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Marketing Tips To Drive Customers To Online Store For Profit and Business Growth

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    1 Aug 2023
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Marketing Tips To Drive Customers To Online Store For Profit and Business Growth

The booming online stores caused by a random increase in online shopping have challenged the competing E-commerce marketers to figure out productive E-commerce strategies to win over customers. Online shopping might be the ease of shopping from home, but they have to be led to the online store and buy the products online. A streamlined approach to E-commerce website marketing and implementing a few more marketing strategies helps in attracting the maximum number of customers who will boost your business. Even, the same strategies need both major and minor improvements for gaining more customers online.

The Subject Matter of All E-Commerce Marketing Strategies
Before we talk about the selling tips to gain maximum customers to your online store, first the subject core of all E-commerce marketing strategies should be carefully looked into –

  • An excellently designed and developed E-commerce website.
  • A good brand name.
  • Unique content for all products.
  • Clear product descriptions.
  • A thoroughly conducted research on different e-commerce promotional techniques.
  • Boosting E-Commerce website search visibility.
  • The real deal is Social Media.
  • Active customer support.
  • Commission pay and discounts.
  • Notable reviews and recommendations.


Pro-Active Selling Tips To Drive More Customers To Your Online Store
Once your online store is ready for receiving visitors, start applying these tactics and strategies for maximizing your reach.

1. Base The Blog Posts Concentrating On Popular Products
Customers are now in favor of brands with who, they are able to interact and feel connected. Publishing valuable, consistent, and enjoyable blog contents are more helpful in this context. Featuring popular business products as individual topics will interest the customers, and they will want to find out more about the same products. In fact, they might even increase the buying frequency of the same products while recommending the same to their known ones.

2. Online Store Optimization for the Right Keywords
Content creation is the undoable part of an overall marketing plan, and SEO has a good role in driving traffic to your online store. The marketing tactic SEO helps the E-commerce site be visible in search engine results for different keywords. When the audiences are entering a search term in Google, then the website will be coming up in the top results. So, online store optimization for different keywords is a necessity since it is a vital Google Ranking factor. Looking at the already-ranked search terms for your website is the right place to start. The keywords should be necessarily embedded in meta tags, headings, and alt text. Internal links should be built on the keywords on the blog page of the home page for directing the visitors to the targeted product pages. Clear, easy-to-read, and short URL structures are a must.

3. Holding A Sale
Even if Discounting might not be a long-term strategy, but is highly effective to drive new customers to your online store. Your customer acquisition cost will tell you how much discount on a limited quantity of products can be offered for acquiring new customers. Then, this discount offer should be announced on the site itself, on social media, and even blog. The customers falling in for deals will grasp the discount offers.

4. Organize To Run A Business Competition
Competitions are rather fun since it is purposeful to your brand as you are spreading about your online store. Products relevant to target audiences are sure to earn a good outreach. To complement, give out high-value prizes from the competition. Competitions lead to maximum exposure as it builds up a voting machine – participants have to refer their associates to vote, with the intention of getting shortlisted or winning.

5. Giving Out Free Samples
Fewer to zero hindrances to customer experience on products are better. Giving a chance to the customers to know the product is worth trying through free samples is a chance on the part of E-commerce marketers to appreciate those who take an interest in your brand. Moreover, giving out free samples is a tricky tactic to cross-sell other available products.

6. Product Listing Optimization
To optimize product listings, choose the long tail keywords to create informative product descriptions and increase visibility on search engines. In competitive markets, customer needs are diverse and highly demanding – so having adequate knowledge in the context is a must to gain maximum benefits. Including all the details necessary for addressing the basic queries such as the material, color, and size. Once these essentials are organized, then the product listings should be made consistent across the marketing channels. Even the products should be SEO-friendly for the online store to rank high in organic search results.

7. Running the Google Ads Campaigns
Running Google Ads is a proven tactic to reach the customers who begin their shopping journey on search engines. In all probability, they are looking for the products you are selling – hence the potential customers you are looking for! These Google Ads are recommended –

a. Search Ads – Text-based ads displayed at the top of Google Search Results Pages.
b. Shopping Ads – Ads displaying your business products at the top of Google Search Results Pages, partner websites, the Shopping Tab, and Google's Display Network. For targeting audiences, Shopping Ads use product data and not keywords.
c. Display Ads – Ads featuring texts, videos, images, and rich media are shared across Google’s Display Network.
d. Video Ads – Video ads displayed across YouTube.

8. Boosting E-Commerce Website Search Visibility
After setting up the website, the immediate task is driving traffic and increasing visibility on Search Engine Results Pages. For increasing keyword rankings and driving traffic, your E-commerce website has to be optimized. Boosting online sales is another task to be addressed, for which long-tail keywords have to be optimized.

9. Coming Up With Social Media Advertisements
To quickly boost sales, advertising on digital channels like Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn is noteworthy as these platforms help in customer data collection, which proves to be of benefit later. This is how the advertisements are targeted according to geography, demographics as well as customer tastes. This marketing method enables setting a fixed budget for each campaign.

Running a free promotion can be done easily on social media. As long as the advertisements contain value, are accessible, and are visually appealing; the audience prioritizes them.

10. Social Media Bios Optimization
In order to execute the social campaigns for increasing web traffic, create a landing page for diverting the audiences to your targeted products pages like -

  • The best-selling items
  • Popular items in a category
  • Brand story
  • Lead magnet landing pages
  • Related social media profiles


The winner is he who takes up these above-discussed pointers wisely to implement their E-commerce marketing strategies. Driving new customers and retaining the continuing loyal customer base is a necessity but one-size-fits-all marketing strategies are not existing. All the discussed strategies should be tweaked to fit your marketing strategy to your brand goal and better promote your business. Finally, providing active customer service is a complementary winning strategy.


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