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Online and Offline Forms of Digital Marketing

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    24 Sep 2020
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Online and Offline Forms of Digital Marketing
Digital marketing is an all-covering term for every advertising done and delivered using electronic devices. When this two-letter word "digital marketing" is heard, then everyone tends to identify it with the channels like social media, email, search engines, websites, and rather all the aspects in connection to the Internet through your Smart devices, PC and laptops.
Nevertheless, digital marketing can be done both in online and offline modes.
Offline Digital Marketing 
TV and radio marketing are literally categorized into offline digital marketing as marketing through them involves electronic devices, but the Internet need not be connected necessarily. But that’s the thing of the past.  Now offline digital marketing has been reformed and enhanced - at the restaurants now, the eaters order their meal using the restaurant's electronic tablet that is even a form of offline digital marketing. Rather, it is an enhanced and heightened offline marketing experience using a digital device. The great examples of enhanced offline digital marketing modes are electronic billboards.
At present phone marketing or better known as a cold calling has gained more prominence. Cold calling and the telemarketers play a crucial role in sales to sell the business service and products to drive in revenue.
Online Digital Marketing:
Online marketing denotes online advertising or more specifically internet marketing. The chief seven types of online digital marketing forms are:
Search Engine Optimisation or SEO:
SEO is meant for optimizing the business contents of the business to rank higher in the search engine result pages in order to drive greater traffic to a particular business website. 
Search Engine Marketing or SEM: 
Along with SEO, when the best practices are being used for driving more traffic to the website organically. SEM is the assured strategy as well as purchasing ad space in the paid search platforms like Google AdWords.
Content Marketing:
Content Marketing takes unique content creation into account as well as distribution across different other online channels like the website, blog, and social media. The created content might not be promotional but is sure to stimulate interest among the masses and ultimately bring about an improvement in brand awareness.
Social Media Marketing or SMM:
The prominent social media platforms are Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Social media marketing comprises of gaining traffic and business attention through these channels.
Pay Per Click or PPC Advertising:
When the ads appearing alongside the search results are noticed, then these ads attract the browser’s attention. PPC is an online marketing model wherein the advertisers have to pay a fee every time a user is clicking their ad.
Affiliate Marketing:
Affiliate marketing is said to be a commission-based typical arrangement between an external website and an online retailer. The specific purpose of affiliate marketing is generating traffic and sales through the medium of referrals.
Email Marketing:
Email marketing is direct marketing done using emails for delivering marketing messages to audiences.
Backlinks, cost-per-links, blogging, and influencer marketing are the major digital marketing terms continuing to rule the digital marketing arena. All these practices are going on for decades, but since the last few years, a greater number of industries are depending on these online digital marketing terms.
Recently, the manufacturing sector is dependent on the values of digital marketing to their entire marketing plan. So, for achieving business growth, the industries are diving deeper both into offline and online digital marketing strategies to measure their success. 

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