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How Convenient Are AI-Powered Chatbots To Make Their Presence Felt?

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    24 Nov 2023
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How Convenient Are AI-Powered Chatbots To Make Their Presence Felt?

Advanced technology has made answers to questions readily available at fingertips. Nevertheless, customers can never think outside immediate response and communications while making product inquiries to scheduling any appointments. It is said speed is the ultimate key. Hence, enters an AI-powered Chatbot.

A computer-programmed chat interface operating as a virtual assistant is what we call a Chatbot. The purpose for which Chatbots have been designed is for the website to interact with the business like a real human. Chatbots have been programmed to mimic human behaviour and to guide website visitors through either voice-based conversations or text messages.

Working almost similar to live chat tools, Chatbots have one difference, which is fully automated responses and questions. So, better to consider Chatbot as a website tour guide for guiding website visitors to stay in track and smoothly gain access to the right information.

Embedding chatbots on websites, and effectively collecting users' information as well as feedback is a way to ensure quick response time. To create the best chatbot for a website, no need to depend on third-party services like Facebook Messenger and WeChat.

The Different Types of Chatbots

We have three types of Chatbots –

1. Rule-Based Chatbots
The chatbots providing a choice of options for users to click on to find the answer to a specific query are the Rule-based chatbots. From these bots, we find only a limited selection of questions, but these questions answer most of customers' FAQs.

2. AI-Powered Chatbots
AI-powered chatbots use Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Natural Language Learning to understand a variety of keywords and phrases so they can learn from the visitor's inputs. Being trained over time, these bots can understand more queries and different ways customers phrase their questions.

3. Hybrid Chatbots
Combining Rule-based bots and AI technology, Hybrid Chatbots perform a few rule-based tasks and even detect the context along with user intent. These are the best-balanced tools to enhance interactions between website visitors with the business website.

The Effective Strategies For Chatbot Replies
These are a few instances of tactics and styles the business owners can implement with their AI-based Chatbot responses:

Chatbot Sales Replies
Chatbots are capable of providing sales replies to generate solid leads. Nevertheless, the focus should be more on qualifying questions and simultaneously capture contact information. The responses are to lead the prospect to the right sales funnel.

Chatbot Customer Service Replies
Chatbot reply messages should be short, clear and concise when Chatbots are being used for customer service. It is to keep the customers pinned into the conversation.

Chatbot Marketing and Engagement Replies
Your specific goals define what will be your chatbot's responses when the marketing functions are being undertaken. If users should be directed to a specific page of a business website, then a chatbot should be used to invite them to gain more information. On the other hand, for generating a phone call, the chatbot should display the discount or deal in exchange for the visitor's email ID.

Chatbot Survey Replies
To get customer feedback and even to glean new ideas for new products and services, Customer Surveys are unmatched. But Chatbot's responses vary. Based on the survey's length and subject matter, the format varies.

How Useful Are Chatbots For Businesses To Enhance Customer Experience?
How businesses and stakeholders are leveraging Chatbots to level up customer experience states the successful power of Chatbots. Let us look into the top benefits of using chatbots for improving business efficiency:

1. An Economic Option
Robust customer service is the consistent rise in this fiercely competitive business landscape. In this respect, companies are implementing powerful chatbots for managing a huge amount of customer queries in a relatively short time.
A certain amount of investment might be needed for Chatbot's implementation, but the amount is much lower compared to the customer service model comprising of infrastructure, training, salaries and other multiple resources.

To help businesses with cost optimization without compromising customer service quality, Chatbots –
Automate daily business processes and enable the customer support team to focus better on more complex queries.
Scale the chat support systematically during peak hours to deliver quality support and enhance customer satisfaction
Enable multiple new customer service models to improve the brand's face value and credibility.

2. Giving Contextual, AI-Driven Support to the Web Audiences
Chatbots bring up contextual, value-driven support to significantly assist in customer support for answering queries.
Using data, an AI-powered Chatbot can provide a personalized experience to users by going beyond more than only answering the pre-programmed questions every customer will be experiencing in a precisely similar way.

3. Compact and Firmer Customer Data Analysis
Analyzing how well the bot is performing to bring up successful business outcomes is possible with the help of Chatbot Analytics. In fact, Chatbot Analytics helps to analyze sales generation and bring up detailed insights on how the customers are engaged with the business and what their demands are.
Adopting a Chatbot to different platforms and integrating them into the IT infrastructure can be done simply and with ease.

4. Improving Customer Engagement and Sales
Chatbots foster customer engagement to boost sales, and research says due to Chatbots, businesses have increased customer time spent on their website and conversions from 20% to 40%.
The flexible structure of Chatbots has made integration with other systems super easy, and that increased customer engagement in return. For instance, while customers are making online reservations and are communicating with the Chatbots and showing interest, the Chatbots direct them immediately to the booking page to close the sale.
This is a hassle-free and quick experience making happy and satisfied customers. Furthermore, since the Chatbots are of a programmed nature, they appear more human-like and natural. Thus customers have a more pleasant and positive experience.

