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What Are the Benefits of Corporate Videos for Highlighting Your Business?

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    5 Jan 2022
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What Are the Benefits of Corporate Videos for Highlighting Your Business?
Corporate videos are excelling as the superb channel for raising awareness about a corporation, sharing quarterly results, or else launching new products to the stakeholders. Corporate videos are believed to strengthen the marketing battel with engagement, emotional impact and credibility. At each marketing funnel stage, the corporate videos created are effective to Attract, Engage, Close and Delight.
At large, the corporate videos are used for promoting and raising awareness of your company's brand as a whole, but the corporate videos go a long way in a business setting and serve purposes as in –
    • Instructional, Training, and Safety Videos for all Corporate Employees
    • Business Event Summaries
    • Investor Presentations
    • Company Inductions to Every Potential Client
    • Interviews with Company Leaders of Every Department
    • Live Webcasting
    • Activity Event or Event Summaries
    • New Product or Service Demonstrations
    • Client and Customer Testimonial Videos
So, Why Are the Corporate Videos Necessary In the Business World?
    • Audiences are interested in consuming information differently. While a section is interested in reading the written facts like your company's blogs and articles, another section better reacts to the cues found in the videos. Rather, Forbes Insight has stated 59% of senior executives are interested in watching a video other than reading a long text.
    • As an excellent marketing strategy for your company, Google can index the corporate videos that further greatly boosts your company website traffic, while converting the viewers into customers.
    • Sharing videos is much easier. Customers and employees can easily and quickly share the videos either online or through email accounts as set by company management. So, videos are largely viewed.
What Is the Purpose of the Corporate Videos?
Using corporate videos, you can internally communicate with businesses and customers – it serves both the B2B and B2C audiences. The requirement might be for training, informing, coaching, presentation, persuasion,  sales, attracting the audiences and eliciting action out of them. Usually, the videos are targeted at specific audiences so an emotional connection is created with your company and brand.
The audience gathers the needed information from the intended message, an effective video communication. At the same time, your company's branding and culture are upheld. Starting with the employee briefs, training guides and customer testimonials – the videos define a specific outcome for the audiences.
The related purposes for utilizing corporate video include
    • Corporate Communication
    • Media Release
    • Video Marketing
    • Staff Training
    • Customer Testimonials
    • Investors and Shareholder Briefs
The Chief Benefits of Creating and Using Corporate Videos
Corporate videos present the businesses with golden opportunities towards harnessing the benefits as in customer base expansion, enhancing brand image, improving marketing strategy and increasing ROI.
    i. First Class Awareness
A fairly tall order for the corporate videos is boosting sales and closing leads, and it is possible with excellent quality videos. To remain relevant within your audience base, it is a must to cover all the touchpoints in the videos so the leads are warmed up towards your favour. 86% of audiences will be interested to check out your brand's videos (Wyzowl 2020) – to sustain the game and win points, you need to create videos.
    ii. Online Visibility Increases
Google algorithm is highly emphasizing the sites with videos – this shift is expensive to ignore. As per the recent report, nearly 93% of global traffic is coming through the search engine, Google.
Rather, Google's is justified in deciding to prioritize the sites with video content – more than  43% of people have a hope that the companies will be using videos a lot more in the upcoming future. Businesses today, are commonly using these four genres – product demos, testimonials, explainers and how-tos.
    iii. Capturing New Leads
Corporate videos are effective to capture new leads to be nurtured into new sales. To put your lead magnets and special offers to best use, create the corporate videos to gain maximum results
    iv. SEO Boost
When you have uploaded a video on your website, then it will boost your Google ranking. It has been discovered that 86% of video marketers are of the view that videos have increased traffic to their business websites (Wyzolw). So, when your competition needs to have a competitive edge on Google, then the ticket to get to there is Corporate Videos!
    v. Closing and Influencing Warm Leads
Videos also play a role at the later stages of the sales funnel, by when the people become familiar with your brand. You might be near to closing a warm lead, then a corporate video will be the difference maker to help you in closing the sale. The timely tools for warm leads include the About Us videos, Testimonial videos and also the Case Study videos. 
    vi. Customer or Buyer Experience Improves Better
Using the corporate videos in the form of product demo and customer onboarding significantly improves customer experience, and hence you can easily gain brand loyalty. The fact to bear in mind is 96% of people regularly watch the explainer videos for learning about a product or service.
    vii. Adding Personality to Business
In general, the videos are the amalgamation of pictures, music, narratives and visuals building a compelling storyline for your business to grab the viewers' attention. For example, a tour company's office and their behind the scenes portray passion to give insight to the customers on how the company is operating and advertising all at once. With more enthusiasm and passion being conveyed by the behind the scene corporate videos, the business can generate more engagement with prospects as well as customers. 
Combined with style and substance adding something more personality to the brand is the must for the corporate videos. 
Corporate videos are evolving as a rapid area for corporate communication. The corporates can communicate with the internal and external audiences through the new video technologies and online platforms. Along with Facebook and Twitter experiencing massive video consumption growth, new technologies like 360 degrees and virtual reality are promising deeper engagement levels to the world. Through these changes, new opportunities are being created for the corporates to better communicate their messages to their targeted audiences. 

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