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How to Leverage Display Ads For Driving New Customers for E-Commerce Businesses?

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    27 Oct 2022
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How to Leverage Display Ads For Driving New Customers for E-Commerce Businesses?

By display campaigns for E-Commerce, we refer to visually engaging paid ads on Google Display Network for selling a product online.

Cost of customer acquisition must be streamlined while strategizing digital advertising for E-Commerce to earn and retain customers. There are times when bottom line pressures push the advertisers to a dilemma to decide between growth and profit margins. ROIS should be maintained, while new prospects should be efficiently acquired through carefully implementation – display advertising is the wayout to it.

Display Advertising is the solution helpful for automating targeting, bidding, and ad creation for boosting and promoting E-Commerce businesses. Here is how the E-Commerce business owners should leverage display ads to drive new customers toward business success.

1. Introducing and Implementing High-Quality Imagery (make it short)

Display advertising for E-Commerce is to keep the customers informed how do the products look like. Here is where the experienced graphic designers have a role. They design professionally looking ads using the high quality images which are visually appealing and convincing to the customers.

2. Regularly Alternating or Rotating The Creative Contents

Ad fatigue should be prevented at any cost in display advertising. When specific products are to be promoted using the display ads, as in banners, then keeping multiple creatives ready is beneficial in the end. The creatives could be for the same product so that switching out the creatives after every few days becomes easier. It is a way to prevent the users from feeling bored of seeing the same product ad content. Hence, no question of the customers ignoring the ad or using the ad blocker.

3. Including the Promotions and Deals

The display advertising contents should be including information regarding the specific deals and promotions to keep them within the shoppers' knowledge. Once they know the available deals, then by visiting the E-Commerce website, they might take the full advantage.

Through the clear CTA in the display ads that should be linked to the landing page, the customers will find a clear and straightforward way to utilize the deal being offered. There are high chances that they will be converted after visiting the landing page.

4. Filtering Effectively

To ensure the customer is new, the users who have already visited the website in the last month should be filtered out for reaching out to the truly new customers. So, to target the display ads and bring them up before the new customers, efforts should be focused on the first–time visitors.

5. Maximizing the Optimization Chances

The advanced machine learning for optimizing bids automatically and offering auction-time bidding capabilities enables tailoring the bids for individual auctions. Display Ads should be created Conversion Maximizing Bidding Strategy for the campaign to increase. It brings up an ample amount of bandwidth for learning and optimizing with the activity continuation.

6. Offering The Relevant Ads in the Right Products

The right products should be offered in the ads. Even the Smart Display Campaigns should be linked to the Google Merchant Center feed so only relevant products are appearing in the ads. To maximize the creative template, several features should be rotated. Hence about 6 or 7 headlines and description lines, and 20 marketing images should be made ready to be used as responsive display ads.

7. Tracking KPIs

Right measurements should be put in place for tracking the key metrics like the ones available using the Google Ads tags for measuring the view-through conversions. The campaign can then go faster, and be stabilized for about two weeks with minimal changes needed. The metrics are sure to dramatically improve after a few weeks with increased awareness and better business growth.

8. Re-Targeting Method For Targeting the Qualified Leads

Through the re-targeting strategy, the display ads are used for attracting the audience's attention who did visit the site already, or else have already expressed interest in the products being sold, and convince them to make a purchase.

When re-targeting is used, display ads will be showing the items to the browsers they have already seen online or searched for on the E-Commerce website or else on Search Engine. By means of the re-targeted display ads, the shoppers can be reminded of the item they were looking at, diver their attention to potential purchases and finally persuade them to purchase.

9. Testing and Honing

Similar to all the display ads, the E-Commerce ads function best on being launched according to data from the previous campaigns. By collecting and analyzing the numbers from the earlier display ads, the ads that worked in terms of placement, creativity, timing and more should be figured out from the ones that did not. After that, the advertising strategy should be honed on the basis of the information. As the campaign goes on, the display advertising strategy should be refined to ensure each digital ad being used is more effective than the earlier ones.

To attract the right audience for E-Commerce, the business owners should take advantage of the digital display ads for drawing their attention and convincing them towards purchasing. These are specific E-Commerce strategies discussed to put into action and gain more customers.

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