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How To Jump-start Your Social Media Campaign Plan in Easy Steps?

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    23 Mar 2023
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How To Jump-start Your Social Media Campaign Plan in Easy Steps?

A well-planned and carefully executed social media campaign acts as a booster to digital marketing inputs and efforts – the brand visibility goes high with more and more eyeballs and reactions. Revising and re-implementing the social media posts regular basis along with the corporate new advertisements and promotions enables the viewers to see more from the brand.

How To Plan A Social Media Campaign?
Planning a cutting-edge strategy is much important to create a result-oriented social media campaign. So, building the bedrock of a social media campaign is the outcome of all the discussed steps.

1. Writing Down the Social Media Goals
Establishing the social media goals of your company is the first step to social media planning. The decided goals right at the beginning guide throughout the campaign while influencing the applied strategies for accomplishment.
These are some popular social media goals –

  • Improving brand awareness
  • Increasing website traffic
  • Generating new leads
  • Building up an online community
  • Improving online customer service

2. Creating Just One Promotional Message

By no means can multiple messages be pushed in one campaign. So, a fruitful strategy is having a single message throughout the social media campaign and strengthening it with several necessary arguments. Multiple platforms can be used for reaching out to diverse crowds using the same message.

3. Selecting the Content-Type and Format
User-generated contents are best, but short videos attract more viewers. So, to determine the best working format, you will have to analyze why should the campaign run. Knowing how the target audiences are working at a particular time period is a compulsion. Only then, the specific style and format which would generate higher engagement can be chosen.

4. Competition Analysis
Analyzing the competition has a big role in the social media campaign plan, so it is a must for the social media campaign planning success. Since your competition is sharing the same audience and offering similar products and services – there is a lot you have to learn from their social media campaigns. So, to analyze your competition, you will have to be attentive to –

  • The content types and styles they are using to post
  • The way they are interacting with the users
  • How often are they posting
  • The different platforms they are using.

Analyzing all these topics brings up good ideas for a strategy. You can make out how the target audiences are responding to social media activity. The contents they like, the social media platforms they are frequently visiting and what they are expecting from your business.
Nevertheless, refrain from directly copying every content from your competitor’s social media account – just be inspired by them to recreate for your strategy.

5. Start Developing Your Social Media Campaign
Start working on the campaign once you are sure how much your clients are ready to spend. Select the best channels and build up a social media funnel for framework development.

Select the Social Channels
Using social channels where the target market is already present is of utmost importance. Still, the other channels should not be ruled out. So, review your competitive research to determine the channels used by your competitors' customers.

Weigh the Methods – Paid Vs. Organic
Paid and organic are the two social media campaign types – either you can choose to run both or else select just one. Now be sure of the answers to these questions when you are deciding between paid or organic social media campaigns:
i. Will you be able to reach your campaign goal solely depending on the organic content?
ii. Is the budget enough for paid advertising?
iii. With the remaining budget, what can you realistically achieve?

Develop the Social Media Funnel
At every specific stage of the buyer's journey, well-crafted social media campaigns communicate with the audiences. In the process, they guide the users through the sales funnel and lead them to conversion.

To incorporate the customer's journey into their social media funnel, these are the crucial steps to follow –

a. Top of the Funnel
Introduce the brand in the light of the best solution to remedy the customers’ problems by using awareness campaigns.

b. Middle of the Funnel
Help the prospects with in-depth research while they are looking for a solution by using a consideration campaign.

c. Bottom of the Funnel
To urge the prospects to purchase, sign up for a free trial or try a demo version, and use a conversion campaign.

6. Plan What Should Be Your Campaign Contents
After the campaign framework and tools have been decided upon, now it is a tune for writing. Now, you will have to organize the style guides, calendar and hashtags.

Set Up A Calendar
Translate your campaign framework to the calendar form. Keep the start and end dates marked. Schedule the introductory and last-chance posts. Next, brief the remaining content ideas –
a. Posts for the brand’s top-of-the-funnel prospects.
b. Informative blogs and articles for middle-of-the-funnel prospects.
c. Prompts for trying, subscribing and purchasing for the bottom-of-the-funnel prospects.

Modify the Style Guide
A fine–tune guide is very much necessary for saving time and creating the posts done right. To modify the guide, check on these elements –
a. The correct spellings of the Brand and the branded terms
b. Curate the emojis and words
c. Decide on the writing style and voice tone

Be Sure About Deciding On A Hashtag
Using the campaign hashtag, tracking the metrics like reach and brand awareness becomes possible. Select unique hashtags, which are short and easy to memorize as well as catchy for audiences.

7. Come Up With A Constructive Content Plan
Once you have decided on the content to help you in reaching goals, construct a target persona and research the industry trends – then start constructing a content plan. To make a plan, utilize the social media content calendar. Layout the content to be posted often based on follower trends. Next, reschedule the social media posts.
Use the social media scheduling tools for consistent posting and do away with the guesswork when posting should be done each week.

Social Profiles Optimization
Optimizing the social profiles enables the social media campaign to succeed. Each platform operates with a difference but the same things for each have to be considered –

a. Use a Profile Picture of High Quality
Think about making your business profile picture your logo for improving brand awareness.

b. Use A Cover Photo of High Quality
Provide the best cover photo that will speak to audiences.

c. Give All the Correct Contact Information
Make sure to enter accurate contact details consistently across all the platforms, like email address, website URL, phone number and physical address.

d. Clearly Write The “About” Description
More information your visitors can get, the better it is for them. Come up with a robust "About" section so your visitors know you better.

With these optimization tips, your social profile will give a glimpse of the best business version to your audiences.

8. Track Performances By Allocating A System In Place
To determine your campaigns' success and failure, you have to track the campaign performance. It provides insights for adjusting social media strategy as long as a campaign goes on running.
Moreover, by tracking metrics, you shall come across the changes to be implemented for future campaigns. These metrics tracked for campaigns depend on the goals.

Before starting the social media campaigns, first, come up with a robust plan. Next, for your social media marketing campaigns to succeed, set your goals. Understand your audiences and make use of a content calendar for planning the actual content. Put the right tools into use for running the campaign as well as for tracking the campaign performance throughout. Only then you shall have the best campaign plan to run on social media channels.

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