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Email Marketing

The Scope Of Our Email Marketing Services

Goals widely vary for email marketing campaigns - from brand awareness, company news, promotional offers and finally lead generations. But in all these cases, our email marketing efforts offer the most valuable opportunity to the firms for influencing the prospects and customers with actionable information.

Our customers can conveniently rely on our expertise and experience for executing email campaigns with persuasion and precision. Email marketing comes up short in terms of distribution, message and design. Thus, our email marketing goes on to be the promising avenue of our Internet marketing, with our email campaigns being comprised of -

  • Strategy and Template Designs
  • Landing Page Design and HTML Coding
  • Copy Writing and Conversion Optimization
  • List Management and Distribution
  • Tracking and Reporting

We Provide Most Exclusive Email Marketing Strategies For Businesses

List Acquisition, Strategy Development & Management

According to targets by title, location, industry or anything else, we set up campaigns for targeting different prospects. By putting unique algorithms, we generate a customised prospect list.

Research on Strategic Planning

To understand the business in detail, especially the USPs and selling points, we create a plan to speed up. Similarly, we create content for an engaging target market.

Creating Creative Concepts, Designs, Contents & Production

As planned, we shall go ahead with working on the concepts, email template designs, creating evoking content and finally draft it for a display.

Email Automation Technology

The designed templates are then set to automation to automatically send bulk emails to a long list of customers. Time and day are particularly set to send out immediate emails.

Email Analytics

Using Email Analytics, we track how the audiences are engaged with the sent marketing emails, and likewise, we decide on short and long term business goals.

Lead Conversion Strategies

The entire journey is to lead the customers through the sales funnel. To convert the leads, we track their responses and send further emails to engage in taking further actions.

Marketing Automation

Stand Out in Every Inbox

The conversation is the first step to cover all that should be taken into account and implemented. So, we manage the email marketing from the beginning till the end, across different customers as well as buyer journeys.

Starting With Welcome Emails

To educate and inform new and existing customers.

Segmentation Emails

Matched to relevant audiences to derive consistent results.

Cart Abandonment Emails

Another welcome email to encourage customers for completing the purchase.

Different Special Offers

Highlighting cashflow savings with special offer emails.

Performance Analysis of Responses

Derive data-driven decisions for improving email performance.

Proper List Management

Correctly configured lists compliant with the spam laws.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Best Email Subject Lines To Be Practised In Email Marketing?

The different takes on the email subject lines and the similarities of email marketing are the best practices that need a trial for what should work best for an audience. Nevertheless, to start with, there are some best practices -

  • Writing for an audience, by using the language they are familiar with
  • Personalizing the subject lines
  • Using clear action words
  • Keeping the subject lines short, for the sake of mobile
What Is A/B Testing In Email Marketing?

A/B testing is the ideal technique to uncover the best email marketing techniques and timing for the particular audience. Everything can be tested in email starting with templates to subject lines to the headlines. These are the ideas for getting started -

  • Subject line
  • Message layout in one column or two-column
  • Personalization strategy
  • Headlines
  • Call-to-actions
  • Images
  • Time or Day of the Week

One variable can be tested at a time, so the data on what has worked and what did not becomes clear. A continuous test is needed since there is always room for improvement.

What Are The Email Metrics? What Do These Mean In Email Marketing?

The key metrics to be concerned about in email marketing campaign are -

  • Deliverability - The total emails actually reaching your audience inboxes. The deliverability rate or the acceptance rate is counted as the number of emails the receiving server accepts, while the bounce rate counts the returned emails.
  • Open Rate - Among the successfully delivered emails, how many had been opened.
  • Click -Through Rates - The percentage of users who have clicked on a link mentioned in the email.
  • Bounce Rate - The number of email addresses existing in the list who did not receive the message since the recipient mail server had returned it. A hard bounce and a soft bounce are used for measuring bounce rates.
What Is The Ideal And Best Way For Building An Email Marketing Strategy?

The three steps for building up an effective email strategy are -

  • First, the specific email marketing goals have to be identified. Should the emails be used for customer satisfaction? For upselling or cross-selling? For converting prospects into prospective paying customers? For determining the quantitative and q* qualitative aspects of the goals?
  • Next, email marketing should be aligned with the overall digital marketing strategy.
  • Finally, the process of never-ending improvements must be established.
How Often Should Emails Be Sent To The Subscribers?

The answer will be based on days, weeks and months.

  • 1-4 times per month is the optimal frequency for contacting your customers.
  • Once a month, your own name can be kept in front of customers.
  • 3 times per week for 31 - 90 days
  • Once per week for 90 - 180 days

This frequency can be used for providing the best results to the customers once a month. Rather, 2 - 3 times a month bring up a lot of time in between the emails. Also, the frequency of sending can be increased as needed, but being conscious of open and unsubscribe rates. In case, engagement starts declining, it can be analysed when it should be taken too far.

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