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How Do Obscure Mobile Design Techniques Boost UX?

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    5 May 2021
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How Do Obscure Mobile Design Techniques Boost UX?
Mobile users seek a feature-packed app, which will serve them their purpose, and also the apps offering a superb experience while getting the tasks done. So, the mobile apps are made UX-centric - the mobile app designers focus on experience other than only the app development as the process. Being professionals in their field, the mobile app designers frame out the best designing techniques to meet their specifications of the project. 
How is Usability Explained?
Usability is defined as the quality attribute in User Experience comprising a series of five important components - 
    i. Learnability - How easily can the users accomplish their basic tasks using the mobile apps for the very first time?
   ii. Efficiency - How fast can the users get the tasks done?
  iii. Memorability - When the users are returning to the design after the duration of not using it, then how easily will they be able to re-establish proficiency?
  iv. Error Recovery - How many errors are the users making, how severe are the errors, and how soon and easily can the users recover from the errors?
   v. Satisfaction - How pleasantly can the design be used? Is it helpful to the people with their task accomplishment? Had it been a satisfying interaction? 
Mobile app designers consider several aspects when they deal with mobile app design. A complete user experience is made of the design trends, tools, technologies, and standards.
In recent years, mobile app designers have made many experiments on web design requirements. All these changes are inclusive of the trends, like the infamous parallax scrolling, improved accessibility with dark mode, and non-traditional layouts. Still, there are more paths for being explored by the mobile app designers when they are determined in breaking out trends.
For these creative juices to go on flowing, the mobile app designers follow the trends in relation to navigation, confirmation dialogues, swiping animations, and the waiting experience. These solutions are unconventional at large, still, they have to be highlighted for their own sake. The design solutions are to be built on the foundation of accessibility and usability, and it is possible to refine them as per the user's ultimate goal for user interaction as well as user experience.
So, let us know in some details about the off-beaten-path mobile app design solutions, which enhance user experience.
    i. Rethinking Navigation
For all the handheld devices, pinning the navigation menu by changing to the bottom is the game-changer. It is because it facilitates additional natural "thumb-controlled" navigation.  With smartphones becoming more expansive, the reach of the thumb has become more restricted. Hence, the designers seek out new mobile app design solutions for easy access using the only thumb. 
The best creative approach to this issue is combining elegant designs with functionality. 
    ii. Overhauling the Confirmation Dialogues
Confirmation dialogues even come across similar challenges as does the navigation menus since the people hold their smart phones using one hand. Usually, the options are binary, one on the right and the other on the left. Since the handheld devices have become wider, so accessing one of the two-dialogue choices turns complicated because of limited thumb range movement.
    iii. Making Use of Animations To Swipe
The mobile app designers have had favored the card screens. The customers easily access the app's different parts by simply swiping and switching cards. Moreover, other than only applying the UI aspects of the swiping factors, the app cab is gamified for enhancing the user experience.
Normally, the people will react to the movements and be carried away into the animation.
The Chief Areas Considered With Consistency Being the Chief Concern
The three main noteworthy areas are 
  • Visual 
  • Functional 
  • External
With the visual aspect being the concern, the factors concerned are the buttons, text fields, labels, and more. 
But the functional area comprises the interactive elements which keep them consistent from the beginning till the end of the complete mobile app, thus ensuring smooth user interactions.
External consistency entails the app designs must be consistent throughout the different products. It is because the familiarity factor with the design helps in making it easy for using another product.
The entire discussion has stated that the unconventional solutions are ideal for paving the way to bring our user-friendly mobile app designs. These clever solutions simplify the problems and improve user experiences. Along with following the trends, mobile app designers are even abiding by innovative technologies to get a more rewarding result. User experience has become a critical part of digital lives, and aids in looking at matters from the psychological perspective. So, the mobile designers test the innovative solutions playing into people's psychology, habits, and sense of convenience. 

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