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The Web Design Tricks That Can Help Your Business Grow

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    6 Sep 2019
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The Web Design Tricks That Can Help Your Business Grow
Growing a business is a tough job. You need to get your hand in every pot while at the same time wearing every hat. You have to worry about the marketing tactics, product manufacturing as well as growth plans, all simultaneously. With so many things to do, it may be a lot more easy to let go of a small thing such as digital presence drop out. However, if you do this, you would do a big mistake. 
Recently, a study was conducted on what makes people complete a purchase form a website. The result was emphatically ‘trustworthiness’. By making your consumers feel comfortable & at ease at the time when they visit your website, you not only encourage them for completing a purchase but also convince them to be longtime users. 
Powerful web design is key to create this trustworthiness. By having an online presence, which can be easily navigated and is straightforward, users can have a better experience all through the website and that would make them complete the purchase. So, when things such as positive customer feedback, company transparency, and good quality products/services are great ways of ingraining familiarity to potential customers, web design ranks high in determining if the brand is trustworthy or not. 
There are some design elements, which have the potential of transforming website visitors to loyal customers. Here we are not going to discuss the obvious things like responsive designs but some top web design & UX trends, which can help grow your business fast. 
A Video Landing Page
Incorporating a video on the landing page is the trend. Don’t embed any old YouTube video. Rather create a video landing page. Either target the video to a direct CTA on a specific web page or create a video, which can play automatically on the homepage. These can drive home your brand’s identity, boost your users’ impression as well as enhance the user experience of your business to a great extent. It has been recently predicted that sixty-nine percent of web traffic would come from video and that video does have the capacity of converting better than other forms of content and information. 
Parallax Scrolling 
Although digital experiences have undoubtedly improved different aspects of our lives, it has had a negative impact as well – people have become very lazy nowadays. They have become so lazy that even clicking a button sometimes becomes beyond their realms of possibility. Thus entered parallax scrolling. With this, the laziness of consumers has been combated. Parallax scrolling is also engaging & visually appealing. Just a swipe and users can easily consume all the information that is on the page. Parallax scrolling’s popularity has rather introduced single page web design services and deep-scrolling making content prioritisation easy for you helping you manage as well as increase your user’s chances of seeing everything. 
Animated CTA 
Calls to action (CTA) are necessary in a website design. You need to tell your consumers what to do all the time. Only when your consumers would know what to do, you will be able to help your goal stand out. However, with so many instructions and stimuli from all corners of the web world, adding something extra is the key. So, add a bit of animation to your important action item as consumers are likely to take an action when the CTA grabs their attention. Let your website design company design animated CTAs to help your businesses grow - be it is a micro-mini interaction or a simple effect that catches the attention of your consumers. 
Custom Typography 
Don’t use fonts like Arial or Times New Roman – they have become boring nowadays. Rather take your text to the new level with a unique typography, which would encompass the identity of your brand. Put custom fonts in areas of your website design such as logo, call to action of newsletter signup or sprinkle it all through the web design for focusing attention of the users on the important content. However, the choice regarding where and how to use the trend is upon you. 
Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Opt for an AI in your web design if you want to give your customers a personal touch. AI may include personalisation, machine learning, or chatbots. Personalisation and machine learning are cut from the same cloth to an extent & ingratiate the feeling of being special with consumers, which in turn promotes brand loyalty. On the other hand, chatbots generally influence the experience of the users more directly. Although it offers an engaging element, the main purpose of incorporating chatbots to the web design actually related to the customer service. With this element being incorporated, the users get to ask questions & receive answers in real time. 
The web design tricks that can help a business grow exponentially include a video landing page, parallax scrolling, animated CTA, custom typography and artificial intelligence. So, if you want to get your website designed or redesigned, make it happen with all these elements.

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