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Best e-Commerce Marketing Strategies to Increase Returns on Investment

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    1 Sep 2021
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Best e-Commerce Marketing Strategies to Increase Returns on Investment
e-Commerce marketing comprises testing and correcting ad campaigns, optimizing the web pages for conversions, making content and SEO strategies perfect, allocating the budget correctly into tactics, and ultimately maintaining positive returns on investment. With e-commerce marketing being the target, you have to understand the individual tactics and their place in the funnel thereby creating a strengthened performance baseline and ensuring the maintenance of consistency across the platforms. In this way, you will be able to set up your business for huge revenue gains. 
An e-commerce conversion funnel typically has four stages - 
    i. Awareness
    ii. Consideration 
    iii. Decision
    iv. Loyalty
Here we have covered the most effective eCommercemarketing strategies for your business to leverage and push up your Returns on Investment. 
1. Optimize your Business Website for eCommerce SEO 
Well crafted and inviting contents are the important factors for on-site SEO for eCommerce. As content is the king as the customer come to know about your business along with your products and services from your inspiring content. Contents even instruct the search engines how should the website be ranked, and what keywords should be placed on. The perfectly created contents serve these two purposes well, engage the customers and ensure the new customers can find you out.
A few important eCommerce SEO techniques you need to follow in 2021 are - 
    • Accelerated Mobile Page HTML code options and Mobile Page Speed Optimization
    • Properly framed technical SEO for ensuring the sites are correctly crawled
    • Keyword researches and usage
    • Optimized contents
    • SEO-friendly meta contents and meta tags
    • Website optimization for voice search
    • Link building for establishing, maintaining and increasing authority
    • Press releases along with other outreach forms to media outlets for increasing authority
    • Proper schema markup for e-Commerce
Strong knowledge of SEO works is a must for optimizing the website for search engines. So, the best task is hiring skilled SEO professionals for optimization for developing your website and content. Hiring the eCommerce marketers is good since they will handle the promotion aspects including content marketing and eCommerce SEO. 
2. Prioritizing eCommerce Social Media Marketing
Social media is having the unique distinction of being the eCommerce digital marketing form enabling the customers in forming a para-social relationship with the brand. It means the customers consider your brands as their associate, as your marketing team and advertisements are relating to and interacting with them. 
    • To be effective, a lot more than relatable and viral content is needed. The interactive eCommerce advertising campaigns bring up a better opportunity in engaging with the customers. 
    • When you offer a quiz asking them questions regarding the products you are selling to know the aspects interesting them, you can get a better insight into their needs. 
    • Create a video giving your customers a tour of your location or telling a story regarding your products with multi-angle views. 
    • Create a game they will be able to play which uses your branding in a better and memorable way.  
    • The possibilities are huge to create a loyal customer base from a diverse user range on social media sites. 
The professionals can craft the right social media posts on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn ads for eCommerce using their experience and tools. A full cycle digital marketing firm has all the necessary tools and experience for your eCommerce marketing strategy to keep running. 
3. Offer Social Login for Making Mobile Friendly Websites
Mobile usage has drastically gone high, and its growth rate is insane. In the coming years, it will keep on growing and the customers can easily use their phones for filling out the forms. Using mobile is convenient while filling the new customer registration form, as well as using desktop, keyboard and laptop. Social login helps a lot on your mobile site, which is better for the customers.
4. Adding User Generated Contents to the Product Pages
In the first place, you have to collect a lot of user-generated fresh content so Google crawls them easily. Likewise, you are creating a better human-to-human connection. The new shoppers prefer knowing from the other customers who have bought the product and are using it. They are willing to learn from the people who have experienced your product and service.
While the questions are being answered, and you will discover the questions the shoppers ask and how do the customers view your products. This feedback should be used for improving your product pages and descriptions. Even the customers whom you have enlisted in answering your questions will be back to your store once again. 
5. Using Accelerated Mobile Pages for Your e-Commerce Website to be Smartphone-Friendly
Usability and A/B testing will form the basis here. Accelerated Mobile Pages or AMPs is the Google-backed project aiming for speeding up content delivery to mobiles through AMP HTML, Google AMP Cache and AMP JS. 
AMP HTML is said to be HTML having custom AMP properties. All these properties instil the restrictions on your HTML, and ensure reliable mobile performance, along with extensions to build up rich contents, which the standard HTML does not offer.
AMP JS is the JavaScript ensuring AMP HTML pages to be quickly rendered. Even the Google AMP Cache is said to be the proxy-based content delivery network delivering the AMP documents. Together, they form the trifecta of fast loading pages on mobile.
So, while maintaining better website performance, you will even have to run two different versions of each page - one standard and one AMP. 
To conclude the discussion, it is worth to note that you have to frequently experiment with your marketing strategies and eliminate distractions for increasing your ROI. Do not forget to set clear goals for your marketing campaigns so it is convenient to align your efforts for reaching them. Use predictive analytics and create relevant content for your target market. Leverage automation for automating simple and repetitive jobs. Finally, while measuring your campaigns' progress, do not spend excessive time on vanity metrics. 

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