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E-Commerce Site Optimization Tips For Holiday Season To Double Conversions

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    10 Nov 2023
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E-Commerce Site Optimization Tips For Holiday Season To Double Conversions

We can say the holiday season is a boon to the E-Commerce sellers. As the most profitable time of the year, E-Commerce sellers benefit from soaring sales. Even the customers wait for the holiday season to eagerly search for the perfect gift. Nevertheless, fierce competition always remains in this vast pool of opportunities. Price Intelligence is what should be put to effect to boost sales

Holiday Season Planning Ideas For E-Commerce Sites To Boost Successfully Sales
So, with the holidays approaching, this is the time to concentrate on how to get your E-Commerce store ready for the holiday season. For sales optimization for your E-Commerce store, these are a list of selling tips you need to follow:

1. First of All, Customers Should Find Your E-Commerce Site Easily.
Customer Reviews are one form of booster dose an Ecommerce site's SEO. Customers use your brand-associated keywords, which further helps a website come up in search. Added to the reviews, simple SEO tactics help in increasing the count of online visitors to E-Commerce websites, like choosing a domain name, URL customization, Title tag optimization, Meta description optimization, creating Internal content links and prioritizing Navigation strategy, creating body content with optimized headlines, creating templates, image and video optimization, keyword research, Setting up Google Analytics, creating XML sitemaps and more. As a result, the customers can easily find your online store.

2. Personalizing the E-Commerce Website.

Engaging and eye-catching landing pages, filled with holiday sale offers are something the users cannot resist. After these compelling landing pages have been created, next is focusing on content personalization. These are a few noted ways to improve Content Personalization on a website:

• Assessing the audience's needs and preparing offers matching all their needs

• Welcoming customers by their Names, and enabling easy purchasing process of their last browsed products on their site.

• Using Analytics Tools to generate a detailed report about visitors. Their visits to your product pages, most searched products and duration of stay on a particular category page can all be identified. This helps in coming up with the special-offers banner for the most searched products, for instance, the visitors are eager to have. Ultimately, sales will go high while customer satisfaction will equally increase.

• For mobile audiences, designed call–to–action buttons are prime game plans. Optimized CTA buttons for both desktop and mobile devices help them to complete the purchases at the earliest.

• Every stage of the buying journey is important. So, optimizing the E-Commerce website for every micro-moment beginning with product research to product purchase is of utmost importance.

• Adding a Seasons greetings message with the customer's name maximizes the overall message's impact.

• Other than displaying the message "Sold Out" below the already sold-out stuff, mentioning a tentative date for the products to be back in stock will be better to prepare for purchase. On the same page, adding a similar products tab makes more sense.

3. Offering Exclusive Promotions and Holiday Deals.
The holiday season is all about exclusive deals and promotions – bundle deals, discounts, free shipping offers and flash sales increase the average order value. To create, manage and track these promotions taking help from the promotion and advertising managers is a wise decision. These promotions, then shall surely reach customers and drive lead conversions for you.
Well, promotions should create value – these are not only about slashing prices. Collective complementary products, tiered discounts and exclusive reward deals for loyal customers are the ballgame to take the strategy to a new level.

4. Bundled Offers Excite the Customers Much More.
Bundling offers is a sales-boost strategy that attracts potential customers. Combined three or more products into a package available at a discount, is a lucrative offer no customers can reject. Buyers are satisfied when get the best value for money spent. Bundled offers will be the champion during the holiday season.
Next, giving freebies with the combos is another profit-making strategy to think wisely of. You might sell complementary products for the core product. This is the opportunity to bundle core and complementary products to make your customers decide to buy in one go.

5. Leveraging Audience Segmentation.
Dividing the users into different groups according to their characteristics, like Location, Gender, Age, Habits and more is Customer Segmentation. Segmenting users means creating user-intensive content that ushers the chances of better conversions and sales. Finally, users will gain a personalized customer experience. On the flip side, you can be safe from using a scattered targeting approach. These are the steps to leverage customer segmentation:
• Use tools for audience segmentation.
• Content generation according to customer stage to transfer them in sales pipelines.
• Create email marketing campaigns based on customers’ characteristics.

