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Steps for Content Optimization For Google Discover Field

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    20 Mar 2021
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Steps for Content Optimization For Google Discover Field
Let the Introduction to Google Discover Start the Conversation.
Google Discover is Google Feed’s updated and refurbished version. Google Feed is the Android device app of Google. Google Discover's previous versions had been text-centric and the new updated version is accommodating different content types for enhancing user interactions. The different content types include -
  • News
  • Images and Photos
  • Updated Blog Posts
  • Received Materials
  • Evergreen Contents
The concept is transitioning text to an improved data discovery version.
Google Discover has received "search without searching" branding since the shown contents on the platform are not searched by the users. Rather, the users are recommended the content, hence it becomes an interesting conversation and debate topic for marketers.
These factors raise the certain question, including:
  • How to Optimize Contents for Google Discover?
  • How to Ensure the Contents are Being Featured on the Platform?
  • Is Optimizing the Contents Possible for Google Discover?
  • Will it be worth Spending Resources and Time to Understand the Platform?
All these questions have one answer. The following discussion on optimizing content for Google Discover will make it clear.
The Steps For Optimizing for Google Discover
It is true the hard and fast rules to gain success on Google Discover are non-existing, still, a few actionable steps prove to be helpful with content strategies.
Step 1 – Content Quality Improvement
The success of digital marketing and quality content share a direct relation. Quality content is high-value content, whether a short description or an elaborative discussion – that assures quality content despite the content length. High-value contents resonating with the audience and answering their queries indeed create value to the readers. With this step consistently followed, success is guaranteed in the search engines and even Google Discover.
Step 2 – Using Quality Visuals
High-quality images must be added in the contents since the images show a better performance on Google Discover Card, as according to Google’s Report –
On-page time the users spent has increased by 3% adding the images
Click-Through Rates Increases by 5% Whopping
Adding high-quality visuals like animations, infographics, videos, gifs, creatives, and graphics to the contents transforms the average contents to the high-performing forces for the websites.
Step 3 – Creating Interesting Videos
Just like adding visuals helps in elevating content and creating an irresistible Google Discover Feed for the target audience, similarly valuable videos are fruitful in solving the problems the target audiences face. The videos are worthy enough to capture attention. Converting the top-performing blogs paves a way for succeeding to generate videos on topics high in demand. Compelling videos indeed strike a balance between information and entertainment, which makes the audience visit the websites and rewatch the videos.
The most succeeding video tutorials include –
Video Tutorials Answering on “How-To”
Videos on Products and Service Descriptions
Interview Videos Showing Prominent Authorities within a niche.
Step 4 – Complying with the Content Policies of Google
By following the Content Policies of Google is another simple hack for optimizing the contents, which outlines the rules the content marketer has to follow about the deceptive practices, sponsored content, ads, and copyrights. As Google Discover picks the contents up, then the contents get higher visibility since the chance to be displayed on Google News even increases. Conforming to the publishing policies of Google improves the possibility of coming up on Discover.
Step 5 – Optimizing Contents for Google Accelerated Mobile Pages
Google’s Search Console is having the Discover Report feature used in comparing the Accelerated Mobile Pages and non-Accelerated Mobile Pages data. Accelerated Mobile Pages is Google Discover’s vital ranking factor. So, its optimization is a must to attract visibility on Google Discover.
For Accelerated Mobile Pages content optimization, the user experience of the website is enhanced. Page load speed optimization can help to achieve this. The page loading speed of the website and UX performance are directly related and it increases the content’s chances to rank on Google.
Step 6 – Being Added on “Interests” and “Collections” of Google Discover
The tool Google Discover enables in adding content to collections and choose the topics that must be followed. The followers' community can be requested for adding to their preferred topics and collections on Google Discover. It helps in enhancing content visibility on the platform.
By getting added to the collection of the people on Google Discover, the audiences will receive notifications about a website publishing a post and when Google Discover brings up the contents from the website’s blog.
Step 7 – Having the Trending and “Evergreen” Contents Published
Google Discover displays the evergreen and the updated contents relevant to the search query of the users. The two content types to be targeted are –
Evergreen Contents - The topics never to turn old in any niche or industry always have a high demand. These contents are good to target and will work out best in the online news digest, a digital magazine, and a blog. It helps to elevate website growth and results in generating a lot of views on Google Discover.
New Trending Contents – Targeting the new trending topics in the niche for the time brings answers to the queries people are likely to have. Covering the new topics helps the website to rank faster on Google Discover and its SERPs.
Step 8 – Competition Analysis
Analyzing the competition means to conduct competitor research to derive insight on the essential factors like -
The competitions leading the market
The competitions operating with a difference in order for appearing on Google Discover.
The measures to take up for overdoing the competition.
Optimizing the contents on Google Discover, no doubt ranks the business website on Google. The audiences will always be looking for the contents with a clear explanation so they can have their queries answered.

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