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How Can You Create A Great Customer Experience In Your E-Commerce Store?

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    10 Feb 2022
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How Can You Create A Great Customer Experience In Your E-Commerce Store?

E-commerce experience is in line with overall customer experience – how are the customers interacting with your brand. Covering the online and offline experiences, customer experience can be said to be a broad umbrella term starting from when the customers hear about your company name and continuing till post-purchase procedures.

Why Customer Experience is Deemed to be So Important for E-Commerce?

On receiving a great experience, the customers are sure to buy again, show more loyalty to your brand, share their experiences and help you to earn referrals. Gradually, you will start to notice the improvements in –

  • Customer Retention

  • Brand Equity

  • Customer Loyalty

  • Referrals

  • Customer Lifetime Value

  • Revenue and Growth

At any time now, you can get started with your own online business following the business protocols. But launching your own E-Commerce store does not end it there. You need to ensure the people have known you and are visiting your store, likewise put in efforts at making the best online customer experiences. The steps discussed below will help you to have a positive start and create a great enjoyable and satisfactory customer experience in your E-Commerce store.

1. Conduct an e-business audit based on these questions

  • Whether your website is visually appealing?

  • How easily can specific products be found?

  • Are the website contents informative and easy to read?

  • Can the shopping cart be viewed easily and its contents modified?

  • How good and active is support, customer service and after-sales?

  • Can the customer experience be said to be enjoyable?

2. Ensure Your E-Commerce Website is User–Friendly

Customers will always want easy–to–navigate pages for browsing your listed products to get their exact needs. So, take help from the website designers and developers to optimize your online store by categories. Easy–to–find search button, every other element tagged and categorized in the back-end, lure the customers to spend time browsing your store and checking out your products. In e-commerce, the customers have a tendency to stick to three types –

  • The products they know they know they want

  • The products they are browsing

  • Filtered products

3. Keep the Compelling Product Pages Displayed

In the compelling product page, keep descriptive product copy, clear navigation and captivating visuals. Immediately communicate your value proposition, and include the pricing, products' photos that are in use and a product description. Likewise, the customers will be made known what exactly should your products fit their purpose, so they can visualize they are using the products.

4. Ensure your E-Commerce Site is Mobile Optimized

Mobile experiences should be flawless for the customers since it contributes to total E-Commerce sales. Autofill–enable the forms on Smart devices and Chrome for the users to do less typing. When the users have to type, then the fields have to be formatted for the number keypad to pop up other than the QWERTY keyboard. As suggested Research by Google, 53% of people will be leaving a mobile page if it does not load within 3 seconds, hence the pages should load faster. So, exclude a few fields for making the process easier.

These few tips will help you with better store optimization for mobile –

  • Making easy–to–navigate mobile version

  • Keep the contents simplified by avoiding heavy contents

  • Balance the white space and make the fonts legible

  • Improve the mobile load speed of your website

5. Be Focused on Navigation, Keep the Site Search in Mind

Customers should easily navigate your E-Commerce website – something you should ensure by limiting unnecessary clicks while implementing the features like auto-scroll so the users do not lose their interest.

Next, investing in good site search technology for site search proves to be of better assistance to the customers. Site search must never be excluded from the customers’ journey as it is the easiest way for connecting the users’ intent with the right content. Search queries and result clicks provide user feedback for using them in driving a more future personalized experience.

6. Use the Color Psychology Properly

While planning the color scheme, be attentive to color psychology. Green is correct for the payment button and checkout buttons for the websites utilizing booking engines. Green indicates "go", and will be positively associated in the customers' minds.

7. Remind the Customers About An Item Being Back to Stock

Once an item is back in stock, make an announcement on the products page. Also, if you are sure of the backorder date, mention it on the products page. Your customers should know about the relaunching of your tangible products stock availability along with the delivery options. Customers should not be frustrated when they find their needed products are discontinued or back-ordered, or will not be delivered to your location.

8. Create A Community On Social Media

Being an E-Commerce brand, you have to be engaged with your customers on where they are on social media. On social media, you shall be able to share that element to give your business brand a face. The best strategy to ensure sustainable growth is by creating and sharing interesting content on social media to keep the customers' interest alive in being a part of your brand. It helps to build up a strong community for promoting new products.

Create entertaining, creative and educational content and make them visual. Promote them vigorously on social media. By constantly engaging and creating content, you can increase your followers on different social media networks.

Due to cutthroat competition, the pricing aspects and product features of any organization are being saturated. Together with the excellent product offering and pricing, several other factors satisfy the customers, while you will need to offer unique E-Commerce store experiences to stand out in the competition and lead the game. So, be determined to provide a five-star customer experience through your E-Commerce website to achieve your customers' trust.

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