6. Displaying the Top-Selling Products.
A good count of top-selling products become favourites when the festive season sets in. You can sell them like hotcakes. So, keeping them featured will boost holiday sales prominently. Since customers trust these products
all the year round, use them for maximum exposure to capture attention and drive conversions by :

• Displaying the best-selling products in the website's footer, landing pages and more.

• Making them easily accessible to all visitors.

• Creating a dedicated landing page for all the top-selling products.

• Pitching the top-selling products through email marketing.

• Creating product-based content that will amplify holiday sale advertisements.

Spotlighting the proven winners brush up more sales ideas so you can make the most of the holiday season sales.

7. Bringing Up Exciting Offers For First-Time Buyers.
Retaining first-time buyers for the long term is profitable in the future as well. Rather first-time buyers fall for exciting rewards.

These are a few tit-bits to retain first-time buyers with worthy exciting rewards:

• Offering discounts, cashback, free shipping and more on the users’ first purchase.
• Creating offers only for first-time buyers.
• Providing them with early access to upcoming sales for increasing Holiday sales.
• Offering them a referral bonus.

8. Applying Upselling and Cross-Selling To Perk Up Impulse Buys.
Often customers end up with Impulse buying – they purchase more other products with their planned products. Better you invest in this consumer behavior by increasing their impulse buys, your E-Commerce store will benefit with more revenues from more purchases. Upselling and cross-selling are the two-way outs.
To upsell, offer an upgrade or better version of the product the user purchases. But to cross-sell, offer complementary products to the initial purchase to increase the value to the parent products.

Here are a few tips to increase impulse buys at your E-Commerce store:

• Using smart upselling and cross-selling plugins.
• Offering post-purchase upsells, meaning after checkouts.
• Offering Cross-Selling products just before they add products to the cart.
• Show them relevant products to their initial purchase.
• Moving away from offering products that they have purchased before.

9. Remaining Focused on Email Marketing.
Email marketing pushes up ROI by 122%. Welcome emails count for a 91% opening rate and 26.9% Click Through Rate. Briefly, email marketing brings in lead generation opportunities with such numbers. Convincing the users to subscribe to Newsletters and engaging them with continuous offers and special discounts will go a long way to forming a strong fanbase of loyal customers. Now when the customers start coming in this holiday season, email marketing campaigns must be ready for receiving them.

a. Automating Holiday Email Campaigns
Defining user segments according to activity and demographics, creating email templates and setting up triggers to send the emails to the users, which include sign-ups, products purchased, time elapsed and more.
Get started with Mailchimp, to utilize the program to send out emails to customers whenever they are activating these triggers. No need to do anything manually!
The automated software will do it all – greeting new seasonal shoppers, inciting them with discounts, reminding them of the available products and targeting them after the holiday season ends.

b. Recovering Abandoned Carts and Capturing Lost Sales Automatically.
In short, abandoned shopping carts mean loss of revenues! But during the holidays, customers cross-check different stores, check the offers and compare the prices. At this time, they might even check the Cart they have kept filled with. Now here the gameplan is targeting abandoned shopping carts using email marketing software, like Abandoned Cart Lite, which is a free WooCommerce extension or quality email retargeting tool to track and recover Abandoned shopping carts. You can personalize them with customizable templates. Use the pro version with additional features such as automatic code generation and advanced analytics.

10. Increasing Coupons and Discounts Visibility.
Creating promotions together with a coupon or discount is a great way to more sales generation during the holidays. Promoting the coupons is the main plan. Applying a little promotional trick can go a long way to earn more eyeballs on coupons.

• Temporarily use a notification bar at the top of the E-Commerce site mentioning the dates till your holiday promotion offers are running.
• Formulate a clever message upholding a sense of urgency.
• Make them clickable for sale.
• Run own A/B testing. You might be surprised by the number of click bars generated at the top of the site.
• Run a flash sale which should get a fast checkout.
• In the CTA bar, include important information like coupon codes and holiday announcements.
On a concluding note, it should be said, that unpredictability is the only predictable aspect of this holiday season. The more amazing the customer service is during the holiday season, the better you excel. This is all about taking care of customers to value them and their money. Adding self-help resources to the website by having an AI-powered chatbot to steer customers in the right direction to find answers. Additionally, empowered and willing customer service resources solve a large part of customer issues and help them with positive user experience. This is a way the users show superior support to your business.

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