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How Effective Is Hotel LinkedIn Marketing Strategy To Target the Business Travelers?

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    3 Mar 2021
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How Effective Is Hotel LinkedIn Marketing Strategy To Target the Business Travelers?
Did you ever think about making use of the hotel's LinkedIn profile as your marketing strategy? Indeed, for digital marketers, LinkedIn is one of the growing social spaces helping hotels to connect with several local businesses.  
Thinking of LinkedIn as a platform where people are able to keep a track of their friends, contacts, and co-worker. But LinkedIn has more to offer. LinkedIn allows you to create a company page suitable for your business. Get done a LinkedIn page for your hotel so that you are able to keep in contact with all your repeat customers. In this manner, you can establish contacts with their associations and links, and thus increase the list of your potential customer base.
With an increased LinkedIn presence, you can have more bookings.
Through the LinkedIn page created for the hotel, the LinkedIn users are given the needed permission for following it. So, it becomes the first step towards building up an online community. A company page is beneficial in increasing visibility and helps in keeping people informed about your decisions on promotions and various deals.
As LinkedIn is distinguished as its own social media brand, it is known to offer numerous benefits in the business development form when the attempt is improving the B2B network.
So, where do you think you should start while marketing your hotel or resorts on LinkedIn?  Here are a few proper tips to consider to get started with LinkedIn marketing strategies for your hotels.   
i. Connecting with the Audiences Who Matter
The importance of networking is predominant in the hospitality industry. LinkedIn is the first business-centric platform that has taken networking online after revolutionizing it. The revolutionized online networking is particularly beneficial when you are attempting to keep pace with your undertaken B2B marketing, as you are getting an opportunity in connecting with the correct people at companies within your target markets.
Let us consider an instance, When you have connected with the sales managers, administrators, and event planners, then you are promoting your hotel before the employees responsible for deciding the places for hosting the next seminars, board meetings, award distribution ceremonies, or the Christmas party.
When you are to get started, then you have to figure out the companies with whom you are willing to connect. In the process, try finding out the decision-makers.  After sending the connection request, you have to get it personalized. Take time, and do not go in to sell your hotel services immediately.
By networking right, this hotel LinkedIn marketing type will open many doors for you.
ii. Combining LinkedIn Marketing With Proper Contents
For small to medium-scale hotels, LinkedIn marketing is the right extension of your prepared content plan.  Being the extended form of publishing platform Pulse, LinkedIn facilitates sharing stories, different experiences, and time-bound successes with your audience-base.  
In this space,  posting photos of the earlier events, displaying all that you have had best done, and raising brand awareness on LinkedIn becomes possible. Meticulously thought, edited, and created posts are extremely helpful to ensure you have taken up the right professional step on the social platform LinkedIn.
Using the Pulse to your advantage is extremely simple like adding extra content for each month to your calendar.
iii. Speaking About Your Hotel in Clear Terms
Have you lately hosted a big event? Have you been featured in the local News? All these are the major details, you need to think of to share with your audience. Since the long-form contents are the best to position your abilities as an expert in the subject matter, the short-form posts provide you with the opportunity to remain engaged consistently.
You need to make a plan for your LinkedIn strategy similarly as you would be doing on the other social media platforms. You need to be both consistent and engaging and offer the facilities unique to your brand.
iv. Hosting Your Own Events
It could seem much counterproductive when you have to host events for the locals, especially when your attempt is to attract people from outside the town. Nevertheless, the local companies are ready to provide you with plenty of businesses.
Allow the locals with a bright chance to check out at your events, catering options as well as hospitality -  all these factors will put your hotel at their top list at the next time when they have to host their events.'
In addition to it, the events are indeed a great way for taking the mattes online and networking with the local companies. Even right when they have seen your hotel's inside, it is much likely that they shall decide to book your hotel when they have decided hosting their clients as well as the out of town employees in near future.
So, at the end of the discussion, it can be safely concluded that the best way to remain connected with the community, as well as the local businesses, is LinkedIn. All that you need to do is, be thoughtful, strategic and devise plans for leveraging the platform and reach out to newer and better marketing heights.

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