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Why COVID-19 Crisis Will Increase Future Digital Marketing?

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    12 Jun 2020
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Why COVID-19 Crisis Will Increase Future Digital Marketing?
Several events affecting the population might bring about transformation but without any effect on the then duration, but acting as a facilitator to cause noteworthy changes later. It is a recognized reality observed since the 20th century. Now some philosophers are of the opinion whether COVID-19 will foster transformational changes on lifestyles, social attitudes, and the ways people work and do shopping.
How Online Working Is Keeping A Few Firm Moving On?
The central issue emerging out of the emergency is the economy. The government is taking steps to place the economy effectively in suspended animation so that employees are able to return to their jobs and start to recover. Some firms could keep working where the staff could work from home, these firms in reality gained from the crisis, like takeaways, supermarkets, and online retailers. The firms depending on the employees to keep up to their place just like the customers can communicate, trade, and market online. The firms have adapted themselves to remotely working.  
Remote Working has expressed its own share of benefits at the time of COVID-19 crisis -
  • The businesses could maintain its continuity when the working premises are being accessed.
  • There is flexibility for the staffs to work at home
  • The staffs suffering from any illness, and not Coronavirus, have the opportunity to work in isolation so that the disease does not spread.
  • Environment benefits from fewer vehicles plying.
All the facilities are possible thanks to IT development and IT  staff for remote working efficiency using the web and IT. 
The advantage of working remotely has been applied to the workplace and even to the growing population and their lives.
  • No need to line up at the busy supermarket since online shopping is a practical act and service
  • One can even buy non-essential goods online which is keeping the E-commerce firms busy.
  • The internet has become an entertainment source.
  • Social media has given the scope to stay in touch with friends and relatives since meeting in person is difficult.
How the Digital Marketers Are Able to Respond to the Coronavirus in this Short Period?
It is now that digital marketing has come to the forefront. While people are online most of the time, so there are high chances that they will see the ads flushing on social media and sometimes interact with content marketing blogs. 
Digital marketers can focus on obvious targets as numerous goods have a greater demand
  • Maintaining links in social media is the utmost important task.
  • Demand for sports contents and websites will go up as live sports is not possible now 
  • Firms acting ethically to retain the staff, clearing the suppliers' payments, and helping in raising the funds have the opportunity to highlight their activities in content marketing.
Each activity focuses on the changes due to the crisis. The buyers with marketing persona have to consider the change in terms of their needs. The fundamental is marketing the goods and services to find the solution to the desired needs. 
What Legacy Will These Changes Bring?
With so many restrictions, the initial reaction is to go back to offline and bring about specific changes. The immediate need will be to visit the entertainment centers, libraries, and gym. But the digital marketers are aware that the economist is expecting gradual recovery of the economy.  So they have to take full advantage of the internet since the customers are heavily dependent on the internet for shopping, interacting, and even playing games. The customers emerging from the crisis will have different priorities, attitudes, and values which will evidently impact their time and money allocation. 
Digital marketers have to conduct a survey regarding the changes in customer habits. Dependence on e-commerce and the internet have become a part of life and during this crisis period, it will accelerate. 
The entire discussion points out that digital marketing is crucial for small firms mostly depending on traditional marketing and is unhappy with the returns on investment. As the world is becoming digital, so is marketing. The digital marketers have to respond to the updated strategies along with the buyer personas for the post-pandemic events.
Digital marketing agencies are helping clients with favorable packages and offering to help them during the crisis scenario. The firms are even ready to work with the client in the future for them to develop digital marketing strategies, updating and upgrading them befitting the customers changing demands.

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