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Evoking Social Media Content Post To Influence Followers and Boost Business Growth

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    8 Jun 2022
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Evoking Social Media Content Post To Influence Followers and Boost Business Growth

The social media landscape is familiar to the digital marketers as a much sensitive and dynamic space, that holds the capacity of changing pace and mood with time. Therefore, social media has taken the identity of a key avenue allowing and welcoming the display of all sorts of interests and topic-based discussions to influence followers, with the core medium being personality to facilitate exchanges and interactions.

When the followers and converted audiences are kept engaged on the created content for social media optimization needs, then you are sure to go a long way, which is sure to aid in business growth and longevity.
Today we have taken up to highlight how the digital marketing creativists follow a few impressive ways of impressing their followers.

This is the cheat sheet of social media content ideas.

A. Engagement Boosts
i. Questioning On Relevant Grounds
ii. Asking Suggestions For Better Performance
iii. Commenting Or Replying With A Gif
iv. Choice Between This Or That
v. Taking Up A Poll
vi. If One Could Take Up, Then What Would The Outcome Have Been
vii. Would You Rather Think Of It
viii. Fill In The Blanks
ix. Mad Libs Style For Substituting Words
x. Controversy Whenever And Wherever Appropriate
xi. Free Downloads For Reference
xii. Viewing The Latest Blog Posts
xiii. Organizing Contests

B. Favourites
i. Quotations
ii. Social Media Influencer or Profile
iii. Products or Services
iv. Educational Resource
v. Tools or Software
vi. App or Website
vii. Movie or song
viii. Book
ix. Money-Saving Tips
x. Time-Saving Tips

C. Expert Status
i. Relevant Factoids
ii. FAQs
iii. Tips for saving money
iv. Tips to save money
v. Infographics
vi. Problem solving

D. Becoming Personal
i. Passion
ii. Lessons
iii. Current Moods
iv. Mantra
v. Hobby
vi. Random factoids About the Company
vii. Behind the Scenes
viii. Saying Thank You
ix. Gratitude
x. Time to Relax
xi. Around the Town
xii. Family
xiii. Challenges
xiv. In Real Life

E. Visuals (Images and Videos)
i. Service in Action
ii. Behind the Scenes
iii. Sneak Peak
iv. Before And After
v. Tutorials or How-To’s
vi. Meme
vii. At Work
viii. Inspirational Quote
ix. Product in Use
x. Services In the Market
xi. Work Life
xii. Live Video Announcement
xiii. Leisure
xiv. Flat Lay (Photos Depicting Straight Laid Out Items)

F. Self–Promotion
i. Latest Blog Post
ii. Promoting Another Platform Being Used
iii. Testimonials, Case Study and Success Story
iv. Favourite Product or Content
v. Latest Content or Products
vi. Popular Contents and Products
vii. Feature
viii. Promoting Newsletters and Blogs
ix. Special Offers
x. Repurposing Old and Popular Contents

G. Trending Topics
i. Pop Culture
ii. Google Alert Posts (Google Discover Tabs)
iii. Viral Trending Videos and Posts
iv. Holidays
v. National Day/ Week/ Month
vi. News and Current Events

I. Shout Out
i. Sharing Posts From the Reviewers
ii. Mentioning An Influencer
iii. Mentioning A Follower
iv. Mentioning A Local Business
v. Mentioning the Most Engaged Fan
vi. Mentioning A Popular Brand and Reasons Why
vii. Saying Thank You

Three More Exceptional Content Posts Types on Social Media

I. Questions
Polls might be similar to the questions, but in Questions, the followers do not have the opportunity for recording their answers. The whole idea is to ask a relevant question to the followers for them to carefully think about their views on a specific topic or situation. Generally, the questions should be organization–relevant as well as related to the target audience.

II. Polls
After thinking about a question for the audience, create a poll for improving engagement. A relevant and contentious topic helps. The social media polls might be highly unscientific, but they provide a general idea of the audience's views on a specific topic, even if the self-selected polls will be giving biased answers.

III. Engagement Posts
Engagement Posts deserve to be called the default posts. While not promoting the products directly, these posts highlight what are the product features and all its valid aspects. Engagement posts are friendly to make the followers familiar with the brand product, hence these posts are concerned with the bigger picture of the brand, besides its individual product. The engagement posts work to pique the followers’ interests and curiosity, thereby influencing them to make quick purchase decisions.

Are you ready to divert audiences’ minds towards you with unbelievable and hearty social media posts? Then there is no minute to waste. Nevertheless, as competitive marketers, curve it in your mind that social media content posts should bear three major features – originality, relevance and impactful. Uniquely created contents bring opens the light to the audience to see the facts they did not see before. Business relevant contents bearing relevance to the potential clients define the customers actually need them. Impactful and memorable contents are the results of innovative ideas to create the largest effect.

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