5. Lead Generation, Qualification and Nurturing Takes A Smarter Upseat
A Chatbot is programmed for questioning, customer persuasion and quick leads generation. It ensures the conversation flow is headed in the right direction for generating higher conversion rates.
Together with generating leads, Chatbots equally help to qualify leads through Key Performance Indicators which include budget, timelines, resources, relevancy and more for saving time on time-consuming leads.

6. Chatbots are Real Time Saving Tools!
Chatbots save time by solving all sorts of basic queries, that in turn empower the business. The support team executives are involved only when complex queries are on the table that need human input.
Chatbots resolve the customer's questions quickly and automate the information-based queries to make it easier for support staff to focus on solving crucial issues where human support is a must. Thus, operational costs and time are significantly reduced.

7. Wide Range Of Possible Applications
Chatbots offer a wide range of applications, that is to say, these are not restricted to the single-use case to answer customers' questions. These daily use cases of Chatbots are:

Chatbots help with multiple marketing activities like lead generation, data collection, better and increased customer interactions as well and product consultation.

Chatbots assist in lead qualification and support throughout the complete sales funnel.

Customer Service:
Chatbots answer a lot of FAQs while offering dedicated support when problems arise.

IT Service Helpdesk
Chatbots support both internal and external service desk applications.

8. Multiple Industries Are Allowed To Integrate Chatbots into Their Websites
Today, Chatbots are beneficial to every industry and their associated business types. To be specific, a few industries are highly possibility to be revolutionized by AI-powered Chatbots, which include:

a. Healthcare:

• To book appointments
• Refill prescriptions
• Send medical details
• Medically assist patients to periodically monitor health
• Remind to take medicines

b. Banking and Financial Sector:

• Transform the heavily transactional activities of banks and financial institutions
• Answer customer questions regarding online banking
• Informing about opening accounts or card loss
• Information about branches in different locations

c. Education:

• Intelligent tutoring systems
• Offer a personalized learning environment
• Analyze students response
• Analyze student's learning capabilities of a new material
• Sending lecture material in message form in a chat to assist in teaching students

d. Human Resource:

• Automating each recruitment process stage
• Search for new candidates
• Evaluate the candidate's skills
• Inform them of the selection for a specific job posting

e. Retail and E-Commerce:

• Answer customer questions while customers are shopping online
• Offer more personalized product recommendations
• Streamline the sales process
• Help customers search for a product
• Place an order and complete the payment
• Track the delivery

f. Travel and Tourism

• Answer all questions related to booking
• Offering visitors information regarding how to reach the destination
• Providing insights on the current weather conditions

How Convenient The Chatbots Are for Customers?
Along with the business, the customers equally benefit from Chatbots. We shall now brief those conveniences that ultimately prove a boon to your business as well.

1. Chatbots are 24/7 Available
Since the Chatbots are active all around the clock, customers can solve their queries easily. The continuous communication stream the Chatbots maintain between sellers and customers saves the customers' time to keep waiting for the next available operator.

2. Up With Instant Response
When one human operator is focusing on just one single customer at a time for query resolution, Chatbots are simultaneously and instantly managing and answering queries of uncountable customers.

3. Multilingual Aspect
Chatbots have been programmed to answer all customer queries in the customers’ language. Through the multilingual bots, the businesses can tap into new markets. Chatbots even personalize the existing customers' experience in their language.

4. Omni-Channel Connectivity
At present, there are many businesses operating with an omni-channel model – they are selling across platforms, like websites and social media platforms. AI-powered chatbots bring up a seamless way for customers to communicate with the business through different platforms, such as social media channels.

5. Consistent Answering
Consistency in answers is very much vital for a perfect Chatbot. Consistency enables the bot to retain the flow, input and output formats consistent in the entire customer conversation.

6. Personalization
Because of the Chatbots, the customers can count on their one-to-one experiences. As the Chatbots engage customers with casual and natural conversation, customers get a personal feel from the brands.

7. Hassle-Free Transactions
The seamless and streamlined customer experience the Chatbots provide like changing or querying records. Bots do these tasks almost instantly, which improves customer satisfaction.

So, at the end of the discussion, it should be clear that implementing an AI-powered chatbot helps to answer simple requests, while the live agents can handle complex matters. Customers look up to efficient and effective customer service, which ultimately increases business retention and in all probability attracts a new customer base. Regardless of your company size or industry, with the Chatbot, it becomes easier to stay competitive in the customer service market.

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