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PPC Strategy for Maximizing Online Potentials

As PPC advertising agency, our experts are experienced to supply instant traffic to the website on Google through PPC ads. Thereby, PPC ads stands out as the perfect business marketing tool in our hands. We, as  PPC ads creation and management agency, devise Google PPC contracts. Thus we start, stop, pause and amend the advert for suiting business needs and budget, at any time. We are dealing with budget management, advert creation, keyword selection, ongoing campaign monitoring and reporting to suit the needs of our clients. A business has every reason for taking up PPC marketing strategies, while the top goals are -

  • Increasing inbound traffic
  • Boosting brand recognition
  • Targeting a very specific location
  • Lead generations from various sources

Our approach as a competitive PPC management company is based on distinct business needs, and that is how we craft a flexible strategy ensuring reliable results.


Marketing Automation

Advantages of Working With Us for AdWords Management

  • Leads and customers increase with Google Ads
  • Google Ads help in tapping into high-quality traffic sources
  • Businesses get high ROI by investing in Google Ad
  • Google Ads Management brings in fast and transparent results
  • PPC is the flexible marketing platform
  • Google Ads help in understanding customers more deeply
  • Brand awareness increases with PPC
  • PPC helps in reconnecting with website visitors
  • A better A/B testing campaign is created


Let our Google ads agency plan a PPC campaign for you.

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Combining knowledge and experience with our PPC expertise, we create the most effective PPC campaigns delivering the best results for your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the fee for EClick Softwares to handle complete Google Ads projects?

The final fee depends on the project but we charge a minimum of 550 USD as a monthly retainer plus 5% of your total monthly spend on Google Ads.

Is there a minimum duration of the contract?

We do heavy research for every project and hence take only those projects which are ready to sign a contract for a minimum of 3 months.

How does the payment work?

We work on a monthly 100% pre-payment basis.

When will the projects go live once we hire your company?

The first set of campaigns and research will be shared post 4 working days of onboarding us.

How much time does it take to get positive results?

Our focus will be to get the best results from day 1 but to have a clear expectation setting we would need a minimum of 1-2 months to show some amazing results.

Are My PPC Ads Being Shown To The Right Target Audience?

Our PPC Ads managers monitor and optimize your ad campaigns for your ads to appear in front of your target audience. For aligning your ads with your goals and target audience, we add negative keywords to your campaigns. Excluding the negative keywords from the search terms, we ensure your budget is properly utilized.

Why Advertise With Pay Per Click Ads?

A business benefits with a series of advantages by advertising with PPC in the marketplace. The customized budget you set up can be changed at any time. You can access useful targeting options, receive insightful audiences and campaign data. By tailoring campaigns in real-time, you can maximize campaign performance. By outranking competitors, you can come up with organic results in online searches. From brand awareness to purchase, you can accomplish your goals.

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