based choices are relatable since there is enough room for variety. Food items are befitting for bakery logo designs or restaurant logos.

c. Motorcycles, Bicycles, Classic Cars and Other Vehicles –
Vehicles give a vintage feel to the logos. The moving carriers are best for mover company logos, car wash logos, bike logos and automotive logos.

d. Hand-drawn Element Choices –
Hand-drawn designs create a special appeal while giving a personal touch to the logo. These are useful to make the customers feel the brand would treat them as individuals.

Logo designing unfolds a lot of opportunities to aid branding decisions. Logos even make surprising revelations about a business and the values the business should reflect. Indeed, from the large list of options, it is good to go ahead with a few experiments by investing in skills and time. Once done, the iconic brand gets its very own logo to stand out in the competition.


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