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Freelancers and SMBs Can Now List Their Service Offerings on Their LinkedIn Profiles

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    14 Aug 2019
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Freelancers and SMBs Can Now List Their Service Offerings on Their LinkedIn Profiles
LinkedIn, the social networking site for professionals, has recently added a new feature to the user profiles! From now on the users can list the professional services that they offer to their clients on their own profiles. This can create a great opportunity for the users to communicate with their prospects or customers about what services they exactly provide. 
Are you a freelancer or SMB? Do you have a business profile in LinkedIn? Just imagine how many times you had to explain to your potential clients what you actually do. But from now on, you can list all the services that you do in your profile in a clear way. 
How to Add Services to Your LinkedIn Profile? 
For updating your profile with the list of services that you offer, you need to follow these steps mentioned below: 

1 - First, visit your profile page & look for the box under your profile headline/photo, which allows you to provide information about the services you offer. 

2 - Then click ‘Add Services’.

3 - Next, fill up a form to give details about the services that you offer.

4 - Click ‘continue’ & all information that you added will be updated in your profile. 

Now, LinkedIn users can filter their general LinkedIn searches for service providers. So, if you have your services listed in your profile, you will be shown up in the service providers searches. For example, if you offer cleaning services and a member searchers for ‘cleaning’, they will now be able to see you in their search results with a highlight about the services that you offer. 
Freelancers and small business leaders who have a Premium Business subscription in the US are the ones who would get to enjoy this feature presently. However, it would be rolled out to all this fall. 
With LinkedIn memberships approaching in billions, standing out may be tough. Yet your success as a professional basically depends on it. If your profile happens to be same like those who do what you actually do, it would be hard for people to consider you. But when your profile would be in the green palm tree in a sea of blue waves, people are sure to pay attention to you. So, ensure to integrate your brand differentitation all through your profile. Be industry specific, create content, add services to yourn profile (as mentioned in the blog) master multimedia and brand your background to maximise the value of your profile. 

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