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How Important Are Google Ads For Video To Grow Your Business? 

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    28 Jun 2023
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How Important Are Google Ads For Video To Grow Your Business? 

Google Ads for videos has become the advertising platform for businesses for promoting their businesses by distributing creative, useful and informative videos across the main Google-owned channel - YouTube. Business owners find the Google Ads for videos more aspiring for targeting their target audiences on the basis of demographics, behaviours, interests and related factors for ensuring their ads are reaching the appropriate viewers on time.

This platform runs on different ad formats, namely in-stream ads, in-search ads and in-display ads (discovery ads). Businesses have to choose the most suitable format on the basis of their advertising goals.

What are Google Ads For Videos All About?
TrueViews Ads are the most commonly used YouTube video ads, which are found in three formats –

a. In-Stream Ads
An in-stream ad plays when a YouTube video stream is running. The video's host is the YouTube partner who has agreed to play the ads in exchange for a monetary percentage. Normally, they come up at the beginning, middle or end of the stream. The viewers can skip the in-stream ads after 5 seconds and return to their videos. This is one of the merits of in-stream ads. Unlike other PPC content types, in-stream ads are not chargeable unless the viewers are watching the ads for 30 seconds or more.
Nevertheless, there are non–skippable in-stream ads that lack a skip button. Hence, the viewers watch the entire video for full 15 or 20 seconds. These videos are paid videos by impression, only if the videos are shown in India, Mexico, Malaysia, Singapore, Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

2. In–Search Ads
Different from the in–stream content, the in–search ads are linked to keywords. When a YouTuber is searching for your keywords, your business ad comes up in the results window. You will be charged when the ad video is clicked. The safety net of the 5-second skip rule is absent in this method, but the in-search ads are meritorious of their own rights. For instance, your ads have a higher chance of reaching their target audiences if the search term delivers it.

3. In–Display
In-display ads are video discovery ads, which the viewers can see appearing in the sidebar or search results. These ads have an "ad" indicator mark. Once these ads are clicked, you will have to pay. These are extremely precise ads that guarantee that the viewers are interested in seeing your content. So, unlike the other self-populating ad formats, the viewers are choosing these In-display ads of their own accord.

How Should Google Ads Be Connected To Videos?
First, you will have to create Google and YouTube accounts and then start with the intricacies of linking ads to streaming videos. Once the accounts have been set up, then the Google Ads account should be set up. Now you have prepared your accounts and are ready to be connected. So, follow these easy steps and start your campaign –

Step 1 – Linking Accounts
Select the setup option from your Google Ads page. Proceed with linking your accounts. Make sure YouTube is above all the listed options in the account panel. You may be having multiple YouTube channels, but you will have to choose the channels relevant to your ads.

Step 2 – Creating and Specifying Campaign Conditions
Select "Campaigns", "Add Campaign" and finally "Videos" from the Ads panel. This tool prompts you, the owner, to specify whether brand awareness should be increased or brand consideration with videos. After selecting a campaign, provide a title and determine the amount you will be spending daily. Specify these campaign conditions –
• The launching and closing date
• The language and countries for streaming in
• Whether the video is in-stream, in-display or in-search
• What should be your bidding strategy
• The appearance schedule

This ad strategy targets the audience by interests and demographics. You can find this breakdown under the "people" tab, through which you can zero in on target consumers by means of –
• Age
• Income
• Gender
• Family–size
• Life event celebrations
• Habits
• Similar interests
• Past interactions
• Affinity or interests

After you have chosen the audiences, next click the websites or YouTube channels to select the placement where the ads should run.
Select the keywords and categories related to your target audience.

Step 3 – Running and Monitoring the Ads
After you are done with the ad creation processes, then it is time for publishing and maintenance. From the Ad Metrics reports you can check out your ad's success and point out the areas for improvement.

Why Should Google Ads For Videos Be Used?
The short and definite answer is to promote and grow business by acquiring a wider customer base. In accordance with this purpose, the associated reasons include –

1. A Refined and Reformed Way To Reach Out to Massive Audiences
The primary reason to implement Google Ads for videos is the scope to reach out to a huge audience reach. Since above 2 billion users are active on YouTube on a monthly basis, your business has the possibility of reaching out to a large audience and earning millions of viewers with awe-inspiring video ads. At the same time, businesses can use the platform to target their ads based on different factors like age, location, interests, gender and more with the belief their ads are reaching the right viewers.

2. A Cost-Effective Advertising Solution
Video advertising on Google Ads is indeed cost–effective. Operating on a Pay Per Click Model, the platform entails businesses to pay when the viewers are clicking on their ads. As a result, businesses are getting value for money and paying for the clicks which only matter. Above all, it is easier for businesses to set a budget to run their ad campaigns, while ensuring they are not overspending on advertising.

3. High Engagement Rates Are the Result
Video ads get higher engagement rates in comparison to the other ad formats. Google claims YouTube ads should have a 31.9% average view-through rate, indicating 31.9% of viewers should completely watch the ad.
Significantly higher compared to other ad formats like display or banner ads, the Google ads for videos are more memorable and engaging. Hence, business owners can carefully think of effective ways of building brand awareness and promoting products and services.

4. A Targeted Advertising Platform To Invest On
There are various targeting options in Google Ads for videos for the businesses to use and reach their target audiences based on their interests, demographics, behaviours and more. Businesses are reaching out to possible viewers to take an interest in business products and services. Hence, this targeting ensures the business is getting the best value for its money.

5. Easier To Track Measurable Results
There are various metrics in Google Ads for videos that allow businesses to measure how effective the ad campaigns are. Businesses are able to track metrics like view-through rates, cost per click, click-through rates and more to ensure they are accurately measuring the ROI of their ad campaigns. In this way, businesses can make data–driven decisions while optimizing their ad campaigns to achieve better results.

Hence, Google Ads for videos is indeed an excellent platform for business owners to create and distribute video ads. Using this platform, businesses can enjoy the privileges of affordable advertising, huge audience reach, targeted advertising and tracking measurable results. With these discussed best practices for creating Google ads for videos, businesses can optimize their ad campaigns, create effective video ads to attract and retain viewers better, build up and stabilize brand awareness and boost their product and service promotion.

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