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The Digital Marketing Red Flags To Recognize and Solve For Business Progress 

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    8 Dec 2023
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The Digital Marketing Red Flags To Recognize and Solve For Business Progress 

Right when you are done signing up with a digital marketing agency, you are entrusting the company to drive your digital strategy, fulfil your ROI goals, and take up paid media budget management. In short, the digital marketing agency represents your brand online. No debate – a big deal to be honest!

However, outsourcing the marketing tasks means considering a list of critical matters. Money matters, and falling for the wrong selection leads to draining your savings. Pointing out the red flags fills the void so you are aware of the alarm signals it is time to withdraw the contract or never sign the deal with the digital marketing company. It's important because identifying how worthy is the digital marketing agency is directly related to its performance and ROI. Hence, the pointers discussed below will clarify the red flags in a digital marketing agency for you to safely distance yourself.

Red Flat 1: Claims Are Unrealistic!
The ingredients to do a lot efficiently include understanding, analysis, efforts, skills, plans, and split testing. Miracles, in this connection, are unrealistic. When you find the agency is claiming with overconfidence about the outcome to skyrocket in no time, then take it as the signal to withdraw your terms. Every campaign needs time to show its effect on audiences, and then results. Never do unrealistic promises work. Think wisely in terms of possibilities – “Is it possible to witness a 1000% increase in profits just in 1 month?” Every project needs about 6 – 9 months of effort to start showing output. What seems very high and overly good to be true, is actually dangerous to believe. 

Precautionary Tip: Be attentive to the realism in their plans and expectations.

Red Flag 2: Any One Aspect Of Service or Only Website Traffic is the Singular Focus!
Truly, traffic is important. So is lifetime customer value as well as referral customers! Digital marketing is multi-approach. You are partnering with an agency, not contracting only for a service. If you find the digital marketing company is focused just on one aspect or one specific metric, then in all probability, the company is not following a holistic strategy – it is not investing time and resources to boost your business growth and meet your business goals.
Precautionary Tip: Check well before partnering how well, the digital marketing agency is aware of your target audience and Ideal Customer Persona (ICP) intimately. This knowledge is a must to plan a revenue-driving strategy, not only traffic. Understand right at the beginning, whether the agency is just accountable to KPIs that do not drive your business bottom line.

Red Flag 3: Client Reviews Are Nil and No Proof of Work.
Making a claim is always backed by proof and evidence. Sharing examples of their completed marketing works and feedback from prevailing clients is what proves the digital marketing agency is not making up stories. If you find the digital marketing agency is unwilling to reveal the instances of their past works, consider it as a red flag. Most likely, they lack the needed experience and expertise.
Precautionary Tip: Either the digital marketing agency has worked or not worked on a similar project. There is nothing in between. Upfront honesty and acceptance is a mark of professionalism that you have to understand.

Red Flag 4: You Find Least To No Personalization.
You deserve one-on-one attention from the digital marketing agency you have signed up with. Even the agency has to personalize its efforts to certain areas of your specific business needs. You should not be considered as a number. Being treated as a valued client is what you deserve. So, think more than once if you seem to receive all boilerplate emails and communications. There are high chance the agency could alter its strategies or methods when anything outside the norm is needed.
Precautionary Tip: Mark how the digital marketing agency personalizes their work and communication for your business. There's no scope for a bot or automated system.

Red Flag 5: Following One-Size-Fits-All Approach.
There is no scope for rigid and formulaic detail in digital marketing. Flexible marketing approaches and methods define the talent of the digital marketing experts of the agency. The strategies must vary by client. A business is unique, and the marketing efforts should be streamlined to meet the goals.Defying the skills and opportunities, if the digital marketing agency goes by a rigid structure and focuses on the "copy-paste" method taking it to a one-size-fits-all approach, it clearly shows their lack of flexibility and planning adjustments for a specific brand.
Precautionary Tip: A digital marketing agency is the best when it is offering full-service marketing. The creativity and efforts are defined by how they customize their resources and plan to handle individual circumstances.

Red Flag 6: Client Facebook Accounts Are Created Under The Digital Marketing Agency’s Personal Business Manager. Using Business Manager is inevitable for centralizing and controlling all marketing resources from a single platform. The same applies for the digital marketing agency to use their clients' Business Manager, and not through a personal account. You are the brand and so you have the right to retain ownership over campaigns. That is to say, even if you end the contract, you should have access to all the business assets they have created. If the agency refuses, then it is clear the agency is a poor fit for your business.
Precautionary Tip: To ascertain ownership over all your digital assets and at all times, make sure you have all the IDs and passwords. Share your email ID or phone numbers for registrations, and do the necessary follow-ups.

Red Flag 7: Failed To Create Client Accounts Using FB Business Manager or a Manager Account For Google. A digital marketing agency has to instinctively head over to Facebook Business Manager and Google Ads Manager to create and launch marketing materials for its clientele brand. If not, then they do not possess the industry know-how needed to achieve the best possible outcome.
Precautionary Tip: Learn about these two key ad management platforms – Facebook Business Manager and Google Ads Manager, since these are meant to maximize brand reach, visibility and conversions on social networks as well as in the SERPs.

Red Flag 8: A/B Testing Ads Privileges Are Ignored.
Without A/B testing, even the best marketer cannot spell success. But if the digital marketing agency sounds overconfident in their ad's quality and declares A/B testing is not needed, then they are missing out on the opportunities to reach and engage with a good section of potential customers. This attitude is against the best interest of your business.
Precautionary Tip: Communicate for sharing more than one business promotion or advertisement strategy. Each is bound to bring some returns, if not a lot.

Red Flag 9: Automated Bid Policies On Channels Are Looked Aside As A Scope.
Time and money stand in the same equation. Manual bidding on PPC campaigns on various channels, for actually creating, running and monitoring the said campaigns for access, means efforts and time are running out. In short, a picture of money loss. Trying hands at automated bid policies is important. Equally, setting the parameters as the advertising budget allows is crucial.
Precautionary Tip: Be knowledgeable. The world is following Automatic bidding, by default.

Red Flag 10: Tracking Issues and Immense Discrepancies Are Plaguing the Campaign.
Implementing its tracking tools for clicks or impressions means there will be minor discrepancies between what the Campaign Manager is tracking and what the third parties are tracking. Up to 20% of discrepancies are considered normal. But if it exceeds, then it is clear the reports are not accurate comparisons. The result can even be due to improperly implemented tags, duplicate tags running across different sections of a website or app or improperly implemented cache-busting.
Precautionary Tip: Know how to question why and analyze the answer you get. You shall understand whether the agency had been professional or not.

Red flags are clear indications of a lack of transparency, improper communication and unproven results. Be vigilant and do due diligence to avoid falling for an expensive error. Find the right digital marketing agency to take your Internet marketing plans to the next level. Taking time to enter into a partnership is more worthwhile than rushing into a collaboration that proves a waste. So, to achieve business goals, choose the right digital marketing agency.

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