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Improve Your Website Speed to Get Better Score in Web Vitals Test

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    19 Aug 2021
  • Eclick Softwares and Solutions
Improve Your Website Speed to Get Better Score in Web Vitals Test
Improving website speed and getting a good score in the web vitals test has to be achievedfollowing three specific three techniques. Before going into depth, we shall start with what is indicated as Google Core Web Vitals. 
What Do the Google Core Web Vitals Indicate?
Google Core Web Vitals is meant for measuring a WordPress site's performance metrics, and cannot be left out with algorithms of Google. Google takes these core web vitals as the performance benchmarks for delivering a better user experience. 
One key measure to a successful SEO is the Google score for the core web vitals. So, you have to work closely with the best website design and development company like Eclick Softwares and Solutions Pvt Ltd., to ensure your website is having all its needs for receiving a good score. 
The fast loading of a website will be severely affected by slow virtual machines and slow internet speeds. While improving the visibility of your website, along with loading speed, the specialists consider the three major factors in core web vitals. 
  1. LCP - Largest Contentful Paint
  2. FCP - First Contentful Paint
  3. CLS - Cumulative Layout Shift
Let us Understand the Core Web Vitals in Brief – 
a. FCP (First Contentful Paint)
2 seconds or less is the goal for site loading. Once the browser has downloaded all the CSS, HTML and JavaScript files, then it goes ahead to download the related resources necessary, like the images. The process is time-consuming when more large images are there. 
b. CLS (Cumulative Layout Shift)
Cumulative layout shift is the metric measuring how often and even for how long the users are experiencing layout shifts. When the cumulative layout shift is low, then it indicates the website is both intuitive and delightful for using. 
c. LCP (Largest Contentful Paint)
LCP indicates the painting area of the browser is having content before the other downloads have been finished. On mobile devices, its ideal speed must be less than 3 seconds.  
The Best Ways for Core Web Vital Score Improvements
• Reducing the Number of HTTP Requests
The assets on web pages must be combined for decreasing the number of HTTP requests. The number of files will be reduced when multiple CSS files are combined into one. Assets include the JS and CSS files, which various plugins add to the website’s frontend. WP-rocket is the plugin recommendation. 
• Content Size Reduction
Content size reduction is vital for some reason - page loading times decreases, thereby making the site visually more appealing. The load images can be slowed down not in the above-the-fold for reducing the content size.  Even minifying the CSS and JS files helps in decreasing their size on the disk. Here WP-rocket / Litespeed Cache are the plug-in recommendation.
• Script Blocking JavaScripts on Page Load Must be Avoided
The page loading, by no means, should depend on a few JavaScript files, since it will delay the full page load.  WP-Rocket is having an option for simply delaying the JavaScript execution. When this is done, the user experience is enhanced for the website to a greater extent. Here, the plugin recommendation is WP-rocket / Litespeed Cache.
• Using Asynchronous Scripts
Asynchronizing the scripts and deferring their loading speed on the website is a good way for improving the First Contentful Paint. It helps in improving the website speed when the scripts have to be placed in the head. 
• Improvements for the First Input Delay (FID)
Reducing the time delay between the browser processing and user's click is a way for improving an FID score, and using the Managed WordPress hosting, it can be done.'
Managed WordPress hosting from Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is having a great performance. The fundamentals of its performance need not be explained since GCP secures the environment, provides a high speed and increases search engine rankings. FID score can be further optimized with a caching plugin. The plugin can be simply installed from the WordPress plugins section in the admin back-end.
The very first step is to visit the settings and customizing the options given on the file optimization tab. Then after clicking on the “Save Changes”, your website should be encountering big improvements in the FID score of your website, and then you shall find it loading much faster. 
• Using the System Fonts
Your website will be slowed down to another level if any external requests have been added. You have all the liberty to count on your speed optimization efforts. But if the third-party fonts are responsible for your page loading speed, then you have no control over how fast will they be loading. 
The best method at the time of using the Google fonts is by mentioning a fallback font type in the CSS. It creates better visibility of the website much before the fonts load.
• Using A Good Hosting Plan
A website speed is mostly impacted by your Hosting plan. The betters are the hosting, the faster is the website. You shall have to buy the speed-optimized hosting plans from Seekahost. 
• Use Fewer Plugins and Less Codes
The presence of more codes on a page means the loading time for that very page, usually becomes slower. So, minimize plugins or scripts usage, which is not needed, so that your website’s loading time speed is improved.
• CDN Implementations
Your website images will load faster with the Contact Delivery Network. The loading location of the website does not matter, as the CDN pick up the image file from the user's closest location, and it results in the lowest latency. Here the recommended services are Stackpath, Imagekit or KeyCDN. 
• Serves the Images in the Next-Gen Format
The user experience of the website will not be harmed by using the modern image. It benefits with the fastest speed and ultimately improved conversion rates. Now JPG, PNG and GIF have become the old formats for the website images. So, EWWW Image optimizer and Shortpixel have to be used for converting all the old images to a new format. 
Testing the website's features is indeed the smart idea while implementing the needed measures for improving website speed. A few features are essential and should not be removed from the website. Now when this is the case, then you would prefer the features over your website speed, that is the right choice. Moreover, Google even suggests focussing on a better user experience and features. If you think it is a challenge for you as you might break your website at the time of optimizing speed, then overcome the challenge by hiring a professional website designing and development professional from Eclick Softwares and Solutions Pvt. Ltd. 

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