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Digital Marketing Trends For Remaining 2022 and Beyond

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    26 Aug 2022
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Digital Marketing Trends For Remaining 2022 and Beyond

Advancing technology has influenced the digital marketing trends to become technology-intensive, nevertheless, the same arena is heading towards becoming human again. Although increased digitization along with automation of interactions between consumers and brands are existing yet marketing’s future seems more inclusive, diverse and definitely attached to the real consumer needs. So, for navigating the remaining months of 2022 and proceeding with 2023, we shall now look into the key digital marketing trends to get familiar with them.

1. Content Will Continue To Rule As A King
What is the fundamental of an effective marketing strategy connecting brands directly with their prospects? The one-word answer is Content. Quality content is a credit-building tool for a company and so did the content increase in the last 12 months. Well-researched, relevant and high-quality content develops confidence among the customers about the business' credibility and experience. Engaging storytelling triggers the customers' minds to turn positive and enter into business deals with a particular company.

2. Personalization
Committed and personalized marketing campaigns favour the businesses by rewarding with higher engagement levels, arousing curiosity among the users and subsequent conversions and influencing a list of new customers. Personalization is successfully achieved by fully utilizing the collected and existing data and analysis and creating eye-pleasing designs. Consistency in branding and design creates beneficial advertisement means.

3. Short–Form Videos
Short-form videos are packed with a bunch of information displayed within a short time frame, hence they are more engaging. With the availability of social media platforms, sharing short-form videos has become easier.

4. Sticking To Mobile–First
No alternative to mobile-friendly content! Responsive websites supported by easy-to-read content on a small screen are essential for a business to sustain the competition. Additionally, the separately created mobile version of a website or else a hybrid mobile app along with the mobile-friendly contents take a business ahead in the digital marketing race.

5. Virtual and Augmented Reality
Brands aspire to go ahead of the competitive curve. Incorporating Virtual and Augmented Reality for customer interaction creates a better acceptance of the products and services. Customers better understand the look and feel of the products when presented through virtual reality. From augmented reality, the customers receive an interactive experience.

6. Marketing Automation
By using marketing automation, various CRM tools and other lead nurturing software can be integrated for lead collections at any hour of the day. Further, the process becomes personalized.
After collecting the leads, they can be nurtured stage by stage systematically to gain a higher and qualitative conversion rate.

7. Automated and Personalized Email Marketing
Promotional emails are superb for reaching out to customers to keep the customers informed about a new product or service or else an offer coming up. Automated and personalized emails are great to attract customers' attention as well as create a better-engaged customer base.

8. Chatbots
Leveraging the use of chatbots creates a better brand-customer engagement. Since a huge count of customers visit the website at the same time, so by having technology answering numerous users at one is advantageous. Having Chatbots is linked to 24/7 customer service, answering simple questions, and instant responses to inquiries. With this virtual support, the businesses can get rid of repetitive tasks, while the customers receive excellent customer service.

9. Voice Search Optimization
Voice Search has been popularized for a string of reasons. Wide-scale adoption of smart speakers, like Amazon Alexa, Siri and Google Home deserve the first round credit. With the full voice search-controlled devices, people are becoming accustomed to the Voice Search feature.
Next, Google has claimed of achieving 95% accuracy with its Voice Search, since the ease of using voice search has levelled up higher search precision. A personalized process is created when the inquiries accurately match the results with voice search.
Lastly, voice search results are boosting online shopping, and very soon the practice will gain better momentum. So, making the website ready for voice search facility will surely keep the website trend-ready and competitive.

Google has already made an announcement of phasing out third-party cookies by 2023. So, digital marketers and advertisers have two years for navigating new channels and reach out to their target customers. Recently, Facebook has renamed itself Meta agreeing to the company's ambition of embracing the Metaverse, which is a 3D virtual world. The digital world is forever ready to warmly accept new and exciting developments to create an impact on brand-customer interactions.

In its most basic form, marketing means communicating a message to the people in need of it or else interested to hear it. So, to sustain, succeed and go on competing, a business has to be careful about identifying its audience based on their identities, their needs and how can the very business help them. At the same time, the compelling message should reach out to the audience. To go ahead with effective and quick communication, we have enlisted smart nine digital-marketing ways to take up and proceed for the remaining 2022 and beyond.

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