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Ways To Generate B2B Leads Using Instagram Marketing

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    1 Dec 2021
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Ways To Generate B2B Leads Using Instagram Marketing
B2B marketing is evolving and Instagram has emerged as the trendy social media marketing channel suitable for the purpose. A study, in fact, has shown the B2B brands have successfully generated 20 x more engagement on Instagram in comparison to LinkedIn. While Instagram allows publishing the Stories along with posts – it is the feature to invest in. Daily, over 500 million Instagram users are browsing, viewing and posting Instagram stories on the platform.
With this popularity, users will automatically dote on this feature for viewing the contents. Moreover, the most viewed Instagram stories are from businesses.
So, Why Should You Use Instagram for B2B Leads As the Brand Owner?
Generating new sales is the way out for improving B2B ecommerce sales, and Instagram helps in these special three ways -
B2B Buyers Using Instagram to Discover Products
Now the young-age generation are the modern B2B buyers, and 45%  belong to the 25-34 age group, hence, they will be present on Instagram. 35% of global audiences belong to 25 and 34 years.  As Instagram is having 1 billion users, so reaching out to solid in-app potential buyers among the audiences will be possible.
Instagram Contains Business-Specific Features
Now more than 2 million advertisers and 25 million firms are using Instagram to promote their businesses. The platform rolling out with business-specific features are helpful to the businesses towards achieving results. Starting with the product tags to swiping-up Instagram Stories links and business profiles, the ways for creatively sharing about B2B businesses are indeed attention-grabbing.
Non–Traditional Ways Can Be Used to Generate B2B Leads
Using Instagram for B2B, you can move ahead of your competitors which is beneficial to your business. You need to use Instagram in the right way. for business promotion and for generating B2B leads.
Here is how you should be creative to use Instagram Marketing for generating B2B Sales.
I. Skillfully Use the Reels, Instagram Stories, Highlights, and Instagram Shop
Remember the features you came across in Instagram – your feed, Instagram Stories, Highlights, Reels, and Instagram Shop. You need to know how are these features work and how should you use them for making the most of Instagram and gather more B2B Leads.
a. Instagram Feed
Your homepage is essentially the Instagram Feed where the users are led to as they log in. The feed is all filled with the photos and other account's content that you are following as well as Instagram's algorithms.
When you aim at excelling on your followers' Instagram feeds, it is a must that you should use wonderfully curated, eye-pleasing and interesting images as well as thoughtfully crafted captions.
Bring up your brand-related advice and knowledge to encourage them to take a first step on the issue to which they need a solution.  Inform them about every new matter of your brand, entertain them with good humour and commiserate with empathy.
Interesting messages eventually evoke the user. Think about your Instagram profile as a whole, so be consistent aesthetic with posting. As a  result, your users will rate your profile as visually appealing from where they can derive a good sense of the content types they will be expecting from your brand.
b. Instagram Reels
Interestingly, as an answer to TikTok, Instagram Reels had been created.  Brands are sure to be more presentable thanks to the  Instagram Reels feature. Reels welcome the brand's contents to come upon the User's Explore Page, which helps in the brand's exposure to a set of new audiences.
To create interesting and fun-filled content, the B2B brands should use the short-form video options for connecting with the users, and also share valuable business-related information.
Reel posts will be retained in your Instagram profile as the post indefinitely.
c. Instagram Stories and Instagram Highlights
The short-form videos are Instagram Stories, but they remain for 24 hours under your brand's account. Here the other employees are allowed to share the brand's stories.
To save the series of stories, you need to use your Instagram Highlights. Sectioned off by topic, the Highlights are saved as the row of stories at your profile's top. So, when the stories are to be shared daily, then they have to be saved to a Highlight with a specific name, and the stories will remain in that very highlight so the users can watch at any time.
d. Instagram Shop
Instagram Shop can be put into use for generating B2B leads. This is the shopping tab on Instagram’s home screen where your customers will discover your brand, brand products and editor’s pick which are all personalized to them. Tag the products to highlight the items directly from your catalogue directly in your images. Create a product catalogue and add products, connect your product catalogue to your Instagram account, next start an ad campaign for customers to find out  about them. If you have Checkout on Instagram, announce the upcoming exclusive drop. 
II. Properly Use The Mix of Promotional and User-Generated Contents
To market for B2B lead generation, usually, the focus is on highlighting the business' best things. But, Instagram offers to highlight the content for increasing value to the potential customers. This is the user-generated content strategy.
Let us take an example of a travel brand – the marketers can create a better and greater uproar by sharing a story and asking "Choose your destination if you want to be anywhere right now!". The fun, engaging and different content for followers is highlighting your prospect and creating awareness. Your brand is highlighted to followers and paves way for cross-promotional opportunities.
No need to hold the megaphone every time on Instagram. Rather, use combined promotional and user-generated content for building awareness and relationships for the brand.
III. Take Interest To be Involved with Niche
Finding and targeting your preferred niche is the ideal way for your Instagram channel to be a distinguished lead generation source. Following brand and customers, relevant hashtags are the method for finding potential clients and engaging with them on the platform. You need to seek out and follow your customers' accounts, and respond and comment on their posts.
Making yourself known to the potential clients on the platform, helps with brand recognition and interest them potentially to learn more about your company.
IV. Use Instagram Stories By Partnering with An Influencer
Generating enough traction to spread about your brand should be done by partnering with an influencer, rather than influencer takeovers. When an influencer has taken over your Instagram account's control it is then said to be an influencer "take over". The influencer then posts the contents as per preferences in the site's overarching theme. Contents relevant to the brand's general spirit states you are fine. The influencer will only post brand-related content.  Having an influencer on board is the assured way for inciting and exciting followers, and getting quality leads.
V. Carefully Run the Instagram Lead Generation Ads
Running a few lead generation ads on Instagram indeed expedites your Instagram fame. But to get it done, you will need a business Facebook page along with an Instagram Business Profile. The Instagram ad campaigns are run through Facebook's Ad Manager Platform.


In the end, you need to track and measure your Instagram campaigns. It might not be that easy, but it will be worthwhile as you start, and the steady leads flow in. Calculate your ROI so you know you are receiving proper returns for all your efforts.

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