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How is Personal Branding the Source of Success in the Digital Age?

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    13 Apr 2021
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How is Personal Branding the Source of Success in the Digital Age?
How is Personal Branding Defined?
A personal brand indicates a unique blend of expertise, skills, and experiences to develop into an identity while remaining exceptional at designated fields. But two professionals belonging to the same field are distinguished by effective personal branding abilities. The chief guiding forces in this respect are self–promotion, and self–marketing.
When branding is the chief concern, then there are no bounds to it. The stringent set of rules instructing the ways for approaching self-marketing activities are absent, while to move ahead in the queue, a few important elements are to be considered, which include –
  •  Branded materials comprising of professional headshots and personal logos.
  •  A visible website or an online portfolio is the single landing page comprising of the links to social media profiles as well as contact details for better performance.
  • A persuasive personal statement and bio, finely tuned and optimized for all the individual platforms as well as touchpoints, which include the LinkedIn profile, CV, website, portfolio, and social media accounts.
  • A set of proper brand values for sharing with the prospective employees and clients for establishing a unique voice tone separating one brand from the other in competition.
  • You might be an individual or online business owner, personal branding is vital for driving your online presence.
In the words of Jeff Bezos, the richest man in the world, the personal brand means what the people are saying about you when you are not present. In the hardcore digital age, whether an individual or a company, both must audit their online presence for seeing the possibilities to come up as the prospects go on searching the names.
Rather, it is a dire necessity for the company and personal brands to maximize their digital presence since online resources, online sales, digital education have all gone high. You might be an entrepreneur, thought leader, expert, executive, or even a business owner – you need to maximize your digital presence since it brings in more customers, connections, revenue, and profit margin.
Since the outbreak of the pandemic, the majority of sales demos, executive meetings as well as business transactions being conducted online. The consumers are engaged in heavy online researches and seeking out to establish a connection with the right representative on whom they can have trust.
As the pandemic ruled year had come to a close, Chris Diaz, personal branding strategist, and expert had consulted with many executives, businesses, and personal brands to help them in refining and amplifying their strategies in order to achieve the much needed online success. So, Diaz has shared three key trends emphasizing personal branding is the key to fuel business growth.
i. Personal Branding is Effective in Attracting High Paying Clients
 As soon as the personal brand authority has been established in a particular industry, then the demand goes high so the business owner can charge a premium for their services. The motive here is to become the exact client or customer who must be attracted. As said by Diaz, selling will be easier through high standard maintenance and professional branding since it is through the personal brand that own value can be demonstrated.
ii. Helpful in Gaining A Competitive Advantage
Uncountable people have saturated the online market heavily, which has caused the trust factor in the wide marketplace to be low all the time. The clients are willing to find out with whom are they engaged in business, regardless of the industry or niche. They are eager to know the ones on whom they can lay their value and trust them. As said by Diaz, when a brand can differentiate from the other, and position themselves as the expert or authority in the industry, then a lot of credibilities is built up with the target market.
iii. A Deeper Relationship is Created on Being Connected With Experts
The new currency is the connection. The pandemic has even left behind a lot of impacts on how we are connecting and interacting online. With the economy taking a major digital shift, it has become crucial for entrepreneurs to rely on online branding. Every communication, business meeting, and sales demos have taken a virtual shape as the entrepreneurs have to become much attractive to their prospects. So, personal branding is an extremely powerful form of marketing, networking tool, and sales existing today.
As said by Diaz, personal branding is the modern-day resume. When you build up online relationships and expand your network, then it will indeed helpful for generating more leads, referrals, leads, business, and income. It is not knowing about whom, it is only whom you are knowing. So, the very first impression with the personal brand has to be on the top tier. In the present day digital age, financial success is said to be directly proportional to the number of people knowing you, liking you, and trusting you. Therefore, ultimately you will be the winner in building up a strong personal brand.

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