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DevTools Debugging Tips And Shortcuts in Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari

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    12 May 2021
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DevTools Debugging Tips And Shortcuts in Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari
From the list of available tools, DevTools is regarded as the highly advanced one. Throughout the years, DevTools did become the tool to be used for debugging, auditing, profiling, and also prototyping - these are situated within the same interface, and every time just a "keyboard-only short-cut away". Nevertheless, the DevTools contain sufficient obscure gems as well as undiscovered valuables, situated on the remote fringes of the experimental settings and hidden tabs. So, it has to be fixed. 
We shall go into the depth of a few users as well as obscure features present in the DevTools. We shall look into these modern browsers, namely Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari, and consider the useful tools being provided to the users, that is the web developers. We shall concentrate on the frequently used ones and the crucial techniques with the strategies for fixing the irksome bugs and writing better codes.
Creating and Developing Browser Profiles
When profiling a website for its performance, tracking a specific accessibility issue, separate browser profiles are being created for each task for the time being. The developers usually work with a minimum of five user profiles - each with its own bookmarks, extensions, bookmarklets, and the features being turned on or off.
We shall look closely at them - 
    i. Accessibility Profile 
A vivid browser profile comprises different needed tools to check out the accessibility - for instance, Accessibility Insights,  a11y.css, aXe added by the other accessibility linters as well as color vision stimulator.
    ii. Debugging Profile
The profiles having limited experimental settings for the profiling turned on, along with the option for automatically opening the DevTools for all the new windows, added by the custom diagnostic CSS for fast profiling and auditing. 
    iii. Performance Profiles
A clear profile devoid of extensions, only with a few specified bookmarks meant for auditing with RequestMap, Lighthouse, the performance diagnostics CSS along with some links related to performance must be kept in mind; for instance, the priority of resources in loading. It goes fantastic with Network throttling (Slow 3G) and 4 x CPU throttling.
    iv. Happy Customers
On the basis of data contained in the analytics, that very profile closer enough to the customers will be having.  The profile will have only some popular extensions, ad-blockers, common web development extensions, Google Docs offline, tab management, VPN, LastPass, Grammarly, Browserstack, and more. There will be no throttling while using.
    v. Dissatisfied Customers
It is the profile for the readers on a throttled, slow connection (slow 3G), poor CPU, low memory, with popular 10 browser extension tuned on. This is usually used for testing the heaviest page for experiencing the worst customer experiences.
Based on the ongoing tasks, the developers might convert to dedicated profiles. The real convenience is the result of simple arrangements retained by specific extensions of each profile, browser settings, and bookmarklets right set and ready to run. Thus, when needed the developers can have the right to performance debugging as well as accessibility debugging without any problems to searching the right extensions. The developers perform their best for keeping the profiles neat and uncluttered, which are necessary for browser extensions and browser bookmarks, caches, and cookies. 

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