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What Dramatic Changes Have Digital Marketing Witnessed Over the Last Year?

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    28 Nov 2019
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What Dramatic Changes Have Digital Marketing Witnessed Over the Last Year?
Marketing has changed at a faster pace from print to digital in the last five years than in the previous fifty. The rapid evolution do not show any sign of slowing down. The marketers depend primarily on social media, SEO, content marketing email marketing and paid advertising for gaining leads. However, in the last year, digital marketing witnessed a lot of dramatic changes. Here are a few new developments on digital marketing, which every marketer needs to know. 
AI or Artificial Intelligence holds great future opportunities when it comes to digital marketing. A lot of organisations are now depending on cutting edge features of AI & some are slowing starting to execute AI in their digital marketing efforts. For instance, companies like Microsoft, Uber, Pizza Hut and many others are using AI for automating different activities. 
Research says that AI technologies would be prevalent in all software companies by next year. It is considered to be the most important commercial opportunity for businesses and would help in increasing the global GDP by fourteen percent by next 10 years. This means that organisations, which wouldn’t opt to an artificial intelligence quickly would be a disadvantageous position within next few years. 
In realm of digital marketing, Artificial Intelligence may examine the consumer behaviour, use data and search patterns from blogging and social media platforms for assisting companies to better understand how the consumers discover their products/services. 
These are a perfect instance of Artificial Intelligence in practice. Chatbots are basically visual assistants that use instant messaging for chatting in real-time with the customers. They even provide advantages like meeting client expectations, outstanding service, 24/7 respond and automating repetitive talks. 
Recently, Mastercard made a Facebook Messenger bot with a natural language processing software. It deciphers what its customer wants & responds in that way. According to various reports, chatbots would be an important part of online marketing. Research says that by 2020 eighty-five percent customer service would be  powered through chatbots. Businesses are also found to save more than $8 billion every year with chatbots by 2022. 
Programmatic Purchasing & Advertising 
Programmatic advertising means making use of AI to buy or sell the ad space. This process automates purchasing, placement as well as optimisation of the media inventory. Making use of AI for automating the advertisement buying puts an end to the need to human negotiations, insertion orders manually and RFPs (request for proposals). 
Programmatic ads lead to high conversions & low acquisition expenses because it is more efficient and faster. It enables the brand to tailor their message & creative to target audience at right time with audience insights. The process delivers personalisation and more precision for an efficient marketing campaign. Real-time bidding is a popular programmatic ad model. 
Eighty-six percent digital display ads are to be programmatic by next year according to a research. Programmatic ad is in fact changing the digital ad’s face quite rapidly. 
Video Marketing 
This is an important marketing trend. Eighty-three percent marketers said that video has given them a great ROI. And fifty-two percent consumers are of the opinion that watching product videos are the main reason for which they’ve done online purchases. Nowadays, video marketing is not limited to YouTube only. It has moved beyond this channel. Marketers are even leveraging Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook for video marketing. Moreover, with increasing usage of smart phones, consumers have become more comfortable seeing videos as it is providing the same info in a format, which works irrespective of the platform. 
Voice Search & Smart Speakers 
As per Search Engine Land 1 billion voice searches were done every month
till January 2018. According to ComScore, fifty percent of the searches would be done by voice within 2020 & voice shopping is assumed to surge from two billion dollars to forty billion dollars by next year. It is not a surprise that businesses are reconsidering their digital marketing tactics because of this growing use of voice search. 
AI in today’s world has become smarter. There has been a decrease in the errors. Adopting this voice search tactic is not only about staying relevant – it is also about designing a great & optimised customer experience, which is going to nurture relations & strengthen the brand loyalty. 
Content Marketing Still Dominates 
Google’s algorithm is still favouring complete and updated content. In fact, eighty-eight percent B2B marketers are of the opinion that it’s content that help the audiences see their brand as a trusted and credible source. Thus, the marketers should continue to invest in content because of the value that Google places on a regularly updated and well-researched blog/article. Content marketing presently has and will have a huge role to attract new clients to your site & build relations with them in quantifiable and real manner. 
Technology is basically changing the way the brands are communicating with their consumers, who’re getting savvier & expecting a lot more personalised experience. If you wish to stay ahead of this curve, invest in a futuristic tech in near future.

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