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A Brief Guide On Using Image Extensions in PPC Ads

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    7 Jun 2022
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A Brief Guide On Using Image Extensions in PPC Ads

Image extensions are the recent ad extensions being included in PPC ads by the PPC marketers of the PPC marketing agency and delivering exactly what it is sounding like. The images accompany text ads, enhance campaigns with visual components and make more compelling PPC ads.

Similar to many other Google Ads features, the image extensions are likely to be dynamic. It indicates Google will be adding relevant images collected from your landing pages right when you have enabled the dynamic image extensions. Image extensions, for the elaborative websites, stand out better among the competitors, especially for the Smartphone users.

Here we have explored image extensions in PPC ads that the PPC marketers of a renowned PPC marketing agency add and implement into the campaigns.

What Is Meant By Google Image Extensions?

Although running extensions in Google campaigns is well known yet the image extensions are only the variations of this. Alongside the text ad, a small square image or landscape image, that can be utilised for both, will be appearing.

How Will Image Extensions Help At Improving Campaigns?

A relevant image paired with advertising messaging proves the audiences can retain a lot more of the information. Audiences prefer combined visuals and texts in ads, thus adding the visual component to PPC ads enables the campaign to flourish and attract many customers.

What Is So Special About the Image Extensions in PPC Ads Marketing?

  • Implementing the Image Extensions is A Quick Process

In the existing PPC ad campaigns, the image extensions can be quickly implemented together with the prevailing text ads.

  • Different Image Types Can be Tested

Which image is performing best can be determined after testing the different image types.

  • Images Convey Information Better

Compared to the text, images are more effective at conveying information.

  • Setting the Right Expectations For Inspiring the Users to Click Through

A preview of what the users can be expecting on the landing page sets the apt inspiration for the users to click through.

  • An Ideal Point of Difference

Image extension is the recent feature that makes the best point of difference for having among the competitors.

Launching image extensions on PPC ad campaigns indeed deliver remarkable results. CTR is likely to increase by more than 50% with image extensions shown alongside the text ads.

Some Best Practices To Follow

In the first place, the image extensions should be of high quality, informative and relevant. Selecting simple and clear images better showcases the products and services.

Choosing the images aligning with keywords and landing pages for directing the ads creates a seamless user experience.

How Many Images Should Be Used?

Upto 20 images can be added for PPC ad campaigns or in an ad group. According to advertising specialists, starting with 3 – 4 images is wise. Likewise, different image types can be tested to check out what performs best.

A Small Tip

Google recommends keeping the important content in the image at the center.

Key Takeaways

Image extensions appear for increasing the CTR on the whole, still choosing the audience-intent images is much more important. Excessive net, time and resources on visuals need not be allocated since these do not reflect the products and services, for these are not going to convert.

Google Image Extension Checklist

Either uploading images or scanning websites or social media profiles through the platform does the job of adding image extensions to the Google campaign. Then, Google will be selecting the images to be used. If the latter is chosen, still you can check and select the images you would want to use in your ads.

  • Add till 20 images that will be best viewed on mobile

  • The images should be according to Google's image extension format. They might be both square (1 x 1) and landscape (1.91 x 1).

  • Google will not be approving images having text or graphic overlays including logos.

Thanks to the image extensions, the PPC ad marketers can upload relevant, rich visuals for complementing their prevailing text ads. Image extensions are much beneficial to drive performance for the advertisers with compelling visuals of business products and services enhancing the text ad message.

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