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Recent Update: Google July 2022 Product Reviews Update Has Been Published

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    11 Aug 2022
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Recent Update: Google July 2022 Product Reviews Update Has Been Published

Google has published its update on its landing page stating that July 2022 Product Reviews Update has been completed and declared on 2nd August 2022. The announcement was first made on 27th July 2022. Initially, Google had announced that 2 – 3 weeks will be taken for completion, but surprisingly, the update had been completed within 6 days.

27th July to 6th August 2022 – Google itself is surprised for updating the review right within 6 days. Only limited changes were found in the tracking tools. Indeed some websites have gone too hard due to this update, nevertheless, SEO Community did not make much chatter surrounding the ranking changes because of this update.

Google Product Reviews Update

Herein, Google Product Reviews Update has aimed at promoting review content much above and beyond major templated information found on the web. Google has announced it will be promoting all these product review types in its Search Results Ranking. So, the update is specifically for E-Commerce websites.

At the same time, Google will not directly penalize the lower quality product reviews containing the least content simply summarizing a cluster of products. However, if all these contents are provided by a company, but the rankings go demoted, then the reason is the other contents have been promoted above that very company. Agreeably, it feels like a penalty. In the words of Google, technically, it is not a penalty against content. Google is simply rewarding the websites containing more insightful review content with higher rankings.

This update, technically, should only create an impact on product review content but not on other content types.

A website offering product review contents should be checked where it has been impacted. The Google organic traffic might improve, go down or else remain the same. In the long run, more focus and effort should be put into the Product Review Contents. Unique content will always stand out from the hard-core online competition.

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