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How Do Podcasts Add Value to Marketing Strategies?

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    17 Mar 2021
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How Do Podcasts Add Value to Marketing Strategies?
It goes without saying that the podcasts providing value-backed information, will always gain listeners. It could be your goal is to earn above 10,000 listeners – but this count will play and refer your business podcasts only after they have gained from it.
So, once the responsibility is taken for providing value to your customers by creating a show for them, which will meet their expectations, and in the process create certain opportunities for them to react, and actually feel the fun while getting them done, then be assured the listeners are going to stay with for all your episodes.
The carefully created podcasts will add the necessary value to the Podcasts when you take up the method as your marketing strategy. Indeed Podcasts are equally qualified for adding value to your marketing strategies – this is the entire topic for our discussion.
1. Hyper Targeting
Through Podcasts, different topics on a particular subject matter can be covered. Podcast advertising facilitates you to uphold your products and services before your interested niche audiences. This targeting level ensures your ads are indeed effective and equally favor you with good returns on investment. Podcasts give you the opportunities for reaching out to the customers in online mode, which will increase your value.
2. Connection With Customers Improves
Podcasting might not be a way for growing your audience base, but it is definitely a superb medium for building up connections with your existing audiences. They will wait to listen to your next episode.
3. Brand Reach and Awareness Increases
Each impression your Podcasts are earning is actually what your brands are earning.
4. Authority Heightens
When your audiences are listening to you, learning from you, and taking your advice, then you are having some authority over them. In this way, your influence over them increases and they will even take needed actions as per your advice, for realizing the value you are providing.
5. SEO Even Benefits
As stated in Forbes, iTunes has earned Page Rank One for its website – because all the episodes are linked back to their website of the shows. At the time of sponsoring a Podcast, and linking it to your products and services as stated on your website – should be included in the shows' notes. These notes are to be published on the website to highlight the shows. As a result, this becomes effective in transferring SEO link juice to your particular business and also gets a mention as the economic way for boosting your SEO efforts. This is extremely beneficial as the Podcasts have earned the title of being "evergreen contents", so they are able to retain their relevance and even attract organic traffic for the upcoming months as well as years. Finally, you are sure to receive similar benefits by means of Podcast advertising.
6. Drive More Traffic
When you have the people listening to you, then you have the right to ask them for consuming a lot more information on your own domain and increasing your traffic in the process.
7. Keeping the Audiences Engaged
The podcasts are generally delivered in the episode's beginning or middle by the Podcast host. Thus, it helps in increasing the possibilities of the listeners to listen to the entire episode and even retain your brand message.
Until date, 85% of listeners engage themselves in listening to all or else to most of the Podcasts episodes. In addition to it, 70% of Podcast listeners have agreed about the product Podcast ads making them aware of the new products and services. Now, this method is effective in driving brand recall and better engagement with the listeners who are more engaged at the time of listening to your Podcasts.
8. Advertising Revenues
The best fact about Podcast Marketing is even if an audience is built up which might neither be like nor befit your products and services, then they will be based on a useful informative topic. Therefore, you can add relevance to your products and services, and to get more audience attention, make them chargeable. Thus, it will help in advertising revenue generation.
9. Sales Increases
It has been proved that Podcasts drive sales and revenues for any kind of business. Rather, the Podcasts revenues will reach more than millions this year, as is predicted. The podcasts are equally known for driving purchase intent that is varying by category. For instance, the purchase intents for the brand have increased by 15% who are advertising on business Podcasts and increase in 9.2% for the ads in Podcasts focusing on culture and society.
The entire discussion makes it clear that Podcasts are extremely effective as marketing tools that even add value to your marketing strategies. Through hyper-targeting, various benefits of SEO, engaged and converted customers, and increased sales, and raised profit margin – Podcasts are assisting a number of businesses in gaining exposure and leveraging within their industry. If you are looking out for the best way for adding another advertising level to your business, then go ahead and incorporate Podcast advertising into your marketing strategy.

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