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Digital Marketing Trends To Follow In 2023

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    30 Dec 2022
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Sustaining the digitized era calls for businesses to monitor online marketing trends to shape their strategies constantly. It is then that business marketers can adopt the best action plan. How fast the marketing world moves is immeasurable – but to be successful in the fast–paced marketing world, brand owners have to stay ahead of the marketing trends. To retain relevancy with the audiences, more authentic content, providing chatbot service, voice search optimization, social media marketing and an engaging user experience are must follow.

Here are the chief digital marketing trends for 2023 to leverage since these shall potentially dominate the year and even beyond.

1. Greater and Better Use of AI and Machine Learning
Technology is becoming popular and more useful in the marketing industry at a faster rate. Through Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, the businesses will be automating customer segmentation, generating leads and managing campaigns. Equally, AI and Machine Learning will help in creating better-personalized marketing messages and improving the overall impact and effectiveness of digital marketing campaigns.

2. Seamless Digital Integration Turns To A Mandatory Practice
Business dealings are experiencing modifications, and both brands and customers are expected to adjust and go on. So, the brands need the services of digital marketers to keep the customers informed about the changes. Likewise, with the online business approach, the shoppers are now renewing their habits. Now, customers conveniently follow the integrated Online–In Real-Life-Retail Model or the “Brick–and–Click” retail model. While they can order products, book services, schedule dates using the online mode, they can collect the same, attend the appoiontments at the curbside. Omnichannel messaging is much important to this model. Through digital marketing, the brands will have to practice experiential marketing.

3. Augmented Reality To Fulfill the User Experiences
Brands can directly engage and connect with customers through participatory experiences, that is Augmented Reality. For instance, live marketing campaigns. AR is the heart of experimental marketing. With advanced technology, customers' needs and desires have evolved. As a result, businesses have to think anew about their marketing strategies. AR has brought up a new space for marketers to promote unique purchasing experiences.

4. Implying Programmatic Advertising
Through Programmatic Advertising, the involved transactions and processes are automated with purchasing and dynamic ad placements on websites and apps. Purchasing and Ads placement including target advertising content within less than a second has become possible due to Programmatic Advertising. It has become easier for advertisers to precisely target their intended customers by making use of AI–assisted programmatic advertising. These are the chief five types of programmatic ads –
i. Display Ads placed in the publisher site’s header, footer and sidebar.
ii. Video Ads placed in a video to appear pre-roll (before the video is beginning), mid-roll (during the video) and post–roll (on video ending).
iii. Social Ads are served automatically on social media by using the platform's data.
iv. Native Ads follow content form where shown; like in promoted listings on Amazon, or content ads.
v. Digital Out–of–Home (DOOH) advertising to e-display dynamic promotional media like animations, videos, and brand advertisements. These ads are more useful in ad campaigns which should have high visibility.

5. Progressive Web Apps Implementation
Progressive Web Apps are websites working like mobile apps, but their functionality has resemblances to a native mobile app. Their load times are faster. These apps enable push notifications, offline usage and a lot of other features. Rather, they are not restricted to Android and iOS. Through the Progressive Web Apps, the development teams can go ahead to create web apps for any device to work similarly to a mobile app.

6. Creating Short–Form Video Contents
Short–form videos are highly engaging contents to generate the highest ROI. Instagram Reels and YouTube Shorts video contents prove beneficial for educating, inspiring and entertaining. When used in conjunction with the Influencer Marketing as well as user-generated content, Short–Form videos are worthy to increase click rates, complete views and referrals.

7. Geo–Fencing Application
Real-time targeting is done based on the user's location. It is termed as Geo–fencing. At a defined targeted area, the users will be receiving push notifications, text messages or relevant marketing communication forms when they enter or leave the area.

8. SERP Position Zero and Featured Snippets
Featured snippets fetch a handsome number of clicks. Since these are featured right at the top of the SERPs, so they are better visible and of more authority.
Featured snippets are the results appearing in search engine rankings in the form of a box containing a short summary of contents answering the user's query. The page receiving a featured snippet is termed as "zero position" as it is displayed up before the first result.
Position zero lies in between paid search and organic search results on the Search Engine Results Pages. All these results within position zero appear in the form of Knowledge Panel results, multi-media results and Featured Snippets.
Featured snippets have dramatically risen in the last couple of years.

Digital marketing trends are being formulated on shared experiences to implement better products and services, advertisements and appropriate marketing. Now, moving into the new calendar year, every business owner must be busy planning on New Year plans and refining business dealing procedures. All the discussed digital-marketing marketing trends for tomorrow are purposed for the business to stay at the top of marketing.

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