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Marketers Guide To Utilise Hashtags For Improving Videos Searchability on YouTube

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    8 Nov 2022
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Marketers Guide To Utilise Hashtags For Improving Videos Searchability on YouTube

A Hash mark is even called a pound sign. Words or phrases preceded by a hash (#) symbol added to the video titles and descriptions for denoting the searched topic and video category are YouTube Hashtags. The hashtags are added to make the videos clickable on the search results. While browsing, when the users click on the hashtag, they are directed to different related videos sharing the same hashtag. The hashtags are seen –

• Above the video title
• Within the video title
• Inside the video description

So, How Are The YouTube Hashtags Proving Their Worth?
YouTube hashtags are hyperlink-protagonist. The users search using hashtags as keywords to find relevant videos with the same hashtag. YouTube hashtags have made searching and discovering required content easier. Rather, YouTube can better understand video content because of hashtags. This explains why should hashtags be added to YouTube videos which further raises the question "How should hashtags be added to YouTube Videos?".

Why Use the Hashtags On YouTube Videos?
Hashtags used on YouTube boost the possibility of earning more video views in different ways.

i.The Video Become More Visible
A user might not subscribe to a specific channel, still, the hashtags will help them notice and browse the uploaded videos containing the same hashtag. So, attracting a bigger and better audience as well as earning subscribers to channels becomes a smooth process.

ii.Videos Categorized Without Playlists Created
Videos organized into different playlists might engage the viewers for longer, but when the number of videos keeps on adding, then managing the list becomes hard. With YouTube hashtags, the videos can be categorized infinitely without having to create a range of playlists.

iii.Better for YouTube SEO
Through YouTube SEO, the videos rank higher in YouTube results. YouTube can better understand the video when relevant hashtags to the videos are assigned. YouTube SEO performs better with more relevant signals.

7 Best Practices for Adding Hashtags to YouTube Videos
Be familiar with these mentioned tips and tricks for leveraging the hashtags on YouTube videos to their complete potential.

1.Targeted Keyword Should be the First Tag and the Remaining Should Be Tagged As Per Importance
The first few tags are heavily accounted for when the videos are being ranked for search results. So, the first tag should be the exact targeted keyword.

2.Use Broad Keywords Describing the Overarching Topic Of the Video For Other Tags
Broad keywords like the other tags guide YouTube to understand the entire context of your video based on the overarching topic.

3.Use Topic–Specific Keywords Describing The Video As Other Tags
Using the topic-specific keywords based on what the video is covering, as the other tag helps YouTube to better understand the video's contents.

4.Limit The Hashtags Between 2 – 4 Words
Long tail keywords along with a few broad match variations are best, but YouTube prefers 2 – 4 word phrases.

5.Prevent Going Overboard with the Tags
Tags guide the YouTube algorithm about the video's context, so it can be surface to the users searching for a similar video. But excessive keywords will create confusion regarding what the video should imply. So, correctly use 30 – 40 tags to make them work out.

6.Use the Currently Ranked Videos For Inspiration
If you already know the topic to rank for, then take notes from the already-ranked videos on similar topics. Keep an eye on keyword tags to go ahead with the research.

7.Learn From YouTube Auto–Suggest
Auto-Suggest guide the users to find their requirements. YouTube surfaces these keywords suggestion since they are commonly topic–specific search terms.

The Best Hashtags For YouTube Views
Company brands, popular topics related to video content and locations are the best hashtags for YouTube. When uploaded using mobile, locations are entered into the video settings. Location hashtags can overrule the other hashtags entered in the YouTube description text. Even if they appear above the title. Check out the trending hashtags on YouTube to develop your own hashtags similar to the ones working out.

The YouTube Hashtags Rules You Can Never Ignore
Be careful with the YouTube hashtag policies so you do not end up being banned or penalized.

a. Over-tagging – Keep 15 hashtags in a single video, because YouTube ignores the rest.

b. Misleading Hashtags With the Content – Refrain from using misleading hashtags and the ones not related directly to the video's contents.

c. Harassment – No hashtags should be used with the intent to harass, threaten, humiliate, intimidate, or cyber bully anyone.

d. Hate Speech – Hashtags promoting violence and hatred against anyone should be avoided at all costs.

e. Sexual Contents – Explicit or sexual hashtags and sexually provocative ones should never be used, or else the video gets deleted.

f. Vulgar Language – Profanity and offensive terms in hashtags must be avoided or else, the videos get age-restriction assigned and might be removed.

g. Non-Hashtags – Ordinary descriptive hashtags and repetitive sentences in the video's descriptions results in penalty or the video being removed.

Will the YouTube Hashtags Affect YouTubeSEO and YouTube Rankings?
Indeed, using YouTube hashtags positively affects YouTube SEO and YouTube rankings. Since the hashtags are technically added for searchability, so the audiences can easily find the video and the video can earn more views, likes, subscribers, comments and shares – so it positively affects SEO and YouTube rankings. Through YouTube hashtags, users can easily access quality information and authoritative content suitable for the chosen topic.

When the SEO experts take over, they use the exact YouTube SEO tools and plugins so the videos earn more views through YouTube SEO.

Hashtags for YouTube videos drive in more viewers, likes, comments, shares, YouTube subscribers and SEO. Researching and using the right keywords along with YouTube optimization, and hashtags tracking performance increases the chances of success.

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