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How Should A Landing Page Be Optimized for the Paid Campaigns?

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    11 May 2022
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How Should A Landing Page Be Optimized for the Paid Campaigns?

Audiences first see the Landing Page right when they are clicking on social media or a search engine. As the first impression determines everything, having a well-optimized landing page is of eminent significance. To put it straight, we have covered a list of ideas for optimizing the landing page for better output.

Page Responsive - What Makes It?
Using responsive web design while creating a new website or redesigning the created one is the approach that aims at crafting sites to activate an optimal viewing experience. It is to help the users read and navigate easily with minimum need to resize, panning and scroll across different devices. To put to practice, it means de-emphasizing specific device characteristics and website designing for presenting the same content and functionality most logically and in a high intuitive way by using an adaptive layout.

Importance of Page Load Speed
Page load speed creates an immediate impact on sales, conversions and overall website traffic since it is a crucial aspect of a website.

What About Mobile Optimization?
While designing a website, mobile optimization deserves high preference. So, the website should be designed and developed in such a way that will make it look the same on any device, but better when the site is optimized for mobile.

How Should Navigation Be Added To A Site?
Navigation enables the users to move from one page to another in order. Navigation comprises text links to buttons to menus - the underlying factor is the users should not be lost, and find easily find their way around. Before the site's navigation is designed, some time should be dedicated to deciding on the navigation kind to be used and how should it be improved on the prevailing methods.

Call TO Action Buttons (CTA)
As an interactive element, a call to action button, in digital marketing encourages the visitors towards taking immediate action. A CTA button’s most common form is a link to a webpage for the users to take further actions step ahead, like purchasing a product or booking the service.

How Should the Right CTA Button Be Chosen?
A right CTA button should be chosen for a successful call to action. It is the button or link to be used in any content, like a blog post to a completely-blown landing page - this is why the important and right one should be chosen. As a specific prompt, a CTA given to the users encourages them towards taking action as they are required to. So, for choosing the right CTA for the campaign, what should the users do, should be first determined, for instance, "Create Account", "Register Now", "Sign Up" and "Download Now".

Page Performance And Google Rankings
Are your web pages loading faster and properly optimized? The majority of users will help in earning more traffic. Users show zero interest when the website is loading slowly or the designs are not appealing. Google is infact using page speed as the ranking factor.

The further discussion will highlight what are the best landing page optimization practices for converting the leads through paid ad searches.

1. Handling Things in A Simplified Way
Landing pages have a goal of driving the readers toward your Call To Action. To grab and hold on to all the potential customers' attention, the landing page should be kept simple. Excessive content on the landing page distracts the prospects, making them spend a lot of time on elements that will never influence them towards taking action.
The minimum yet chief contexts of landing page include a good design and convincing copy in the form of a strong headline, sub-headline a hero image, a CTA button, and a short paragraph addressing the users’ problems and how to solve them. Finally, the simplicity level even depends on brand and product.
Even if it holds true for CTA buttons – it should be extremely clear in stating what will it do, thus no scope for complex language.

2. Scarcity Implementation
Normally, the buyers want more of something they know they are not able to have. Hence, the implementation of scarcity tactics on a landing page makes a way out. It leads the customers to be fast to buy since they know the product might go out at any time. Using urgency, that is the limited time technique pushes them further. All these tricks should be up on the landing page. Advertising on the landing page will be convincing the customers to take advantage before the discount or offer has expired.
At this point, make sure to make true urgency or scarcity – it is a matter of your brand reputation.

3. Aligning Paid Searches With Landing Page
The key in marketing and sales is Congruence. If there are inconsistencies, the customers will be distracted and feel they have landed in the wrong place, and worst of all – they could form an impression of being lied to. This holds much true in relation to paid ads. Customers trust paid ads less than the organic results. Hence, if the bounce rates are low on the landing page, then it is due to a lack of agreement on a paid search ad and landing page and the landing page copy.
So, the same copy angle and similar keywords across the ads and landing page should be used.

4. A/B Testing
Running split tests for landing pages, and maintaining slight changes at key points to be tested will unfold which is better converting. For instance, running two of the same landing pages but only keeping the headlines different. The one that is converting more should be used. Next, another isolated element of the same landing page should be rinsed and repeated. To speak of the most noteworthy advantage of PPC is when someone clicks, it is then you pay – thus, the ads can be tested first to check out the quick performing ones. After that quick adjustments to the landing page can be made for aligning with the ads for keeping the process cost-effective.

Despite the landing pages appearing after the digital ads, they have equal importance as the ads' contents. Landing pages are meant for conveying the value of your product and easing it out for the browsers to extract their needed information. As a business owner, you can take advantage of PPC ads to introduce your brand with a difference from that your competitors, based on your advertising goals. Landing pages should be dealt with the same significance as that paid ads.

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