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Why Video Content Marketing Becoming Popular Nowadays?

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    8 Jan 2020
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Why Video Content Marketing Becoming Popular Nowadays?
The rise and eventual crowning of video content marketing couldn’t have fallen in a more appropriate time than now. In fact, with Youtube being the second largest search engine in the world, the popularity and demand of video content about a specific subject have been on a constant rise. And that’s why marketing departments in every company or organization should aim to produce some form of this strategy if they want to be a serious challenge to their respective competitors. 
Video content is better perceived by our brain:
It has been proven when performing an act of reading a book, only our sense of vision keeps actively working. On the other hand, when people watch a video, their sense of vision, along with the auditory senses, come into play. This results in a better form of perception by the brain which is the hub of all sensory, deduction and storage of all the information our body takes in within itself. Thus, people, in general, can percept, deduct and store the content of a video in a better way that far exceeds the normal process of reading a series of lines of text. This is one of the main reasons why video content marketing has been in the rise and is a serious competitor to the other traditional forms of content marketing,
People nowadays hardly have time to read the big text document:
Many people are so busy and concentrated enough in their field of work that they just don’t have the time or disposition to peruse an entire length of a big text document. They find it easy to watch a video to get information or idea about something rather than reading the entire text, which is quite time-consuming.  
SEO is improved by adding video to a website:
It is almost self-evident that video content marketing is bound to improve the quality of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). In fact, according to some sources, adding a video to a website may increase its chances to be on the front page of Google by approximately 53 times. But for this, the content makers should be well versed and knowledgeable in how to improve the chances of improving SEO while making a video. 
Videos ensure higher levels of engagement:
Capturing attention is the key to increase a company’s position in the market. It has now been proven that videos capture more attention from the public than any other form of media. Videos also ensure higher levels of engagement with potential customers and viewers than a simple piece of text.
Video content helps to create a feedback loop with the customers:
Truth be said, text content in a website do not offer interested users and potential customers a chance to provide competent and helpful feedback that could have offered options and opportunities for the organization to learn and improve upon the products and services the users commented on. This is another of the main advantages that are exclusive to video content marketing as it helps to create a feedback loop with the customers or users.
Ensure higher retention rates among customers:
From surveys, it has been inferred that almost 65% of total viewers watching a video complete at least ¾ of its entirety which is much more than what can be said about any text content. Thus, a video marketing strategy can ensure higher retention rates among customers.
Ease of making videos:
With the rise in the popularity of this medium, the ease of making a video also affords organizations and companies to easily produce high quality, informative video essays that can be quickly uploaded to their portal or on any other platform. 
Produces higher conversion rates:
Effective video marketing strategy has proven to produce higher conversion rates than any other form of marketing strategy. This has become an undeniable fact as many marketing strategy experts agree upon this fact. 
It is paramount for an organization to keep up with the times and technology in today’s world if they want to thrive and produce profits. That is the exact reason why all or, at least, the majority of the organizations should adopt video content marketing within their respective marketing wings. That should go a long way if they want to attract hordes of customers and convert them.

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