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How Should the Creators Monetize Their Facebook Page?

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    19 Oct 2022
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How Should the Creators Monetize Their Facebook Page?

Facebook monetization indicates the money-making method out of the valuable business content provided to the audiences. Facebook can be used in various ways for monetizing products and services. Facebook Page, Facebook Group and Facebook Ads are monetized. We shall now point out simple ways to follow Facebook Monetization.

How Could You Understand Your Are Eligible For Facebook Monetization?
Eligibility check for Facebook monetization is indeed a quick and easy process – all the eligibility standards should be met and a few steps followed.

  • Visit Facebook Creator Studio for uploading content and keeping a track of video performance. Creator Studio doubles the results since it is an Instagram Tool.
  • On the Home Page, visit the column on the right-hand side. Next click on “Monetization”. Hereon, check the “Overview” section to learn about the kind of monetization you are signing up for.
  • Ensure entering the correct details. Then click on "Set Up Monetization". Facebook for Creators will send you a confirmation email. After that, you shall have cash rolling on.

The Ideal Ways For Monetizing Your Facebook Page
Regardless of your Facebook Page size, you can monetize your Facebook page by following a few scrupulous ways.

  • First, You Will Need To Create A Facebook Page
    Facebook Page is your business profile for selling products and services on Facebook that should be created after creating the Facebook account. Facebook Page should have a name related to the product contents for sale. This is how the audiences can easily find you on the platform.
  • Be Clear With the Guidelines
    First, be thorough with the Facebook Guidelines as well as monetization policies. You will have to meet the requirements before planning for Facebook monetization.
  • Start Posting Contents
    Once you have mastered the rules and are confident about the content to work on, develop a content calendar for a start. Begin the content creation journey by creating and posting them immediately. Along with texts and images, video contents with necessary better inspire the audiences when they can find what they want to see. Both short and long videos work on Facebook.
  • Build Up Followers
    To get paid, you need to have the audience count as stated in Facebook Monetization Policy. Contents resonating with audiences are the way of growing followers. Always analyze the high-performing content and focus on audience-engaging content and promote them. Abstain from buying followers.
  • Make Use of Facebook Monetization Features
    To effectively monetize your Facebook Page, you will have to efficiently use the Facebook Monetization features found in Creator Studio. Review them carefully and understand the ways to fruitfully incorporate them into your content. Here is the list of Facebook features for monetization to be familiar with –

The Facebook Features for Monetization
Under the "View Page Eligibility" option in Creator Studio, check for Monetization tools. These features are the elements to ease monetization.

  • In-Stream Ads
    In-Stream ads are fixed in videos for Facebook appearing in the beginning, middle or at the end of the video. From the Creator Studio, the in-stream ads can be controlled. These are the rules to earn from in-stream ads on Facebook –
  1. The video should be played for a minimum of 60 seconds before the ads are popping up.
  2. A minimum of 5 active videos should be posted on the page with the videos having a minimum of 600,000 views in the last 60 days.
  • Subscriptions
    Subscription features indicate being paid as per the number of followers or likes you are having on your page. For earning money, through the Facebook subscription feature, you should be having –
    Minimum 10,000 followers or likes on the page and should be active for 90 days
    180 minutes views on the posted videos in the last 60 days or a minimum of 50,000 engagements on posts
    Counties should be under the listed subscription eligibility policy – Germany, India, UK and USA.
  • Stars
    Stars sent by people engaged with pots by watching videos or live videos help in earning money. You get 1 Cent paid for every star you have received. Audiences can send around 100 stars.
  • Brand Collab Manager
    Regarded as a networking room for Facebook content creators for building their portfolios and meeting potential clients, Brand Collab Manager allows them to work with clients offering long and short-term brand partnership deals. Their brands are to be marketed in content.
  • Paid Online Events
    A level of influence is needed before this feature is put to work. Through this feature, an online event is created and people are charged for attending.
  • Sponsored Contents
    Sponsored content is made for brands met through Facebook and outside the platform. This feature helps in earning money by increasing post engagement and boosting other features.
  • In-Stream Ads for Live
    Similar to in-stream ads on-demand, this feature is for live videos while on-demand ads are for posted videos.

To monetize your Facebook Page, you need to ensure providing value to your audiences since they have to be engaged. The audience should feel like a community. Expanding your presence on Facebook is worthy but the newsletters, blogs and private community platforms should not be overlooked. In case there are changes to algorithms, then it keeps you protected and connected with customers on a deeper level. As a result, the audiences get more privacy, security and value.

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